7 Best Places to visit in west Virginia – United States

West Virginia is a great place to relax and have fun. There are many exciting activities and places to visit in West Virginia. Here are some of the top things to do in West Virginia.

1. Zip-Lining

West Virginia offers many outdoor activities for those who enjoy ziplining. Zip-lining is possible in many places, including forests and packs. Zip-lining gives you a better view and helps you overcome your fears.

These are the top places for zip-lining:

* Cooper Rock State Forest: To access the Zip-line canopy tour located at Adventure WV Outdoor Educational Center, To cross the cooper’s bridge, you will need to travel through the forest of Chestnutridge Pack. This site offers three zip lines, an aerial bridge and a tandem rapper station.
Grand View Park – There are many activities at the park. An adventure pack includes activities such as zip line canopy, mega jumps, rope courses, climbing towers and other activities.

2. Camping

West Virginia is home to beautiful landscapes, including forests, hills, and rivers. You can also visit many places with your family. You have many camping options to choose from. They are surrounded by national forests and parks. Stay at a West Virginia vacation rental property to enjoy upgraded accommodation.

It is worth considering going to these places:

* Coopers Rock Camp There are no specific times of the year for camping in West Virginia. Cooper Rock State Forest is best for camping in July and August. This area features beautiful Mountain Views, wildflowers and wildlife, as well as numerous camping areas.

3. 4WD Tours

You can take a 4WD tour to see the amazing scenery. You will be able to see the most beautiful parts of the landscape from a 4WD Tour. This tour has a unique feature: a guide will take you to beautiful places.

You should consider taking a 4WD tour in the following locations:

* New River Gorge-This site offers 4WD tours. You will be transported as you see and experience the adventure of your life.

4. White Water Rafting

White water rafting is a great option for those who enjoy boating. You can use an inflatable boat to quickly paddle through rough water. This activity is so enjoyable because of the white water produced by the river’s frothing rapids.

You can take this sport to many rivers in West Virginia, such as:

* Gauley river adventure and new – This site offers water rafting for all levels of skill.

5. Hiking

You can find a lot of natural beauty outside. West Virginia is surrounded with mountains, forests and rivers. There are also natural areas where you could go hiking. Virginia also has some of the best hiking trails in the country.

These are just a few examples of some famous hiking trails in Virginia.

* Long Point Trail – This trail can be found near Fayetteville. The New River Gorge Bridge can be seen when you visit the area.
* Lindy Point Trail- This site can be found at Black Water Stake Pack. This trail offers a great view of Black Water Canyon.

6. Biking Trails

West Virginia is the best place for biking trails. Virginia has both short and long bike trails. You can also enjoy cross-country, horse riding, walking, mountain biking and wheelchair accessibility.

You might want to visit places like:

* Allegheny Highland Trail: The trail is located in Randolph, Tucker and has a 26-mile total length.
* Barnum Rail-Trail-The trail is 4.2-miles long. The end point is either at North Branch Potomac River or Barnum Road.

7. The Museum is open for visitors

There are many museums in West Virginia. The museum is an excellent way to learn more about the history and people of West Virginia.

These are some of the top museums you should visit:

* West Virginia State Museum – Visit this site for information about West Virginia’s past and to see the many exhibits.
* Heritage Farm Museum Village — This museum features well-organized technology that allows visitors to view the history’s progress.

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