Arabic verbs | Types of Verbs: Past, Present and Imperative

You’ll be very Glad to know that here we  will learn about verb tenses in Arabic, when compared to other languages i.e. Urdu, Hindi, Persian, English, Russian, are fairly straightforward. Basically, There are two proper form of Verb in Arabic: the past and the present.

Verb Definition:

Verb is a important part of speech that refers to something happening. There are many forms of Root Verbs that can be studied in light of the following:

(1)   Verb Type نوع الفعل: A verb falls into two categories;

  • متصرف : Declinable Verbs have many
  • Indeclinable جامد: Indeclinable Verbs have ONE form.

(2) Verb Tense الزمن: The Verb Tense depends on which tense it is.  There are Two main tenses in Arabic Past Tense and Present Tense :

  • Past Tense الماضي: A verb which refers to a finished action in the past tense.
  • Present Tense المضارع: A verb which refers to an unfinished action at present tense
  • Imperative الأمر: Imperative verb that refers to a request or a command.

(3)   Verb Health صحة الفعل: Verb Health- Root verbs can be:

  1. Healthy صحيح: Healthy Verbs don’t have any sick letters in their root.

 Healthy Verbs have three Forms:

  1. Mahmooz مهموز: Mahmooz Verbs that have a Hamza (أ ) in their stem.
  2. Doubled مضعّف: Doubled Verbs that have a doubled

 iii.  Sound سالم: Sound Verbs that don’t have a Hamza

  1. Unhealthy (Sick) معتل : Unhealthy Verbs that have one or two sick letters in their stem.

The sick Three Sick letters are (و), (ا) ,  (ى ): Unhealthy verbs have 3 types;

  • Mithaal مثال: Mithaal is the first unhealthy letter of the verb; e.g. وعد = promised
  • Agwaf أجوف: Agwaf is the second unhealthy letter of the Verb; e.g. قال = said
  • Naaqis ناقص : Naaqis ناقص the last unhealthy letter of the Verb; e.g. بنىَ = built

(4)  Verb effect أثر الفعل: Verb effect have two categories according to their effect.

  1. Transitive متعدى : Transitive is the verb that takes object and affects its object(s).
  2. Intransitive لازم : Intransitive verb that do not take an object and affects only its subject.

(5)   Verb Voice: Verbs can be:

  • Active مبنى للمعلوم: Active verb have a clear subject.
  • Passive مبنى للمجهول: Passive verb have a vague or unmentioned subject.

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Verb Voice

To love in ArabicأحبTo go in Arabicذهب
To eat in ArabicأكلTo work in Arabicعمل
To help in ArabicساعدTo play in Arabic لعب
To give in ArabicأعطىTo travel in Arabicسافر
To like in ArabicأحبTo drink in Arabic شرب
To call in Arabic اتصلto waitانتظر – ينتظر (انتظار)
To call in Arabic (by voice)نادىTo leave in Arabicترك
To drive in Arabic ساقTo write in Arabic كتب
To listen in ArabicسمعTo sleep in Arabicنام
To walk in ArabicمشىTo meet in Arabicقابل
To want in ArabicأرادTo bring in Arabicجلب
Arabic basic verbs (أفعال أساسية)to do; to makeفعل - يفعل (فعل)
to work عمل - يعمل (عمل)to bringأحضر – يحضر (احضار)
to takeأخذ – يأخذ (أخذ)to putوضع - يضع (وضع)
to becomeأصبح - يصبح (اصباح)to walkمشى - يمشي (مشي)
to runجرى - يجري (جري)to comeجاء – يجئ (جيئة)
to sit جلس – يجلس (جلوس)to cook طبخ - يطبخ (طبخ)
to eatأكل - يأكل (أكل)to drinkشرب – يشرب (شرب)
to wake upصحى - يصحو (صحو)to sleepنام - ينام (نوم)
to cleanنظّف - ينظّف (تنظيف)to studyدرس - يدرس (دراسة)
to understand فهم - يفهم (فهم) to knowعرف - يعرف (معرفة)
to rememberتذكر - يتذكر (تذكر) to try, test (s.t) جرّب - يجرّب (تجريب)
to forgetنسي - ينسى (نسي) to describeوصف - يصف (وصف)
to try, attempt to do حاول - يحاول (محاولة) أن to be able to do قدر - يقدر (قدرة) أن
to readقرأ – يقرأ (قراءة)to writeكتب – يكتب (كتابة)
to translateترجم - يترجم (ترجمة)to say, tellقال - يقول (قول)
to reply, answer (to)أجاب - يجيب (اجابة) علىto thankشكر - يشكر (شكر)
to complain (about)شكى - يشكو (شكوى) منto promiseوعد - يعد (وعد) بـ
to seeرأى – يرى (رؤية) to look atنظر – ينظر (نظر) إلى
to look forبحث – يبحث (بحث) عنto find وجد - يجد (وجود)
to happenحدث - يحدث (حدوث)to watchشاهد – يشاهد (مشاهدة)
to listen toاستمع – يستمع (استماع) إلى to giveأعطى - يعطي (اعطاء)
to carryحمل – يحمل (حمل)to love أحبّ - يحبّ (حبّ)
to be bornوُلد – يُولد (ولادة)to pass awayتوفّي - يتوفي (وفاة)
Please Check our list of basic Arabic verbs

