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Animal With D – Arab culture is full of animals (hayawanat). These traits were used to inspire parents to name their children. Many Arab women and men have the names of powerful and graceful wild animals. This perception was influenced by ancient Arab and Middle Eastern culture. 

Animal With D – People’s lives were influenced greatly by their environment and the natural world. Animals are highly valued in this culture. It is believed that animals should not be used for entertainment or gambling. Arabs used to attribute the human qualities and faults to animals in older times. Perhaps you’ve heard the expressions “cunning like a fox” and “strong as an oak”. Arabs also have many expressions and meanings.

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Let’s take a look at some of the meanings of Arabic animal names:

Camel in Arabic

Camels are a very important part of the Arab world. In ancient times, they were their mount and their main source of food and wealth. The story of the Arab world could have been different without the camel. 

It was first a beast of burden, used to transport hundreds of pounds and kilos over long distances, sometimes without water for several days. The camel also provided many resources for its owners: transport, meat, milk, skin to water buckets and bags, sinew for making ropes, wool for tent-making and rug-making, as well as transportation. Some folk medicines were also provided by the camel.

Cat in Arabic

In Arabic culture, cats are of great importance. According to legend, the Prophet Muhammad loved his cat so much that he “would do without his cloak” rather than disturb his sleeping companion. Cats are beloved for their cleanliness and are considered the ideal pet in the Arab world.

Dog in Arabic

Contrary to popular belief dogs are highly respected in the Arab world. Hunting-dogs, for example, were an essential part of the Arab world’s past and are highly respected.

Lion in Arabic

Arabs consider lions so important that they name their children after them. There are around 300 names for a lion in the Arab world. It is a symbol of strength, courage and ferocity.

Goat in Arabic

Since ancient times, goats have been a vital part of the Arab community. They are a source of hair, milk, and skin.

Chicken in Arabic

Arab culture doesn’t have a deep meaning for chickens, but they are used to breed chickens and their eggs, meat and feathers.

Bear in Arabic

Bears are a symbol of strength and bravery. These animals are not positive in dreams interpretation. Arabs believed that if you have a dream about meeting a bear, you will face an energetic and powerful enemy.

Horse in Arabic

Horses are a symbol of endurance and perseverance in difficult terrain. Horses are also considered a symbol for grace because of their delicate bone structure, which is a testament to their strength and physical power. They are considered to be a gift of the deities.

Donkeys in Arabic

Donkeys were a symbol of peace and respect in the Arab world. Because of their small size and resilience, they were highly valued as work animals. The expression “l Tikrar Yialem Al Himar” (ltkrr, ylWm, lHmr), which means “Repetition teaches a donkey”, is not a good one.

Fish in Arabic

Fish was an important food resource for many coastal communities. A very unusual wedding ritual involves a fish. It is common in Tunisia’s city of Sfax. A couple is served a large fish as a meal. The fish is decorated using colorful strings. As his bride takes seven steps on her fish, the groom holds her hand. Then they swap roles while folkloric songs are chanted.

Bird in Arabic

Arab culture is very fond of birds. Arabs used to believe that their ability to fly was proof of a higher god. Parents are also influenced by their ability to fly. “Yamama”, which is a girl’s name, denotes speed and agility, but it is rare and uncommon. Uqab is a male name which denotes strength and grace.

It also indicates keenness of sight, extraordinary flight, and grace. Shaheen, a boy’s name, means “royal white falcon” or “hot-tempered falcon”. It has long, strong wings and is called hot-tempered. Today, birds of prey are used for sport in GCC countries.

Snake in Arabic Af’aa

Snakes were a symbol of life in some parts of the Middle East. They were linked to rebirth. Different deities with snake-like features were used for protection purposes, as an example.

Cow in Arabic

The importance of cows is obvious as they are both livestock and work animals. Arabs also saw beauty in cows. Maha, for example, was a popular name used by girls to describe the appearance of wild cow eyes. This is true even if the girl has large black eyes.

Sheeps in Arabic

The sheep is another important livestock animal. Arabs value livestock animals. According to their beliefs, the sacrificial of these animals must be painless and humane.

Tiger in Arabic

Arabs are fond of cats, especially big cats. Nimmer is a very popular boy name.

Monkeys in Arabic

Monkeys have a bad reputation because they are a symbol for a negative human trait: perfidy.

Rabbits in Arabic

Unfortunately, the Arab culture associates the rabbit “gnawing”, burrowing, and “taking up space” with the rabbit.

Duck in Arabic

Arabs view ducks as adorable little animals. You might be called “little duck” by an Arab to show affection.

Fox in Arabic

In the Arab world, foxes can be given many names depending on their size, origin, and color. Some parents may name their baby boy Daysam. This can also refer to baby fox.

