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The adverb can be absolutely, positively, completely, totally, Exactly, Mostly, and truly confused parts of speech in the English language and Arabic Adverbs · Direct Object: المفعول به · Cognate Adverb: and · Cognate Adverb: المفعول فيه · Causative.

In Arabic Language an adverb is translated with an adverb in the 4th declension like هو يتكلمم كثيراً عن ابنه. Here are some examples of Adverb:

English Adverbs- Arabic Adverbs ظُرُوْف –

  • I read a book sometimes أَقْرَأ كِتَابا احَيَانَا
  • I will never smoke أَنَا لَن ادخّن ابَدَا –
  • are you alone? هَل أَنْت وَحْدَك؟ –

List of Adverbs in Arabic Language

Most important words to your Arabic vocabulary, Learn and write in your Note book Thanks. English Adverbs  & Arabic Adverbs

Adverbs of time   ظُرُوْف الْوَقْت –

  • yesterday   أَمْس –
  • today  الْيَوْم –
  • tomorrow  غَدا –
  • now  الْآَن –
  • then  ثُم –
  • later  فِيْمَا بَعْد –
  • tonight هَذِه الْلَّيْلَة –
  • right now  فِي الْوَقْت الْحَالِي –
  • last night  لَيْلَة أَمْس –
  • this morning   هَذَا الْصَّبَاح –
  • next week  الْأُسْبُوْع الْمُقْبِل –
  • already   سَابِقَا
  • recently  مُؤَخَّرا
  • lately  مُؤَخَّرا
  • soon  قَرِيْبا
  • immediately      فَوْرَا
  • still  لَا يَزَال
  • yet بَعْد
  • ago مُنْذ        

Adverbs of place   ظُرُوْف مَكَان

  • here  هُنَا
  • there  هُنَاك
  • over there  هُنَاك
  • everywhere  فِي كُل مَكَان
  • anywhere  فِي أَي مَكَان
  • nowhere  لَا مَكَان
  • home مُنَزَّل
  • away  بَعِيْدا
  • out  خَارِج     

Adverbs of manner    ظُرُوْف مِن الْطَّرِيْقَة

  • very جَدَّا
  • quite تَمَامَا –
  • pretty جَمِيْل
  • really حَقّا
  • fast سَرِيْع
  • well, جَيِّد
  • hard الثَّابِت
  • quickly بِسُرْعَة
  • slowly بِبُطْء
  • carefully بِعِنَايَة
  • hardly بِالْكَاد
  • barely بِالْكَاد
  • mostly فِي الْغَالِب
  • almost تَقْرَيْبَا
  • absolutely إِطْلاقَا
  • together مَعَا
  • alone وَحْدَهَا    

Adverbs of frequency ظُرُوْف مِن الْتَّرَدُّد

  • always دَائِمَا
  • frequently كَثِيْرا
  • usually, عَادَة
  • sometimes أَحْيَانا
  • occasionally أَحْيَانا
  • seldom نَادِرَا مَا
  • rarely نَادِرا –
  • never أَبَدا

There are many Types of Verbs:

  • Types of Adverbs
  • Adverbs of time
  • Adverbs of manner
  • Adverbs of degree
  • Adverbs of place
  • Adverbs of frequency

Adverbs provide a deeper Explanation of a verb within any sentence. There are five basic types of adverbs in the English language and Arabic i.e., Manner, Time, Place, Frequency, and Degree.

Adverbs of time

  • Yesterday in Arabic أَمْس
  • Today in Arabic الْيَوْم
  • Tomorrow in Arabic غَدا
  • Now in Arabic الْآَن
  • Then in Arabic ثُم
  • Later in Arabic فِيْمَا بَعْد
  • Tonight in Arabic هَذِه الْلَّيْلَة
  • Right now in Arabic فِي الْوَقْت الْحَالِي
  • Last night in Arabic لَيْلَة أَمْس
  • This morning in Arabic هَذَا الْصَّبَاح
  • Next week in Arabic الْأُسْبُوْع الْمُقْبِل
  • Already in Arabic سَابِقَا
  • Recently in Arabic مُؤَخَّرا
  • Lately in Arabic مُؤَخَّرا
  • Soon in Arabic قَرِيْبا
  • Immediately in Arabic فَوْرَا
  • Still in Arabic لَا يَزَال
  • Yet in Arabic بَعْد
  • Ago in Arabic مُنْذ

 Now Some Arabic Sentences

1.“Please do it now.”

مِن فَضلِك قُم بِذَلِكَ الآن.