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Arabic verb has only 2 times Perfect and imperfect, but there is a difference between two categories, the Arabs Although look at the aspect of a verb meaning The Arabs  ask is the action finished or not Of course a finished action tells us  with the past  Tense and  unfinished tells us  action with the present, but not necessarily so. Some examples:

Arabic verb

Important English VerbsImportant Arabic VerbsImportant English VerbsImportant Arabic Verbs
Verbsالْأَفْعَال I spokeتَحَدَّثْت -
Pastالْمَاضِي -I wroteكُتِبَت -
I droveقُدَّت I lovedكُنْت أُحِب
I gaveأَعْطَيْت I smiledابْتَسَمَت
I tookأَخَذَت he spokeتُحَدِّث
he wroteكُتِب he droveقَاد
he lovedاحِب he gaveقَدِم
he smiledابْتَسِم he tookاخَذ
we spokeتَكَلَّمْنَا we wroteكَتَبْنَا
we droveقُدْنَا we lovedأَحْبَبْنَا
we gaveأُعْطِيَنَا we smiledابْتَسَمْنَا
we tookاخَذْنَا Futureمُسْتَقْبِل
I will speakسَوْف أَتَكَلَّم I will writeسَوْف أَكْتُب
I will driveسَوْف أَقُوْد I will loveسَوْف أُحِب
I will giveسَوْف أُعْطِي I will smileسَوْف أَبَتَسِم -
I will takeسَوْف آَخِذ he will speakسَوْف يَتَحْدُث
he will writeسَوْف يَكْتُب he will driveسَوْف يَقُوْد
he will loveسَوْف يُحِب he will giveسَوْف يُعْطِي
we will speakسَوْف نَتَكَلَّمwe will writeسَوْف نَكْتُب
we will driveسَوْف نُقُوْد we will loveسَوْف نُحِب
we will giveسَوْف نُعْطَى we will smileسَوْف نَبَتَسِم
we will takeسَوْف نَأْخُذ Presentالْحَالِي
I speakأَنَا أَتَكَلَّم I writeأَنَا أَكْتُب
I driveأَنَا أَقُوْد I loveانَا أَحَب
I giveاانا اعْطَى I smileانَا أَبْتِسِم
I takeانَا آَخِذ he speaksيَتَكَلَّم
he writesيُكْتَب he drivesيَقُوْد
he lovesيُحِبhe givesيُعْطِي
he smilesيَبْتَسِم he takesيَأْخُذ
we speakنَحْن نَتَكَلَّم we writeذَحْن نَكْتُب
we driveنَحْن نُقُوْد we loveنَحْن نُحِب
we giveنَحْن نُعْطِي we smileنَحْن نَبْتَسِم
we takeنَحْن نَأْخُذ
Arabic verb has only 2 times Perfect and imperfect

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List of Some Important Verbs in Arabic

Some conjugated Verbs in the present past and future in Arabic placed in a table. Learn by Heart this Verbs in Arabic  table will help you add very useful and important words to your Arabic vocabulary.

