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Islam Questions – Bismillah, praise be to Allah the lord of the worlds, He is the creator of all creations, He does no longer need some thing and is not like whatever. Allah exists with out an area and can’t be imagined inside the minds. We ask Allah to raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad and his type Aal and companions.

Know that It isn’t always permissible to invite folks that do no longer have understanding an Islamic Judgement, nor is it permissible for the unqualified man or woman to answer. The exceptional answers are folks who are supported through evidence from Qur’an, Alsunna, and Ijma^ scholarly consensus, and based totally on that, our questions are replied.

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A worried mom asks: What must I train my kids first, Quran, Iman, or Prayer?


Islam Questions – Since Iman in Allah and His Messenger is the foundation upon which all moves of worship rely upon, the methodology of the Prophet (Peace be upon him) is to enhance the expertise concerning understanding Allah and His Messenger.

You will observe that your youngsters will ask you a lot questions about Allah due to the fact they see you mentioning His Name alot and praying to Him. Providing them with the basics that all Muslims should understand approximately Allah is the priority.

Quran and prayer are moves of worship that contain memorization and exercise, and might be taught hand in hand with the necessities of Belief. Unfortunately, nowadays we word many parents pressure on Quran recitation extra than whatever else. We recommend you to teach your youngsters a golden rule touching on the Belief in Allah that is : Whatever you consider on your mind is a advent and Allah isn’t like that.

Ash-hadu is an Arabic phrase that has three meanings. What are they?

To recognise, to trust, and to claim.

What is the pleasant day of the week, and the exceptional month of the year?

Friday and Ramadan

How do you say Allah’s Attribute of Existence in Arabic and what does it imply?

Al-wujud: It approach that Allah exists. This is an everlasting and eternal characteristic of Allah. Allah exists with out a body or location.

Where was the Prophet Muhammad born?

Mecca, Arabia

Where did the Prophet Muhammad die?

Medina, Arabia

What are the names of the Prophet’s mother and father?

Aminah is his mom’s name, and Abdullah is his father’s name.

What is the Arabic phrase for “e-book”?

Kitab is the Arabic phrase for “book”

What are the angels made from?

Angels are crafted from light; they’re now not male or lady. They have a will and continually select to obey Allah.

What are the meanings of the word “nur” and what does the call of Allah “An-Nur” suggest?

Nur, additionally spelled ‘noor’ ought to suggest mild, or it may have a which means related to steerage. The which means of the call of Allah An-Nur is: The One who guides the believers to trust; the One who creates steering inside the hearts of the believers. It is not possible to intend ‘light’ while mentioned Allah, due to the fact Allah is not like His creations.

What is one of the commonplace names for ‘hellfire’ in Arabic?

Hellfire has many names in Arabic. A commonplace name is “An-nar”

How many surahs are there within the Qur’an?

114 surahs.

What is one of the thirty elements of the Qur’an known as in Arabic?


What is the age of the people in Paradise?

33 years of age.

How many days are in the Islamic lunar month?

The Islamic lunar month may be 29 or 30 days.

What are the names of the 4 famous Khalifas (rulers)?

Abu-bakr, Umar, Uthman, and Ali have been the 4 guided khalifas (rulers) after our cherished Prophet died.

What is the “Golden Rule” regarding our belief of Allah?

“Whatever you believe in your thoughts is a advent and Allah isn’t always like that.”

The largest introduction is length is called Al-Arsh. How do some seek advice from it in English?

The Arsh is the largest introduction in length; it is the ceiling of Paradise. Some confer with it because the throne.

What will manifest to some of the Muslims who died without repenting from their foremost sins?

Some might be forgiven and visit Paradise without any punishment. Others may be punished for a time limit in hellfire, however no longer all the time just like the non-believers.

What are the names of the 2 Angels that question the people within the grave?

Their names are Munkar and Nakir

There are three corporations of human beings that are not puzzled by the angels of their graves. Who are they?

Prophets, martyrs, and non-pubescent children.

How does one say the testification of religion (shahada) in English?

“I believe that no one is God except Allah, and Muhammad is His Messenger.”

If ‘Muhammad’ can’t be said effectively than Abul-Qaasim is enough. There are different approaches to mention the shahada.

There are three companies of humans whose our bodies do now not decay in the grave. Who are they?

Prophets, Martyrs, and a few Pious Muslims.

On the Day of Judgment, Allah will convey all of the people and animals again to existence. The animals could be turned into sand. What will the kafir say even as seeing this appear?

The kafir will say “I wish I become sand” because of this “I wish I lived my life as an animal and turned into sand rather than being a kafir.

It is strongly advocated to go to the Prophet’s grave in Medina and give him salaam. Why become the Prophet buried in Medina and now not Mecca?

The Prophet stated that “Prophets need to be buried anywhere they die.”

What is the that means of the call of Allah “Ar-Raziq”?

Ar-Raziq approach “the only who makes sustenance attain His slaves” Sustenance is the whole lot that is useful whether or not it’s far Islamically lawful or not.

How does one say “Whatever Allah willed to be will be “in the Arabic language?

