The Prophets of Islam | 25 Prophets of Islam

The Prophets of Islam | 25 Prophets of Islam – Allah Subhana Hu wa Ta’ala is the only one who knows all the names of the Prophets of Islam. No doubut, a loving lover who is always searching for his roots. However, Allah subhana wa ta’ala must have had a reason (hikmat), that He didn’t reveal the names of all prophets to mankind.

The Prophets of Islam | 25 Prophets of Islam – It is evident that 124,000 prophets are in total from rawayat. The names of these 124,000 prophets have not been mentioned anywhere. Quran lists 25 names for prophets. The rest of the names are mentioned by Hadith or other books of history.

List of Prophets

Here is a list of prophets mentioned by Quran and Hadith:

  • Hazrat Adam Alaihissalam
  • HDrt adm `lyh lslm
  • Adam
  • Hazrat Shees Alaihissalam
  • HDrt shyth `lyh lslm
  • Shees
  • Hazrat Nuh Alaihissalam
  • HDrt nwH `lyh lslm
  • Nuh, Nooh
  • Hazrat Yusha bin Nun
  • HDrt y`shy `lyh lslm
  • ywsh`, y`shy
  • Hazrat Idris Alaihissalam
  • HDrt drys `lyh lslm
  • Adrees, Idrees, Idris
  • Hazrat Hud Alaihissalam
  • HDrt hwd `lyh lslm
  • Hud
  • Hazrat Saleh Alaihissalam
  • HDrt SlH `lyh lslm
  • Saleh, Salih
  • Hazrat Ibrahim Alaihissalam
  • HDrt brhym `lyh lslm
  • Ibraheem, Ibrahim
  • Hazrat Lut Alaihissalam
  • HDrt lwT `lyh lslm
  • Lut
  • Hazrat Ismail Alaihissalam
  • HDrt smy’yl `lyh lslm
  • Ismail, Ismael, Ismael
  • Hazrat Ishaq Alaihissalam
  • HDrt-sHq lyh Lslm
  • Ishaq
  • Hazrat Yaqub Alaihissalam
  • HDrt y`qwb `lyh lslm
  • Yaqub
  • Hazrat Yusuf Alaihissalam
  • HDrt ywsf `lyh lslm
  • Yousaf, Yusaf, Yusuf
  • Hazrat Ayub Alaihissalam
  • HDrt ywb `lyh lslm
  • Ayub
  • Hazrat Shoaib Alaihissalam
  • HDrt sh`yb `lyh lslm
  • Shoaib
  • Hazrat Musa Alaihissalam
  • HDrt mwsy `lyh lslm
  • Musa, Mussa
  • Hazrat Haroon Alaihissalam
  • HDrt. hrwn. lyh. lslm
  • Haroon, Harun
  • Hazrat Dhul Kifl Alaihissalam
  • HDrt dhwlkhfllyh lslm
  • Zul Kifl, Zulkifal
  • Hazrat Dawood Alaihissalam
  • HDrt dw’d `lyh lslm
  • Dawood, Dawud
  • Hazrat Suleman Alaihissalam
  • HDrt slymn `lyh lslm
  • Salman, Suleman, Sulayman
  • Hazrat Iramya
  • Hazrat Ilyas Alaihissalam
  • HDrt lys `lyh lslm
  • Ilyas
  • Hazrat Al-Yasa Alaihissalam
  • HDrt lys` `lyh lslm
  • Hazrat Kharkeel Alaihissalam
  • Hazrat Ismael bin Kharkeel
  • Hazrat Sheya
  • Hazrat Shammil
  • Hazrat Luqman
  • HDrt lqmn `lyh lslm
  • Luqman
  • Hazrat Haiqooq
  • Hazrat Armiya
  • Hazrat Danial
  • HDrt dnyl `lyh lslm
  • Danial, Daniyal, Danyal
  • Hazrat Isaiah
  • Hazrat Uzair
  • HDrt zyrlyh lslm
  • Uzain
  • Hazrat Jarjees
  • HDrt jrjys
  • Hazrat Khizar
  • HDrt khDr lyh lslm
  • Khizar, Khizr
  • Hazrat Yunus Alaihissalam
  • HDrt ywns `lyh lslm
  • Younas, Yunus, Yunas
  • Hazrat Zakariya Alaihissalam
  • HDrt zkhry `lyh lslm
  • Zakria, Zikria, Zakariya
  • Hazrat Yahya Alaihi Salam
  • HDrt yHyy `lyh lslm
  • Yahya
  • Hazrat Isa Alaihissalam
  • HDrt `ysy `lyh lslm
  • Isa
  • Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam
  • HDrt mHmd Sly llh `lyh wslm
  • Muhammad, Mohammad
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1. Hazrat Adam (A.S)