Important Verbs in Arabic

English VerbsArabic VerbsEnglish VerbsArabic Verbs
I can accept thatيُمْكِن أَن أَقْبَلَه she added itوَأَضَافَت أَنَّه
we admit itنَحْن نَعْتَرِف بِذَلِك they advised himوَأَشَارُوا عَلَيْه
I can agree with thatوَيُمْكِنُنِي أَن أَتَّفِق مَعَه she allows itانَهَا تَسْمَح لَهَا
we announce itنُعْلِن ذَلِك I can apologizeوَيُمْكِنُنِي أَن أَعْتَذِر
she appears todayيَبْدُو انَّهَا الْيَوْم they arranged thatلَكِنَّهَا وَرُتِّبَت
I can arrive tomorrowوَيُمْكِنُنِي أَن يَصِل غَدا she can ask himتَسْتَطِيْع أَن أَسْأَلَه
she attaches thatانَهَا تُعَلِّق عَلَيْه we attack themنَحْن نْهَاجَمِهُم
they avoid herيَتَجَنَّبُون لَهَا I can bake itوَيُمْكِنُنِي أَن خَبَز
she is like himفَهِي مِثْلِه we beat itفَاز نَحْن عَلَيْه
they became happyأَصْبَحُوْا سَعِيْد I can begin thatيُمْكِنُنِي تَشْغِيْلَه
we borrowed moneyنَحْن اقْتَرَضَت الْمَال they breathe airتَتَنَفَّس الْهَوَاء
I can bring itلَا أَسْتَطِيْع جَعَلَه I can build thatوَيُمْكِنُنِي أَن نَبْنِي عَلَيْه
she buys foodانَهَا تَشْتَرِي الْمَوَاد الْغِذَائِيَّة we calculate itنَحْسُب أَنَّه
they carry itانَهَا تَحْمِلُه they don't cheatانَّهُم لَا خِدَاع
she chooses himاخْتَارَت لَه we close itنَحْن إِغْلَاقَه
he comes hereيَأْتِي هُنَا I can compare thatيُمْكِنُنِي مُقَارَنَتُهَا
she competes with meانَهَا تَتَنَافَس مَع لِّي we complain about itنَحْن نَشْكُو مِنْهَا
they continued readingأَنَّهَا وَاصَلَت الْقِرَاءَة he cried about thatصَرَخ عَن ذَلِك
I can decide nowوَيُمْكِنُنِي أَن تُقَرِّر الْآَن she described it to meوَوُصِفَت لِي
we disagree about itنَخْتَلِف حَوْل هَذَا الْمَوْضُوْع they disappeared quicklyاخْتِفَائِهَا بِسُرْعَة
I discovered thatاكْتُشِفَت أَنَّهَا she dislikes thatانَّهَا لَا تُحِب أَن
we do itنَحْن نَفْعَل ذَلِك they dream about itيَحْلُمُون عَن ذَلِك
they dream about itيَحْلُمُون عَن ذَلِك I earnedحَصَل لِي ذَلِك
he eats a lotانَّه يَأْكُل الْكَثِير we enjoyed thatاسْتَمْتَعْنَا ذَلِك
they entered hereدَخَلُوْا هُنَا he escaped thatهَرَب هُو
I can explain thatلَا أَسْتَطِيْع شَرْح ذَلِك she feels that tooتَشْعُر أَنَّهَا أَيْضا
we fled from thereهَرَبْنَا مِن هُنَاك they will fly tomorrowسَوْف يَطِيْر غَدا
I can follow youوَيُمْكِنُنِي أَن تُتْبِع لَكُم she forgot meنَسِيْت مِنِّي
we forgive himنَحْن يَغْفِر لَه I can give her thatيُمْكِن أَن أُعْطِيَهَا لَهَا
she goes thereتَذْهَب هُنَاك we greeted themاسْتَقْبَل وَنَحْن مِنْهُم
I hate thatأَكْرَهُه I can hear itوَيُمْكِنُنِي أَن تَسْمَعَه
she imagine thatيُتَصَوَّر أَنَّهَا كَانَت we invited themدَعَوْنَا لَهُم
I know himأَنَا أَعْرِفُه we leave nowنَّتْرُك الْآَن
she learned itتَعَلَّمْت أَنَّه they lied about himكَذَّب عَنْه
she lost thatانَهَا خَسِرَت we made it yesterdayالَّتِي قَطَّعْنَاهَا عَلَى أَنْفُسِنَا أَمْس
they met himاجْتَمَعُوْا لَه I misspell thatأَنَا كِتَابَتِهَا أَنَّهَا
I always prayأُصَلِّي دَائِمَا she prefers thatانَهَا تُفَضِّل ذَلِك
we protected themمَحْمِيَّة نَحْن مِنْهُم they will punish herسَوْف مُعَاقَبَتَهَا
we received thatتَلْقِيْنَا ذَلِك they refuse to talkرَفَضُوْا الْتَّحَدُّث
I remember thatأَتَذَكَّرُهَا she repeats thatانَهَا تُكَرِّر ذَلِك
we see itنَرَاه they sell itتَبِيْعُهَا
I sent that yesterdayأُرْسِلْت بِالْأَمْس he shaved his beardانَّه حِلَق لِحْيَتِه
it shrunk quicklyانَهَا تَقَلَّصَت بِسُرْعَة we will sing itسَنَقُوْم غِنَائِهَا
they sat thereجَلَسُوْا هُنَاك I can speak itلَا أَسْتَطِيْع الْتَّحَدُّث بِهَا
she spends moneyإِنَّهَا تُنْفِق الْمَال we suffered from thatعَانَيْنَا مِنْه
they suggest thatفَهِي تُوْحِي أَنَّهَا I surprised himفُوُجِئْت بِه
she took thatوَقَالَت إِنَّهَا we teach itنَحْن نَعْلَم أَنَّه
they told usقَالُوْا لَنَا she thanked himشَكَرْت لَه
I can think about itلَا أَسْتَطِيْع الْتَّفْكِيْر فِي الْامْر she threw itأَلْقَى قَالَت إِنَّهَا
we understand thatنَفْهَم they want thatكَانُوْا يُرِيْدُوْن ذَلِك
I can wear itَا أَسْتَطِيْع ارْتِدَاء الْحِجَابshe writes thatوَقَالَت انَهَا تَكْتُب عَلَيْه
we talk about itنَتَحَّدَث عَن ذَلِك they have itلَدَيْهِم عَلَيْه
I watched itشَاهَدْت ذَلِك I will talk about itوَأَنَا أَرْقُص مَعَك
he bought that yesterdayاشْتَرَى امْس انَهَا we finished itانْتَهَيْنَا ذَلِك
Verbs in Arabic table will help you add very useful and important words to your Arabic vocabulary.

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