“Ma sha’a Allahu kaan”

How is the word “angel” said within the Arabic language?

“Malak” is the manner to mention ‘angel’ within the Arabic language. The plural of ‘malak’ is ‘mala’ekah’ this means that ’angels’.

What is the name of the Prophet’s tribe, and who does it go back to?

“Quraysh” ; it goes returned to Prophet Isma^il who is the son of Prophet Ibrahim ^alayhimas-salaam.

What did the famous Hanafi imam At-Tahawiyy say approximately Allah in his e book called “Al-Aqeedah” (Belief)?

Islam Questions – Imam At-Tahawiyy, a well-known Muslim pupil summarized the Muslim belief in a book referred to as ‘Al-Aqeedah’ over 1,000 years ago. This e-book is taught in Muslim universities and mosques international. In it he stated that Allah is not contained through the six guidelines: up, down, right, left, front, and again.

How vintage changed into Prophet Muhammad whilst he received Prophethood, and wherein turned into He?

40 years vintage; He was in a cave referred to as ‘Hira’, on a mountain called ‘Jabalun-nur’.

How long became it before Prophet Muhammad received the entire Qur’an?

23 years

In Islam, a girl is dealt with with dignity and appreciate, and not as a intercourse symbol. Which female partner of our loved Prophet turned into famous for coaching Qu’ran?

^Aisha radi Allahu-anha

What is the which means of the name of Allah “AL-Wahid”?

AL-Wahid; manner the One with out a partner or son.

Who is the exceptional Muslim female?

Maryam alayhas-salaam.

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Every Muslim is required to recognize at the least 13 (thirteen) attributes of Allah. The Attributes of Allah aren’t confined through various. Name the Attributes and why they’re so vital to know?

Islam Questions – 1) Existence 2) Oneness three) Eternity 4) Everlastingness 5) Non-resemblance to introduction 6) Non-neediness of others 7) Power 8) Life 9) Will 10) Knowledge eleven) Sight 12) Hearing and thirteen) Al-Kalam (Speech). Being ignorant of these attributes is an significant sin, whilst denying any of them is disbelief (kurfr).

The Prophet taught us that most of the sins that people devote are from their tongues. What is the maximum risky aspect one should say with their tongue?

Answer: Kurfr (blasphemy ) is the maximum risky component one may want to say. The examples of kurfr phrases are such a lot of. To say Allah is located within the sky or sitting at the arsh is in opposition to Islam, to mention that Allah is a mild is also kufr (blasphemy), to belittle the individual moves of any of the Prophets is blasphemy (disbelief). It is also kurfr to mention about a be counted that is generally recognized among Muslims as haram, that’s halal and vise-versa. Joking is in no way an excuse for falling into kufr.

Give one instance of each a hard body and a mild frame.

Wood is a hard frame. Air is a light body. A difficult body is some thing that can be grasped with the hand. A light frame is some thing that cannot be grasped with the hand, just like the rays of light. Allah is neither a mild nor difficult body. Allah has no same or similar.

Angels are made from light and have wings. They are neither male nor lady. Angel Jibreel is the excellent Angel, for He become the deliverer of the honorable revelations to the Prophets. How many wings does Angel Jibreel have?

Most of the instances Angel Jibreel (Gabriel) seemed to Prophet Muhammad in the form of a completely handsome man. The actual form of Jibreel is great, having six hundred wings.

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Define the “Sirat” in the hereafter.

Islam Questions – The Sirat is sort of a bridge, very huge and very slippery. The bridge (sirat) extends over the hellfire, one fringe of it is on the modified earth, even as the other side is on what ends in Paradise. Everyone will subsequently cross over the Sirat. Some, like the prophets and martyrs, will fly over the Sirat; others, like the kuffar and a few terrible Muslims will fall into the hellfire. The Muslim, but terrible he/she is, will now not live in hellfire forever.

What are Jinns crafted from, and who is the first Jinn?

Jinns are crafted from hearth. The first Jinn is Satan or Shaytan as recognized in Arabic. Satan changed into in no way an angel.

The Qur’an is split into thirty divisions, each component is called a Juzu. What is the call of the final Juzu within the Qur’an?

The remaining Juzu is called ^Amma or An-Naba. The final Juzu starts with a surah known as ‘An-Naba’.

Define “Al-Hawd” inside the hereafter.

Al-Hawd is a massive body of water that is described as being whiter than snow and sweeter than honey. Every Muslim will drink from this Hawd earlier than coming into Paradise. After this drink no person will ever go through thirst. People drink in Paradise for delight best and not for thirst.

What are the five attributes that every one Prophets have in not unusual?

All Prophets were Muslim. All Prophets had miracles and all Prophets loved the good and hated the evil. All the Prophets have been very handsome. All Prophets knew approximately the last Prophet Muhammad and advised their peoples to agree with in him.

What is the evidence from the Qur’an that Islam is the best actual faith?

Surat Ale ^Imran Ayah. Also, Ayah Which method “Whoever chooses a religion other then Islam, it’s going to now not be regular from them, and they may be losers in the hereafter.”

What is the proof from the Qur’an that Allah isn’t just like the creation?