  1. Later
  • “I’ll finish my homework later.”
  • سَأُنهي وَاجِباتي المَنزِلِيَّةِ لاحِقاً.
  1. Soon
  • “Your parents will arrive soon.”
  • وَالِداك سَيَصِلان قَريباً.
  1. Sometimes
  • “I sometimes go to sleep after midnight.”
  • أَذهَبُ أَحياناً لِلنَوْمِ بَعدَ مُنتَصَفِ اللَيْل.
  1. Usually
  • “I usually eat a big breakfast.”
  • عادَةً ما آكُلُ فُطوراً كَبيراً
  1. Never
  • “My dad never becomes angry.”
  • وَالِدي لا يَغضَبُ أَبَداً.
  1. Rarely
  • “I rarely get sick.”
  • نادِراً ما أَمرَض.
  1. Recently
  • “David recently bought a new car.”
  • إشتَرى داوود مُؤَخَّراً سَيَّارَةً جَديدَة.
  1. Once
  • “Clap your hands once.”
  • صَفِّق مَرَّة وَاحِدَة.
  1. Twice
  • “Always check your work twice.”
  • تَحَقَّق مِن عَمَلِكَ مَرَّتَيْن دائِماً.
  1. Yesterday

“I was gone yesterday.”

غادَرتُ البارِحَة

  1. Today
  • “I can’t do any more work today.”
  • لَم أَعُد أَستَطيعُ القِيَامَ بِأَيِّ عَمَلٍ اليَوْم.
  1. Constantly
  • “I feel like I’m constantly cleaning.”
  • أُحِسُّ بِأَنَّني أُنًظِّفُ بِشَكلٍ مُتَوَاصِل.
  1. Consistently
  • “She consistently writes terrible books.”
  • إنَّها تَكتُبُ كُتُباً مُريعَة بِاِستِمرار.
  1. Generally
  • “Generally, I don’t like mushrooms.”
  • بِشَكلٍ عامّ، أَنا لا أُحِبُّ الفِطر.
  1. Regularly
  • “I check my email regularly.”
  • أَتَحَقَّقُ مِن بَريدي الإلِكتروني بِاِنتِظام
  1. Hourly
  • “The bell rings hourly.”
  • يَدُقُّ الجَرَسُ كُلَّ ساعَة.
  1. Already
  • “I finished my work already.”
  • أَنهَيْتُ عَمَلي بِالفِعل.
  1. Since (time)
  • “I’ve been crying since last night.”
  • لَقَد كُنتُ أَبكي مُنذُ اللَيْلَةِ الماضِيَة.
  1. Often
  • “I often see him at work.”
  • غالِباً ما أَراهُ في العَمَل.
  1. Early
  • “Please arrive early to your appointment.”
  • يُرجى الوُصول في وَقتٍ مُبَكِّر إلى مَوْعِدِك.
  1. Late
  • “Why did you get home late?”
  • لِماذا وَصَلتَ إلى المَنزِلِ مُتَأَخِّراً؟
  1. Daily
  • “I exercise daily.”
  • أَتَمَرَّنُ يَوْمِيّاً.
  1. Weekly
  • “Do you get paid weekly?”
  • هَل تَتَقاضى راتِبَك أُسبوعِيّاً؟
  1. Monthly
  • “The rent is due monthly.”
  • الإيجار يُدفَعُ شَهرِيّاً.
  1. Annually
  • “You will be tested annually.”
  • سَيَتِمُّ اِختِبارُكَ سَنَوِيّاً.
  1. Last year
  • “Last year was the last year of my education.”
  • السَنَةُ السابِقَة كانَت آخِرَ سَنَةٍ في دِراسَتي.

Adverbs of place

  • Here in Arabic هُنَا
  • There in Arabic هُنَاك
  • Over there in Arabic هُنَاك
  • Everywhere in Arabic فِي كُل مَكَان
  • Anywhere in Arabic فِي أَي مَكَان
  • Nowhere in Arabic لَا مَكَان
  • Home in Arabic مُنَزَّل
  • Away in Arabic بَعِيْدا
  • Out in Arabic خَارِج

Adverbs of manner

  • English Arabic
  • Very in Arabic جَدَّا
  • Quite in Arabic تَمَامَا
  • Really in Arabic حَقّا
  • Fast in Arabic سَرِيْع
  • Well in Arabic جَيِّد
  • Hard in Arabic الثَّابِت
  • Quickly in Arabic بِسُرْعَة
  • Slowly in Arabic بِبُطْء
  • Carefully in Arabic بِعِنَايَة
  • Hardly in Arabic بِالْكَاد
  • Barely in Arabic بِالْكَاد
  • Mostly in Arabic فِي الْغَالِب
  • Almost in Arabic تَقْرَيْبَا
  • Absolutely in Arabic إِطْلاقَا
  • Together in Arabic مَعَا
  • Alone in Arabic وَحْدَهَا

Adverbs of frequency

  • Always in Arabic دَائِمَا
  • Frequently in Arabic  كَثِيْرا
  • Usually in Arabic عَادَة
  • Sometimes in Arabic  أَحْيَانا
  • Occasionally in Arabic أَحْيَانا
  • Seldom in Arabic  نَادِرَا مَا
  • Rarely in Arabic نَادِرا
  • Never in Arabic  أَبَدا

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