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French Dictionary Free PDF Download – QuranMualim .With more than 2,000 pages, this is the best French-English English French-French dictionary. There are entries for slang, regionalisms, as well as expressions.

You will also find a section on “language used,” where vocabulary and expressions are grouped into categories like suggestions, advice, business correspondence and many more. This is my preferred option for fluent translators and speakers.

English-French translation: A Practical Manual helps advanced French learners to improve their writing and translation skills. This book will help you to understand French grammar structures and the nuances of various styles and registers. It also helps you to increase your vocabulary and idiomatic knowledge.

This manual contains a variety of practical tasks that are based on carefully chosen extracts from various text types students might encounter. These range from literary and expository to persuasive and journalistic. Learners will be guided through the challenges and complexities of translating English into French using a mix of shorter, more targeted activities and longer translation pieces.

This comprehensive guide is for advanced undergraduate and graduate students of French language and translation. Get your confidence back by beginning with the most fundamental words and phrases to build your French vocabulary:

  • “Hello” = Good morning, Hello!
  • Au revoir = Goodbye
  • Oui = “Yes”
  • No = No
  • Thank you Merci! = Thanks!
  • Merci beaucoup = Thank you very much
  • Fille = Girl
  • Garcon = Boy
  • Femme = Woman
  • Man = Man
  • Amour is Love.
  • Francais = French
  • Please do not = Thank you
  • Bonsoir = Good evening
  • Bonne Nuit = Good night
  • Excusez-moi = Excuse me
  • De Rien means: You’re very welcome
  • Je vous en prie = You’re welcome
  • Time = Time
  • Jour = Day
  • Monde = World
  • Monsieur = Mister, gentleman
  • Reason = Reason
  • Mademoiselle = Miss an unmarried woman
  • Madame = woman who is married older woman
  • Beauty = Beautiful
  • Belle = Beautiful
  • Chat = Cat
  • Chien = Dog
  • Fort = Strong

Some French Phrases and Common Things You Can say in French

  • Je suis desole(e)= I’m sorry
  • What do you call yourself? Your name?
  • Do you have a conversation in English?
  • Je m’appelle= My name is
  • Comment allez-vous? = How do you do?
  • Quel hour is it? When is the time?
  • Pouvez-vous m’aider?= Can you help me?
  • Combien is it coute? What is the cost?
  • Je t’aime = I love you

Dictionary of English Words Translated into French for English

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