Surat As-Shura, Ayah 11 Means, “Absolutely nothing is like Allah.

He is a top notch Prophet who resembles our beloved Muhammad. What is His name, and how is He associated with Prophet Muhammad?

He is Ibrahim ^alayhis-salaam. Prophet Muhammad is His descendent from Isma^il ^alayhis-salaam.

What do the names Ar-Rahman and Ar-Rahim of Allah mean?

Ar-Rahman approach “The One who’s merciful to each Muslims and non-Muslims in this global. Ar-Rahmin way the One who is merciful to only Muslims inside the Hereafter.

What are the names of the 2 Angels that report our moves?

Their names are Raqib and ^Atid. The Honorable Ayah approach “Not a word is uttered, unless recorded by means of Raqib and Atid.

Meat is halal if it is hand-slaughtered via a Muslim, Christian, or Jew. Why is that?

This is what the Qur’an, Hadith, and scholarly consensus confirm and constitute.

What Ayah is referred to as “The grasp of the Ayahs” inside the Qur’an?

Ayat Al-Kursiyy, analyzing this Ayah that is in Surat Al-Baqarah 255 each day will defend you from the evil by means of the Will and Mercy of Allah.

The Kalam of Allah isn’t always like our Kalam, what does this mean?

Islam Questions – Allah isn’t like the creations. We, the creations of Allah, have voices and speak in languages composed of sounds and letters. Our attribute of speech is created. The Speech or Kalam of Allah isn’t always created. When we are saying that Allah spoke to Moses, one have to not recognize through this that Allah had a voice, or created speech.

No, this is misguidance. Allah gave Moses the Power to hear His Kalam (Speech) which isn’t always like our speech composed of letters, sounds, and having a starting and ending. Prophet Moses instructed His humans the orders of Allah in the language His humans spoke which changed into Hebrew.

The first-rate people is the only who has the most piety. This is the meaning of a assertion mentioned in a sacred book. What is the name of this ebook?

This is a that means of a announcement in the Holy Qu’ran. This is remedy to our hearts and top notch enlightenment to our understanding.

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How can one show that Imam-^Ali loved Abu-Bakr, ^Umar, and ^Uthman?

Imam – Ali pledged allegiance to them when they have been Khalifahs (Rulers) . Imam- ^Ali named his kids (those kids were now not from Lady Fatimah, the Prophet’s daughter) after them. Imam ^Ali gave his daughter Umm Kalthum (Hassan and Hussien’s sister) in marriage to ^Omar whilst ^Omar became Khalifah.

What does Barak Allahu fik imply?

May Allah bless you

What is one of the proofs that Prophet Muhammad is the best Prophet?

When our beloved Prophet went to Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, He led all the Prophets in prayer. This shows His repute amongst them.

How do we say the Attribute of Oneness in Arabic, and what does it mean?

“Al-Wahdaniyyah”; this characteristic approach that Allah is One with out a companion.

What is the lineage of the Prophet Muhammad?

He is Muhammad, the son of ^Abdullah, the son of ^Abul-Muttalib, the son of Hashim, the son of ^Abdu-Manaf from the tribe of Quraysh. He is the Messenger of Allah to all human beings and jinn.

Most of the Angels stay inside the sky, although many live on this planet. Tell me more about Angels?

Islam Questions – It is blasphemy to mention that Angels are girls. This does now not mean to degrade ladies, however alternatively it’s far pronouncing the reality Al-Qu’ran is teaching us about Angels. Allah made the Angels from light. They have a desire but continually choose to obey Allah. They are not male or female. They do not consume, sleep, or get tired. Angels perform unique obligations.

What is the proof from the Qu’ran that Angels in no way disobey Allah?

This Ayah in Surat At-Tahrim way that Angels always do what they may be ordered to do.

Many scholars mentioned that a Muslim must understand at least thirteen attributes of Allah. Name a number of these scholars.

Islam Questions – Imam Abu-Hanifah, Imam Al-Ghazaliyy, Imam As-Sanusiyy, Imam Al-^Abdariyy,Imam Al-Isfarayiniyy, Imam Al-Fudaliyy, and many others. Many of the students of Ahlus-Sunnah wal-jama^ah stated of their books the obligation of understanding those attributes.

What is the evidence from the Qu’ran that Satan (Shaytan) was not an angel, however rather a jinn?

This ayah manner: All the Angels prostrated for Adam except Iblis (Satan) who was a Jinn that disobeyed his lord.

Why do the Muslims say that the existence of Allah isn’t certain via time or location?

Place is for bodies and Allah isn’t always a frame. This is confirmed by means of the Qu’ran, Hadith, and scholarly consensus.

Why is it blasphemy to mention that Allah loves all of the creation?

Islam Questions – This Ayah from Surat-Ale-Imran 32 approach , “Say, Obey Allah and His Messenger and in case you shrink back from that than Allah does not love the kaafireen (non-believers). Therefore it is in opposition to the Holy Qu’ran to say that Allah loves all the creation. How ought to He love someone and ship them to hellfire all the time?

Who got here with a e-book called “Al-Injeel” and how will we say that Prophet’s call in Arabic?

