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English to German Free PDF Download – QuranMualim . If You want to get any PDF, worksheet, Book please type in search Box only. Dear Users,   Both sides of the dictionary can be searched so you can enter German words. You can choose another online dictionary to replace English-German by using the dropdown menu or go back to the dictionary page. You can filter your search by subject, region, and style if you find too many German words.

Search the English–German dictionary by letter

To search the online dictionary manually using a word list, use the letters below. To begin browsing, select a letter. After you find the word you are looking for, click it to show all German words and synonyms that match the English translation.

How to Study in Germany in English

Students from other countries may have difficulty finding the information they need to study in Germany, especially at the undergraduate level. While many international students are attracted by the opportunity to study in Germany due to its free tuition, it is difficult for them find English-language programs at public universities. Because the majority of undergraduate courses in German universities are taught in German, this is why it is so difficult to find free English-language programs at public universities.

The International Program Search Tool of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), currently locates 116 bachelor programs that are entirely taught in English. Many of these have an international title. Only 60 programs are left when the search is restricted to bachelor’s degrees without tuition fees.


To study in Germany in English, you might need to pay tuition fees at private universities. It is not necessarily a disaster, as the fees in private universities may be lower than other popular destinations..

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