Hazrat Adam (A.S.) is the first Prophet and first human being sent by Allah Almighty. In Holy Quran, his name is mentioned at 25 different locations. He is also known to be the father of all mankind. He is also known as the father of all humanity. His wife, “Hawa”, is well-known.

2. Hazrat Idris, A.S.

Hazrat Idris, the third Prophet of Allah, was his name. He was polite, had a low voice, and had a large chest. He was born in the time of Hazrat Adam (A.S). Hazrat Idris served Allah with sincere devotion. He was chosen by Allah to be his Prophet and elected to lead the children of Hazrat Adams (A.S). He was the first to show people how to use a pen to write. He lived 120 years.

3. Hazrat Noah (A.S)

Hazrat Noah (A.S.) was the Prophet to Allah. The people of Noah (A.S.) worshipped statues they called Gods for many years. These Gods are believed to provide protection from all unforeseen circumstances, good health, and all their other needs. Allah selected Hazrat Noah (A.S.) to warn them that their actions were not good.

 He was ignored by the people and they continued doing bad things. This caused heavy rain to be sent by Allah to Noah’s people. It also eliminated the name of Hazrat Noah (A.S). In Holy Quran, his name is mentioned 43 more times.

4. Hazrat Hud (A.S)

Hazrat Ud (A.S.) belonged to the 5th generation Hazrat Noah (A.S). He was a member of the tribe “Ad Ibn Uus Ibn Sam Ibn Noah”. They were Arabs who lived Al-Akhaf at Yamen. Prophet Hud (A.S.) was sent by Allah to People of Ad because they were brilliant and great architects. They built mansions with great skill and beauty. They were very knowledgeable about the world, but not about Allah. Hazar Hud (A.S.) was sent to make sure they were familiar with Allah. In Holy Quran, his name is mentioned 25 more times.

5. Hazrat Saleh (A.S)

Hazar Saleh (A.S.) was the descendant from the Prophet Noah (A.S). Allah sent Prophet Saleh (A.S.) to warn Thamud about their evil ways. They were strong and had built great buildings. In Holy Quran, his name is nine times mentioned. After a life of 280 year, he died.

6. Hazrat Lut (A.S)

Hazrat Lut (A.S.) is the Prophet to Allah. As a prophet, he was sent to Sodom and Gomorrah. In the Ayats of the Holy Quran, his name is mentioned 17 times.

7. Hazrat Solomon (A.S)

Hazrat Solomon, the Prophet of Allah, sent the Israelites. He was granted a degree of Kingship that was unmatched by any other person. Arab historians referred to him as the greatest ruler in the world. In Holy Quran, 17 times is his name mentioned.

8. Hazrat Ilias (A.S)

Hazrat Ilias (A.S.) was one of the Israelite prophets. His name was mentioned twice in the Holy Quran.

9. Hazrat Al-Yasa (A.S)

He was the Prophet Allah Almighty. Hazrat Ilias (A.S.) was his caregiver. His name was twice mentioned in the Holy Quran.

10. Hazrat Yunus (A.S)

Hazrat Yunus (AS), was the Prophet of Allah. He was sent to an old town in Iraq. His (A.S.) name is mentioned four more times in the Surah of Quran: Surah An.Nissa Al-An’am, Surah Yunus and Surah As–Saffat.

11. Hazrat Zakariya (A.S)

Hazrat Zakariya (A.S.) was one among the Prophets of Allah Almighty. His (A.S.) name is mentioned seven more times in the Holy Quran.

12. Hazrat Yahya (A.S)

Hazrat Yahya ibn Zakariya (A.S.) was an early preacher for Islam. In the Holy Quran, he (A.S.) is mentioned five times.