Prophet Jesus got here with Al-Injeel, that is the real Bible and now not the only we see these days because it incorporates many statements insulting Allah and His Prophets. In Arabic the way to mention ‘Jesus’ is ‘^Isa’ (^alayhis-salaam).

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How did Prophet Ibrahim show his humans that Allah isn’t always a frame?

Islam Questions – Prophet Ibrahim confirmed His people that Allah isn’t a body; a frame has a restrict and actions from one vicinity to some other. It changes, so is the case with the moon and stars. Anything with created attributes is a introduction and no longer Allah the Creator. He showed His humans that their moves had been false. Prophet Ibrahim in no way worshipped anyone apart from Allah; believing in any other case is kufr.

Many students wrote books about Tawhid (belief), which is the most critical understanding taught and studied. Who is An-Nasafiyy and what did he say approximately Allah in his famous e-book?

An-Nasafiyy turned into a remarkable Muslim student who lived over 900 years ago. He defined the Qu’ran and authored many books. Al-Aqeedah, one in every of his well-known books on Islamic ideals is studied in mosques and universities all around the Muslim international locations.

Islam Questions – This scholar is deeply respected and favored for his many contributions to Islam. In Al-^Aqeedah he said that if someone hit glass with a stone and broke it, then the acts of hitting and breaking and the kingdom of the glass being broken were created with the aid of Allah. The slave simplest acquires the act. Allah is the only One who creates. This is the beautiful Muslim creed. Hold firmly to it!

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It is blasphemy to degrade any of the Prophets Allah sent to us. Please provide extra element in this judgment.

Islam Questions – Some human beings these days degrade Prophets with out even noticing. To degrade or belittle a Prophet is honestly in reality degrading the know-how of Allah, due to the fact Allah sent those Prophets to be accompanied and venerated.

Allah sent them as teachers to humanity to guide them from darkness into light. They were given the best stage of ethical man or woman and conduct. Allah praised the Prophets in lots of Ayahs within the Qu’ran and ordered us to observe them. Belittling the Prophets is definitely in opposition to Islam as showed through the Qu’ran, Hadith and scholarly consensus.

When the Prophet died he had approximately a hundred,000 partners. Name at the least four widely recognized companions.

Bilal Al-Habashi (the Abysinian), Salmaan Al-Farisi (the Persian), Suhayl Ar-Rumi (known as the Roman), and Abu-that Al-Ghifari.

What is the proof from the Qu’ran that Allah is the Creator of everything?

Surat Al-Furqan, Ayah 2 way that Allah created the whole lot. No one creates besides Allah.

What did the well-known Imam Ja^Far As-Sadiq say approximately Allah?

Islam Questions – He said, “Whoever says that Allah is in some thing or on something or from something is a Kafir (non-Muslims) because if Allah became in some thing He might be contained and restricted therefore created (which is not possible), and if He became on some thing, He would be lifted and consequently having a weight and frame (that’s impossible), and if He became crafted from something He could be like us the created things (that is impossible).

Change isn’t always an attribute of the Creator, however as a substitute the introduction. Anything that changes is in need of a starting, center and finishing. Things generally exchange to get better or worse. Why is it blasphemy to say that Allah adjustments?

Because trade is unique to the advent and now not the Creator. Anything that adjustments has a beginning, center and give up. Allah isn’t always just like the creations.

Why is it blasphemy to mention that the satan creates evil?

Because Allah is the only Creator. Surat Al-Falaq, Ayah #2 manner “And from the evil created by way of Allah.

What is the that means of “ Ahlus-Sunnah Wal-Jama^a”?

The human beings of the Sunnah, that means folks who observe the creed and technique of the Prophet Muhammad, and the Jama^ah, meaning the Prophet’s Companions.

What is the overall proof of the existence of Allah?

Every motion desires an actor, every e book wishes a creator, each building wishes a builder, every portray needs an artist…and so forth. This world did no longer create itself and therefore it needs a creator and that is Allah.

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How does one display the Christian that Allah isn’t Jesus and that Jesus is not God’s son?

Islam Questions – We all recognize that Jesus has a starting, He ate meals and slept like we do. He even prayed to Allah. There is not any doubt that these are created attributes. The Creator is not just like the creation and does no longer have created attributes. We can’t characteristic weak point to God. To say that God is man or like a person is honestly attributing weak spot to God.

To say that God is a person or like a man is truely attributing weak point to Him. When speakme about a father and a son, we usually pose a relationship among the 2. The father is human, the son is a human, the daddy eats, the son eats. The father become once a infant, and the son will in all likelihood be a father by means of God’s will. Allah made Jesus without a father and made Adam without both parent; but we haven’t heard all people call Adam God’s son.

Some humans insult Prophet Adam, who is a first-rate Prophet and our father. It is towards Islam to call Allah a father or say that He has a son or that we are his children; that is the worst of crimes. The Creator isn’t always just like the creation . How may want to the Eternal be like the created? How ought to the One who is not in want of each person be like the creation who want Allah in each moment in their life.

“O Allah, guide our non-Muslim families to the mild of Islam and defend us from being faulty.”

