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Dictionary German English Free PDF Download  . Enter a German word into the search box above to translate it to English. To find the German translation, you can also type words in English into the search field. You can search the online dictionaries by using the drop-down menu.

You can use several filters to find the exact German translation in our German to English dictionary. These filters can be used to refine your search for grammar, style, or category.

Search the German Dictionary by Letter

You can search the German online dictionary for any German-English translation. Click on the letter you want to view a list with German words that start with that letter. Once you find the word you are looking for, click on it to access the German-English dictionary.

Top German English Dictionaries

1. Linguee

Linguee is the word to use for translations. Millions of people use Linguee’s dictionary. You can also download smartphone apps for Android and iPhone for offline use.

2. Leo.org

Leo.org, an online German-English dictionary, is widely used in Germany to translate English words. Register for my LEO (also completely free) to save vocabulary words to use later.


This well-known dictionary has a simple and clear design. You can search for words and phrases by searching the phrase.


deictic’s goal is to allow you to share your vocabulary knowledge worldwide. This is what makes dict.cc different from other translation services. Every user is encouraged and encouraged to add to the English-German Dictionary by verifying translating suggestions. You can download the resulting vocabulary database and use it for free.

5. Dict.tu-Chemnitz.de

This dictionary is powerful and has many phrases and examples that can be used in conjunction with each word. This one may be easier than Leo because it allows you to correct spelling mistakes or add an umlaut.

6. Bab.la

The search results are easy to use and include synonyms, examples, and context. Apart from this solid, beautifully designed dictionary, bab.la also offers other useful features like a conjugation browser and quizzes, a grammar overview, and games.

7. Ultralingua

This simple, but very useful dictionary displays word definitions and translations as well as common phrases and expressions.

8. OpenThesaurus

This is a useful reference tool that gives you synonyms and related words to your search terms, as well as other useful information.

9. Google Dictionary  

Google Dictionary offers many languages, including voice pronunciation, definitions, examples sentences, related phrases, and more.

10. IM Translator

IM Translator makes a solid impression, with over 21 million downloads and a 4-star review.

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