13. Hazrat Isa (A.S)

Hazrat Isa (A.S.) was sent to Israel. The Holy Quran mentions 25 times Hazrat Isa (A.S.)’s name.

14. Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S)

Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) was a well-respected Prophet of Muslims. He was the first to build Khana Kabba. His (A.S.) name is mentioned in more than 170 surahs from the Holy Quran.

15. Hazrat Ismail (A.S)

Hazrat ismail was Hazrat Ibrahim’s eldest child (A.S). His (A.S.) name is mentioned 12 more times in the Holy Quran.

16. Hazrat Ishaq (A.S)

Hazrat Ishaq was Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.)’s son and Sarah his wife. In the 17 Surahs of Holy Quran, his name is mentioned seventeen times. The Mosque of Ibrahim in Palestine contains the tomb of HazratIshaq (A.S.) and his wife.

17. Hazrat Yaqub (A.S)

Hazrat Yaqub, A.S. was the son Hazrat Ishaq (A.S). He (A.S.) continued the preaching work of his elders. He (A.S.) was Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S). His name appears 16 times in Holy Quran.

18. Hazrat Yusuf (A.S)

Hazrat Yusuf, A.S. was Hazrat Yaqub’s son and grandson. His name is mentioned 27 time in the Holy Quran.

19. Hazrat Shoaib (A.S)

Hazrat Shoaib, A.S. was an ancient prophet. His (A.S.) name is mentioned 11 time in the Holy Quran. He was sent to the Midian people as a prophet.

20. Hazrat Ayyub (A.S)

Hazrat Ayyub is one of the Prophets of Muslims. His (A.S.) name is mentioned four times in the Holy Quran.

21. Hazrat Musa (A.S)

Hazrat Musa (A.S.) was sent to Egypt as a messenger. His (A.S.) name is mentioned 136 time in the Holy Quran. His name is also mentioned within the Holy Book Bible.

22. Hazrat Harun (A.S)

Hazrat Harun (A.S.) is one of the Prophets of Allah Almighty. In the various Surahs of Holy Quran, his name is mentioned 24 times. The grave of Hazrat Harun (A.S.) can be found on the mountain Jabel Harun in Jordan.

23. Hazrat Dawud (A.S)

Hazrat Dawud A.S was one of the Islam’s preachers. His name is only once mentioned in the Holy Quran.

24. Hazrat Dhulkfil (A.S)

Hazrat Dhulkfil was the prophet of Islam. He (A.S.) spent seventy five years preaching Islam to the Iraqi people. In the Holy Quran, his (A.S.) name is twice mentioned. The hill that is known as Makam Dagi (Turkey) houses the tomb of Hazrat Dhulkfil, A.S.

25. Hazrat Muhammad (SAW)

Hazrat Muhammad (SAW), is the last Prophet of Allah Almighty. Allah sent Him (SAW), to guide the people of all the Universe. In the Holy Quran, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW), is mentioned twice. The Quran mentions the name Muhammad (SAW), four times, and Ahmed (PBUH), once. Surah Muhammad, Surah Ahzab, Surah Fath and Surah Muhammad all mention the name Muhammad (SAW). Surah As Saff mentions the name Ahmed.

Surahs name in the name of Prophets

Six Surahs are found in the Holy Quran, and they are all named Prophets. These Surahs have the following names:

  1. Surah Yusuf (A.S)
  2. Surah Muhammad (SAW)
  3. Surah Ibrahim (A.S)
  4. Surah Hood (A.S)
  5. Surah Nooh (A.S)
  6. Surah Younas (A.S)

Two aqwal are available about Hazrat Liqman. One claims he was prophetic while the other states that he is a haqeem. Two aqwals are also available about Hazrat Khizar A.S. However, most people believe he was a prophet for Allah.

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Questions and answers

Who are the names and addresses of prophets of Allah?

  • Muhammad SAW……Makkah
  • Essa……..,………Isreal
  • Musa…………Egypt
  • Shu’aib………Madyan
  • Ishaq……..Rum
  • Ismael………Makkah
  • Ayyub………..Rum
  • Yunus…………..Moosil
What is the name for 124000 prophets’?