Allah gave the Prophets miracles to reveal humans that they hold the fact. Mention as a minimum 3 miracles of Prophet Muhammad.

The Prophet had many miracles, the quality of which being The Qu’ran. Among his many miracles are:

1. Pure water sprang from between the palms of the Holy Prophet; this passed off at a time whilst the Muslims were extremely thirsty and had to make wudu’ (ablutions). Imam Bukhari associated that 1500 people had benefited from this miracle. This occurred other events as well.

2. Allah gave the Prophet the honor of visiting Jerusalem after which ascending to the seven heavens and even above to Paradise. This changed into genuine in body and soul. Be warned of the wahhabbi faction who try to claim Allah became in the sky; that is clear blasphemy because Allah isn’t a body and exists without a place. The Prophet instructed us this. He noticed that maximum of the people of Paradise have been bad Muslims on this international.

three. Allah gave a dead animal life and it spoke in the front of many people in fluent Arabic saying that nobody is God besides Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger. This miracle resulted in lots of people embracing Islam.

Paradise is the fine location Allah created. It is against Islam to say that Allah is in heaven due to the fact Allah exists with out a place. Mention as a minimum 3 characteristics of the people of Paradise:

Islam Questions – 1. The people of Paradise are all married. They are in the most stunning of bureaucracy. Their heights is that in their father Adam, about 30 meters tall and approximately three ½ meters wide. They do not have facial or frame hair. There are stunning horses with wings which might be used for shipping.

There are also other centers and pleasures that maintain the people of Paradise happier than someone should ever be in this global. No one receives vintage or ill, bored or depressed. The culmination of the timber are usually ripe. The people of Paradise thank Allah each moment for his generosity.

What is the “Mizan” within the hereafter?

The Mizan within the hereafter is like a balance with pans. The Angels area the books on those pans. The one whose suitable deeds outweigh their awful deeds will go to Paradise without any punishment. If one’s terrible deeds outweigh their proper deeds then one among things will show up. Either they may be forgiven through Allah and visit Paradise with out punishment, or they’ll be punished for a time in hellfire after which input Paradise.

As for the non-believers, they’ll now not have even one top deed due to the fact they did not believe and no suitable motion executed in the world is accounted for if it became done with the aid of a non-believer. Not having complete sincerity to Allah can even erase the reward of a good deed executed through Muslims. Those who disbelieve in Allah and His Messenger will not advantage from their moves in this global even if they did lots of correct to the Muslims.

What are a number of the punishments inside the grave?

Islam Questions – Kuffar (non Muslims) and some terrible Muslims will get hold of torture inside the grave. The torture of the kafir is the worst. The Angels, Munkar, and Nakir question the kafir in the grave; after hearing his/her reaction they hit them with a hammer-like item.

That shot would be so excessive that it’d stage a mountain if it hit it. The kafir would not die, however, from this blow, however as an alternative scream loudly. No one might pay attention the kafir screaming besides the animals across the grave. Snakes and different earth animals consume away their bodies. Bad Muslims can also feel severe loneliness and worry, and different varieties of torture at the same time as within the grave.

Reading the Qu’ran for the horrific Muslims will assist them inside the grave with the aid of Allah’s will.

How long does the Day of Judgment last?

The Day of Judgment is an afternoon that lasts for 50,000 years; it will skip fast, but, for the pious Muslims.

The tortures inside the hellfire are authentic in frame and soul, by no means-finishing for the one who dies disbelieving Allah and His Messenger. What are some of the tortures?

Islam Questions – The body of the kafir can be lots larger in the hellfire. It changed into narrated that the kafir’s molar will be the size of a mountain. The frame of the kafir will burn till each piece of flesh is off of it. Allah will create new flesh and the identical component will appear time and again, in no way ending. Hellfire has extremes of warmth and cold. There are snakes in hellfire the scale of rivers which terrify and damage. The kuffar don’t have any 2d of alleviation, and no risk to come back returned. The horrific Muslims who aren’t forgiven and go to hellfire will now not live there all the time.

“O Allah, have mercy on us and guard us. Ameen.”

What is the easy mental evidence that there is simplest one God with out a accomplice?

If there were two so-called Gods, and one willed for someone to be alive but the other willed for the identical man or woman to die, should a person be alive and lifeless at the identical time? Of path not. This method that one of the so-referred to as Gods did now not get what he willed, which is an indication of weakness. Anyone who is weak is not God. Those who say that there are many so-called Gods limit them in energy and expertise. God knows everything and has power over the whole lot.

What is the easy proof that the entirety takes place according to the everlasting Will of Allah?

Islam Questions – It is blasphemy to say that some thing took place with out Allah’s Will. By that, one might be claiming that Allah is susceptible and that is not possible. If we hear of a king or president that wanted some thing however didn’t get it, we might all admit that he turned into weak and confined. How could one falsely say that approximately Allah?

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What is the primary difference among a Prophet who is not a Messenger, and a Prophet who is a Messenger?

Islam Questions – A Prophet who is not a messenger does no longer include new policies to observe, however rather that Prophet and his fans follow the laws delivered down with the aid of the preceding Prophet who became also a Messenger. A Prophet who is also a Messenger comes with a brand new set of legal guidelines which from time to time erase some of the legal guidelines introduced by using the previous messenger.

