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Dictionary Chinese to English Free PDF Download  . A Dictionary of the Chinese Language in Three Parts, or Morrison’s Chinese Dictionary (1815-1823), was compiled by the Anglo–Scottish missionary Robert Morrison. It was the first English-Chinese and Chinese-English dictionary.

Part I contains Chinese-English, arranged using the 214 Kangxi reds. Part 2 is Chinese-English, arranged alphabetically.Part 3 is English-Chinese, arranged alphabetically.

This monumental reference book, which has 4,595 pages and 47,035 head characters, is compiled by Robert Morrison, an Anglo-Scottish missionary. Morrison’s encyclopedic Dictionary had some flaws.

It failed to distinguish aspirated consonants. The pronunciation taou can be used for both aspirated and unaspirated tao (Tao, “peach”), but not for “way; the Tao”. This trusted travel companion includes comprehensive definitions and vivid images of everyday life to help you understand the nuances and master pronunciation.

Keep it up Mandarin Chinese-English Bilingual Dictionary As you shop, eat and socialize, as well as travel and work, have your friend by your side. It’s easy to learn and retain key terms with more than 10,000 illustrations organized by theme. You’ll find key nouns and verbs as well as phrases and an index for quick reference.

You can further improve your Mandarin listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills by learning simplified Chinese characters. This stimulating and practical dictionary will help you find all the information you need, including the names of dishes and the seasons.


The Mandarin Chinese-English Bilingual Dictionary It has been updated to reflect the modern technology and contemporary life styles and reflect the evolution of the language.  This comprehensive and accessible bilingual dictionary is essential for any trip, whether it’s for business or pleasure..

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