Elephant in Arabic Feel

In the Arab world, elephants are often a sign of baldness.

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Animal With D – This is exactly what you will find! ArabicPod101 has created a masterlist with the Arabic animal terms that you will need to discuss pets, wild animals and reptiles. A few extras are also included at the end.

  1. At Home (Pets)

As in many other countries, Arabic-speaking countries have cats and dogs as their most beloved pets. Many people love to have birds . Rats and mice are rarely kept as pets.

Wealthy people in countries such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia often keep exotic animals as pets, such as jaguars or lions. This trend is declining .

Here are the Arabic names for the most popular pets in Western countries.

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khinzyr Gynyhinzir gini
samak dhahabysamak dahabi
  • On the Farm (Farm Animals)

Animal With D – Arab countries still have a large agricultural sector. Many people must rely on their crops for food and survival. These countries have low economic growth and few jobs. In countries such as Sudan, Egypt and Morocco, agriculture plays an important role in their economies.

Animal With D – Traditional farming methods are still used by many people. They use animals to plough and fertilize. The farm animals that you are used to in the West look very similar to those found in the Arab world.

Here is a list with Arabic names of farm animals:

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dyk rwmydik Rumi
  • Wild/Forest/Safari

Many wild mammals from Arabic-speaking countries received bounties after the introduction of firearms. Many species were wiped out, including the Atlas Lion.

Atlas lions, also known as Barbary Lions, were once a common lion species in North Africa. They were found throughout North Africa, especially in the Maghreb region. It has been extinct ever since the 1960s, due to continuous hunting.

There are still many wild animals in the Arab world. You can still see wild animals like foxes and hares out in the wilderness.

  • In the Ocean

Did you know the Arabian Peninsula is surrounded five bodies of water? There are the Red Sea (West), Persian Gulf, Gulf of Aden and Gulf of Oman (Southwest), as well as the Arabian Sea/Indian Ocean.

Morocco shares both the Atlantic Ocean (West), and the Mediterranean Sea(North) with other North African countries like Egypt, Libya and Tunisia.

Learning the names of marine mammals in Arabic can be very useful in many situations. One great example is when you read Arabic literature. Marine animals are often used in hypotheses.

Here are 12 aquatic animals that you can get started.

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“asad LbaHr`asad al-bahr
qindyl LbaHrqindil al-bahr
faras lbaHrfaras
qunfudh LbaHrqunfud al-bahr
najm lbaHrnagm al-bahr
balaH lbaHrbalah al-bahr
khiyar lbaHrhiyar al-bahr
  • Insects and bugs

Animal With D – Knowing the names of insects and bugs is useful if you are planning to visit an Arab country. It’s impossible to predict when mosquitoes in Mauritania might interrupt your sleep or when flies may start roaming around your food here in Morocco.

There are many annoying bugs, but there are beautiful insects that you can find in nature while traveling. Many are subspecies that you have never seen before.

Below is a list with 12 Arabic words that refer to bugs and insects:

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  • Birds

Birds have been friends with humans since the days of messenger pigeons. This includes the Arabian Peninsula, some Arabic-speaking countries, and today.

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  • Reptiles & Amphibians

You will likely encounter reptiles when you visit the deserts of North Africa and Arabian Peninsula. You might even have the chance to play with snakes at Marrakech (Morocco’s cultural capital), or anywhere else in the UAE.

Toads and reptiles/amphibians are considered to bring bad luck in most Arab cultures. Avoid touching or touching wild animals, which is something that your Arab friends won’t enjoy watching or participating in.

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8. Animal Body Parts

Next, we will look at the Arabic terms for body parts. These terms will help you tell the story of your dog’s accident with its tail or describe the bizarre bird you saw while on your hike.

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qarn istish`rqarn istis’ar
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Animal-Related Idioms & Slang Expressions

Animal With D – Here are some additional Arabic animal words for you, as promised! Below are some common Arabic-speaking countries’ animal idioms and curse words.

Animal Curse Words

Although animal curse words are found in all languages, the names of the animals they refer to can vary from one language into another.

Did you know that the Arabic word for “animal” is an insult? This contrasts with the American English usage of “animal” as a compliment to someone who is driven or powerful.

Here are some Arabic curse words for animals, along with translations and romanizations.

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Curse WordRomanization


yadfinu ra’sahu fy lturb kalna`myadfinu ra`sahu fi al-turab kal-na’am
yahrabu kalf’ryahrabu kal-fa`r
makWr Kalthalabmakkar kal-ta’lab
yukariWru lkalm kalbabaWGyukarriru al-kalam kal-babbaga`
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Animal With D – You have made it this far! Now you have all the Arabic words to identify every animal in the zoo. These words will make it easier to read basic Arabic narrations and children’s stories. Animals play an important role in this type literature.

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