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  • Do you know where WE are going?
  • Better yet, do you know where WE want to be going?
  • Are WE on the right path? Or are you lost?
  • Not sure which direction WE are heading.
  • Or even when you will get there.


  • Have You Chosen Your Right Path?
  • Choose Your Path | Life Quote – Learn Islam
  • We all have to choose our own right path in life.
  • Some choose the easy one. Some choose the hard one.
  • Some go for greatness and pursue their dreams.
  • Sadly, Some People don’t choose at all. And They did not know where they are headed.

“If you don’t select your right path, life will choose it for you.”

  • Do you know where WE are going?
  • If not, how will you know when you’ll get there?
  • What Are Your Goals?

People without goals are running races without end lines. They are floating through in life, like wood going down a river. Choose your right path and be determined to follow it: Top Seller 7 Rules of Life Motivational Poster. CHECK PRICE

Like Choose Your Path | Life Quote – Learn Islam

Have set Goals In this Article We will learn about Choose Your Path | Life Quote. Those who achieve their dreams are the ones that have clear cut goals. Write them down. Make them clear one . Tell others about them. Set deadlines for reaching them.

Make Your Own Choice Make your right path a conscious choice. Life is full of wonderful surprises, ups and down and serendipity, but don’t let life dictate your right path. Choose your destination, or Choose Your Path and chart your own course. Sometimes you have to bright a path that hasn’t been previously traveled.

Pay the Price Make sure you know what you are willing to pay for your good dream. Every path has a price, valuable, Good and Best. Whether it is years of practice or a certain school degree Level. Make sure you are willing to pay for your path in time, effort, and sacrifice and hardness.

Don’t Give Up No one is successful immediately, in time or on their first try. Those who finished winning are usually those who persist longer than others. They continue long after everyone else has quit. Winners do what the others are not willing to do.

Choose Your Right Way

  • There is nothing worse, wrong, Bad than not having a path.
  • A purpose. A goal, A destination, A Path, The Path
  • Choose your Right, Best, in Good Direction, path wisely.
  • Be determined, Confident and Bravely. Path, Life Quotes
  • And be willing to pay the toll for the path you choose.
  • choose your own adventure, life status, topic about life
  • Motivational quotes – Are you on the path of your choosing?

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