The laws Prophet Jesus got here with were barely exceptional from the legal guidelines Prophet Moses got here with. This is because they had been both Prophets and Messengers Prophet Zakariah turned into now not a Messenger so he followed the legal guidelines of the preceding Prophet – Messenger who came earlier than him, who changed into Moses.

A Prophet-Messenger has a better rank than one who’s only a Prophet. Prophets are the maximum honorable creations and should be observed whether they have been messengers or now not. There have been no Prophets between Jesus and Muhammed. Every Messenger is a Prophet however now not each Prophet is a Messenger.

What turned into the finest miracle of our loved Prophet Muhammad?

Islam Questions – The Qu’ran is the greatest miracle of Prophet Muhammad. It isn’t always a scripture that become authored by means of Prophet Muhammad or Angel Jibreel (Gabriel). The Qu’ran is the maximum unique revelation from Allah to mankind conveying His orders and prohibitions, knowledge, and many other useful knowledge. Many Arab poets and linguists embraced Islam because of the eloquence and extraordinary fashion of the Qu’ran.

Prophet Muhammad become no longer a poet, but He challenged all of the poets and linguists to include something just like the Qu’ran. They couldn’t; this proved the truthfulness of Prophet Muhammad’s message. The Qu’ran has many advantages; it is used as a medicinal drug and therapies with the aid of Allah’s will.

The Qu’ran contains verses study whilst encountered with worry, depression, and plenty of other instances. The Qu’ran is examine for the useless Muslims, and this facilitates them with the aid of Allah’s will. It allows relieve a few terrible Muslims of a number of their struggling, and enables raise the rank of the opposite Muslims who died in the state of piety.

What are the three styles of blasphemy, and how does one return to Islam after committing blasphemy?

Blasphemy is either verbal by using motion or conviction. Verbal blasphemy is to mention something against Islam , like saying that Allah is just like the advent, or saying that there is a brand new Prophet after Prophet Muhammad, or pronouncing something halal (like marriage) is haram, or announcing some thing haram like alcohol is halal.

An example of blasphemy by using movement is to throw the name of Allah, or whatever of Islamic significance within the trash, or prostrating to the solar, moon, or to an idol. Blasphemy by means of conviction is to agree with that Allah is a frame, light, or spirit, or to believe that Islam isn’t real. It is blasphemy to have doubt in heaven, hell, or the day of judgment.

Anything the Prophet got here with should be believed genuinely. Joking isn’t always an excuse for blasphemy. One clears him/herself from blasphemy from pronouncing the testification of religion (shahada) with the goal of leaving all that contradicts it. One could say the shahada on their very own, they do no longer want to be in a mosque, nor have any witnesses.

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Islam Questions – How does one display the “mushabbihah” (anthropomorphist) wahhabi that Allah that Allah isn’t in the sky, sitting on the throne as falsely claimed his/her group?

1. Allah created the sky

2. Allah does no longer want what He created

three. Allah existed earlier than the sky

four. Allah is not contained

5. Allah isn’t a body

6. Anything sitting on a chair is either the same length as that chair, or larger, or smaller in all 3 instances one might be giving Allah a form, and that is not possible.

7. Allah has no identical.

eight. The Qu’ran says “Laysa Kamithlihi Shay’un” which means that certainly nothing is like Allah.

There are 3 groups of folks that will no longer go through the everlasting punishment inside the hellfire even though they disbelieved. Who are they?

1. The insane

2. The ones who had never heard the call of Islam (shahada).

three. The kids who died earlier than becoming pubescent.

Note: In Islam a boy becomes pubescent 15 lunar years of age (about 14 ½ sun years). The girl but turns into pubescent while on of those 3 manifest:

1. Commencement of the menstrual period.

2. The first emission of the female sexual fluid (maniyy) or

3. Becoming 15 lunar years of age.

What are the names of the four famous Holy books discovered to four honorable Prophets, and what special month have been they found out in?

1. Tawrah.

2. Zaboor.

3. Injeel.

four. Qu’ran. These Holy books were revealed inside the holy month of Ramadan.


They are a deviant faction in Pakistan who fell out of Islam due to a declare made with the aid of their chief. Who are they called, and why are they considered blasphemers?

They name themselves “The Almadiyyah movement in Islam”. They also are known as Qadianis. Their leader, now useless, turned into referred to as Ghulam Ahmad from a city called Qadiyan in Pakistan. He claimed prophethood which is in opposition to the Qu’ran, Hadith and scholarly consensus of this state. The Ayah in Surat-al-Ahzab manner , “He is the Messenger of Allah, and the last of all of the Prophets.” This ayah refers to Prophet Muhammad.

Prophet Yusuf become one of the maximum good-looking guys. He changed into falsely accused of an evil movement and later demonstrated innocent. What changed into this deed, and why is it kufr to say such things about any Prophet?