These men’s names are: Adam Nuh, Idriss, Hud Salih Ibrahim Lut, Ismail Al-Yasa Zulkifl Shuaib Musa Harun, Dawood Sulaiman Zakariya Yahya, Ismail The guardian of his words (Peace be upon all). All prophets of God spoke of the oneness between God and man.

How many Nabi and Rasools are there in Islam?

The Quran says that there is a Messenger for each community. This refers to Muhammad. One of the six elements that make up the Islamic religion is the belief in the prophets. It is also one of its most important. Individuals mentioned in the Quran are called prophets or messengers.

Chronologically Ordained Number5.
Arabic (transliteration)SaliH (Salih)
Prophet (nabi)
What number of names are there for prophets in Quran?

The Holy Quran names 25 prophets, three potential prophets and thirteen non-prophets. It also lists eight angels.

Who are the five major prophets?

Each of the five Major Prophets books (Isaiah, Jeremiah Lamentations and Ezekiel) covers a significant time period and contains a variety of messages. There are five main groups of Major Prophets. Isaiah addressed Judah approximately 150 years ago, just before Babylonia exiled the nation. He urged them faithfully to the Lord.

Who was the one who wrote the Quran

Most Islamist academics agree that the Quran text in its current form corresponds to the version written by Abu Bakr during the seventh century.

How many Sahabas are there in Islam?

Some Muslims claim there were more than 200,000. It is believed that 124,000 people saw Muhammad’s Farewell Sermon after he returned from the Farewell Pilgrimage.

What number of Ambiyaa is mentioned in the Quran’s Quranic Dictionary?

“The Prophets” (Arabic:, “al-anbiya”) is the 21st Chapter (srah), which consists of 112 verses. It is also the twenty-first overall chapter (srah).

Is Adam a Rasul

According to some religious scriptures, he is also believed to be the original man on Earth. However, in Islam, he’s considered to have the first man to receive a working conscience from Allah Almighty about his God and who to worship. Hadhrat Adam (as), is also believed to be the first prophet of Islam.

What does Rasool actually mean?

Rasul (also Rasoul, Rasoul or Resul in Arabic: ), is an Arabic word that means’messenger’, ‘apostle’. For more information about apostles, please see Apostle (Islam).

Who was the first Nabi of Islam?

Adam. Tradition says Adam was both the first human being and the first prophet in the world. According to Muslims, Adam was created from clay by Allah. They believe that he had the ability to reason rationally and fulfill the duty of khalifa. Following Adam’s footsteps, Muslims can learn more about their place in the world. Adam was pardoned for his wrongdoing.

What Sahabi name is in the Quran?

The adoptive son of Prophet Muhammad and Sahabi Zayd Bin Harith, (R.A), is also known by the name Zayd Bin Harith.

What number of angels is Quran’s Quran?

According to Islamic law, each person is assigned four Hafaza angels. Two of them keep watch during the day, and two of them stay awake at night. According to the teachings and practices of Muhammad, every man is believed to have 10 guardian Angels.

Which prophet is most frequently mentioned in Quran?
  1. Enoch (idrs), is mentioned 25 times in the Bible. Adam (ayyb), David (2 times), and Dhl-kifl (2 occasions) are also mentioned. The prophets Aaron (hrn), Hud (25), and Job (ayyb) are mentioned 24 times.
What are the names and titles of all the prophets within Islam?
  1. Alaihis Salaam, Prophet Yasa’
  2. Alaihis Salaam, Prophet Dzulkifli
  3. Prophet Ilyas
  4. Alaihis Salaam, Prophet Yunuus
  5. Alaihis Salaam, Prophet Luuth
  6. Prophet Yasa’
  7. Alaihis Salaam, Prophet Dzulkifli
  8. Alaihis Salaam, Prophet Yasa’
What is the Order for Prophets in Islam?

Islam recognizes these prophets: Adam (Idris), Nuh, Nuh (Noah), Hud [Heber], Saleh (Methusaleh), Lut [Lot], Ismail (Isaac), Yaqub (“Jacob”) Yusuf (“Joseph”) Shu’aib “Jethro”) Shu’aib” (Job), Shu’aib” (Job), Shu’aib), Musa (Ezekiel), Musa)


The Prophets of Islam | 25 Prophets of Islam – Muslims must believe in all prophets and to honor them, as well as to witness that prophethood was completed by the coming of the last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

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