Islam Questions – Prophet Yusuf changed into falsely accused of seeking to rape his master’s spouse, Zalikha. It turned into she that attempted to seduce Him however He refused and ran to the door. Later she admitted to her evil-doing and cleared Prophet Yusuf. It is blasphemy to accuse Prophet Yusuf (Joseph) of such movement. Allah is The Most Wise; He would not send a Prophet with a low person.

One can’t delay a person from taking his/her shahada by using any manner, in that case the “delayer” falls out of Islam. What crucial be counted in Islam requires at least truthful witnesses to be valid?

To get married, one wishes at the least two honest male witnesses.

On a unique night time and in a special month each year Allah gives the Angels knowledge or what’s going to show up within the subsequent yr in advance. What is that this unique night called, and what month am I regarding?

Laylat Al-Qadar (The night of excessive distinctive feature), and Ramadan.

What are the names of the elite jurists of the 4 well-known faculty of Islamic guidance and regulation?

Imam Malik, Imam Abu-Hanifa, Imam Ash-Shafi^iyy, and Imam Ahmed Ibn Hanbal.

Prophet Ibrahim in no way worshipped all and sundry other than Allah. No prophet ever had doubt for a moderate second within the Oneness of Allah. What negative interrogative word said by Prophet Ibrahim is sadly misinterpreted?

Islam Questions – Prophet Ibrahim checked out the solar, moon, and stars and informed His people, “This is my lord?” meaning this is not Allah who Alone is worthy or worship. This is referred to as a negative interrogative, that’s pronouncing some thing however that means the alternative.

It isn’t true that Ibrahim didn’t realize about God and worshipped apart from Him, then subsequently realized his mistake. Prophets in no way have doubt in Allah, in no way.

I ask Allah to guard us from such blasphemy and misguidance.

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In the famous Hadith, our liked Prophet defines ‘Iman’ (notion) through saying that, “Iman is to trust in Allah, His Angels, His Books, His Prophets, The Last Day, and Al-Qadar, the good or it and the evil. What does believing in Al-Qadar suggest?

Believing in Al-Qadar approach to have a company conviction that the whole lot is the manner it’s miles because Allah willed so. When we are saying that Allah willed for the whole lot to be, we do now not suggest that Allah loves or accepts the entirety that occurs. Allah created the good, blessed it, and ordered it. Allah created the evil and forbade it and does not like it. Allah isn’t harmed by way of His creations, neither is He benefited. Allah guides whomever He wills and misguides whomever He wills.

O Allah, preserve our hearts company on Islam; nobody is God besides You.

Our liked Prophet knowledgeable us that there might be seventy-three divisions., all claiming to be His followers. He told us seventy – might be in hellfire, and one might be in Paradise. The partners asked Him, Who could be stored?” What turned into our loved’s reaction?

Our liked Prophet answered through saying that folks who observe me and my companions will be stored. In every other Hadith, the Prophet stated that a time could come whilst you’ll see many extraordinary ideas; keep strongly to the majority. The majority. The majority of the Muslims now and earlier than follow the course of Ahlus-Sunnah Wal-Jama^ah. The direction laid down through the 2 imams of ^Aqeedah (notion) Al-Asha^ariyy and Al-Maturidiyy. They take delivery of the 4 schools of Islamic Jurisprudence, and it become them who opened Constantinople (currently Istanbul, Turkey) wherein Prophet Muhammad praises that navy, its chief and soldiers.

What is the that means of Shafa^ah?

Shafa^ah is a unique assist given to the bad Muslims from the pious Muslims at the Day of Judgment. Shafa^ah occurs through the pious asking Allah to help those bad Muslims by using relieving them in their punishment. Allah answers the prayers of the pious and lessens or absolutely relieves the horrific Muslims of their punishments.

Shafa^ah presentations the splendid honor given to the pious, and is not granted to the kuffar. Prophet Muhammad is the primary to present shafa^ah via Allah’s Will, and the One who will advantage the maximum with His shafa^ah suggests His brilliant rank. Other Prophets, pious pupils, martyrs, and angels also provide Shafa^ah by means of Allah’s Will. The prophet advised us that whoever visits His grave may be granted shafa^ah through Him.

O Allah, enable us to visit his grave in Medina.

A Prophet may additionally fall right into a small sin which isn’t abject or imply. He could repent right away earlier than every body might imitate Him in that small sin. Please tricky on such cases.

Prophet Adam alayhis-salaam fell right into a small sin via eating from a tree he became forbidden to eat from. This was earlier than Adam became a Prophet in Paradise. He repented immediately and requested for forgiveness; Allah forgave him. This became no longer an massive sin nor was it an act of disbelief as claimed with the aid of Christians.

Islam Questions – It is feasible that a Prophet might also fall into a small non-abject sin but they might repent at once before all and sundry imitates them. A small abject sin is like stealing a grape. Prophets in no way do such sins. Prophets are impeccable from falling into blasphemy, fundamental and minor (abject) sins before and after Prophethood. To belittle Prophet Adam because of His movement or declare that each one humanity is born with sin is blasphemy towards Islam to mention or consider.

Many Ayahs in the Qu’ran say that Allah will not forgive one if he/she dies in the nation of blasphemy, but might also forgive some thing that is lesser than that (like essential or minor sins) if He (Allah) Wills. List at the least Ayahs confirming this:

These ayahs imply that Allah will by no means forgive the only who died in the state of blasphemy however may also forgive some other sin for whomever He wills.

What is the motive for Prophet Muhammad’s move to Medina later in His lifestyles?

It changed into an order from Allah, no longer because of worry of being harmed via the kuffar. The Prophet is the bravest of all creations. He did no longer “flee to Medina” as falsely stated in a few books. He migrated due to the fact Allah Ordered Him and His fans to move to Medina that’s north of Mecca.

What does it imply while we say that, “Allah is Just in all His doings”?

Islam Questions – This method that Allah does something He wills. He is not puzzled for what He does. Every mercy from Him is because of His generosity and each punishment from Him is just. Allah is the One who makes the guidelines to be accompanied. No one sports rule over Him. If one were to hit a Muslim and blind him, that could be an injustice to him.

Yet if Allah induced a person to wake up blind we would not say that it’s far an injustice from Allah. Allah can do with His creations anything He wills. He may additionally supply one who is ungrateful many blessing and every other who’s pious many hardships in this global. No you could say that Allah or His policies are unfair; this is blasphemy.

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How turned into Islamic knowledge transferred and the way have to or not it’s received?

Islam Questions – Prophet Muhammad taught His partners who exceeded their understanding right down to their college students. The know-how turned into passed down via a series of sincere humans from one era to any other until it reached us today.

The companions did no longer just write books and deliver them away, however alternatively they explained face-to-face the information of the information given to them through the Messenger of Allah. Knowledge must be sought from people who can hint their knowledge again main to the Prophet Himself.

This is the method of the scholars who received understanding in that way. Imam ^Ali stated that people are both scholars, college students, or the ignorant folks who observe something. Beware of those who simply examine many books with out receiving their reasons and authorization to educate. Seek knowledge from the students, even if which means touring to Africa or Asia.

What is the distinction between the personal compulsory knowledge and the collective compulsory understanding?

The private obligatory know-how is an obligation upon each Muslim who’s sane and pubescent to understand. The one who’s blind to the non-public obligatory know-how is sinful. Make sure you recognize the non-public compulsory knowledge and teach it in your children and households. The private compulsory knowledge is likewise referred to as fard-ayni.

A outstanding e book authored by way of Shaykh ^Abdullah al-Harariyy explains the obligatory expertise in extra element. All the Muslims within a community want to have the private compulsory know-how, which is also known as fard kifaaya.

Islam Questions – collective obligatory knowledge is like knowing the complete Qu’ran or learning the Arabic language. Not every Muslim desires to understand the whole Qu’ran or master the Arabic language. It is compulsory for some Muslims in the Muslim network to master the Qu’ran and Arabic language. The collective compulsory knowledge additionally consists of mastering approximately worldly sciences like math, or medication and so forth – to gain the Muslim groups.

What is the proof that one is judged for his sayings and no longer just his intentions?

Islam Questions – It is showed by means of the Qu’ran, Hadith, and Scholarly consensus that one could be judged for his or her sayings as well as their doings within the hereafter. Many humans communicate carelessly and when crossing the borders via saying something incorrect, they are trying to justify their mistake via announcing “What you say doesn’t be counted; all that subjects is your intentions”. If that became the case, the Prophet wouldn’t have informed us that most of the sins humans commit are from their tongues.

The Prophet wouldn’t have told us that a person might also utter a word he thinks is harmless, and that word will lead him to emerge as a kafir. The Prophet wouldn’t have said that he who practices silence may be stored at the Day of Judgment. Tell the ones people to repent and worry Allah and collect the knowledge. Their assertion is thus far from the truth. Their statements is a proof to their lack of expertise.

Why is it so risky to talk with out expertise in Islam?

The Prophet advised us that a place in hellfire is ready for the individual that speaks without understanding. This is a primary sin and from time to time leads one out of Islam. Beware of folks that try to act like Imams at the same time as no longer even having the compulsory expertise. Prophet Muhammad advised us that the companions are like stars inside the sky, full of light and steering. The Qu’ran consists of an ayah this means that “ask individuals who recognize if you do no longer know”.

O Allah, assist us to observe Your Prophet and His kind own family and dear companions.

What are some instructions discovered from Al-Hajj?

Unity, brotherhood, persistence, sacrifice, and the common slavehood between the humans, regardless of their status in this global.

O Allah, provide us the potential to perform Hajj in Mecca, then visit your Prophet in Medina.

What need to one research immediately after announcing the Shahada, or whilst developing up in a Muslim own family?

The Islamic compulsory know-how, beginning with the attributes of Allah after which continuing the that means of the shahada, the guidelines of prayer, and the rest of the obligatory understanding.

How does one order with what is good and forbid what’s evil?

One need to have exceptional wisdom in ordering with what is good and forbidding what’s evil. The approach of some might also lead to more damage than gain. One must be sincere first of all, then assume whether a benefit will pop out of his ordering the coolest; if no longer, then he have to now not act.

That could be like knocking on a door you recognize there’s no person in the back of to reply. Sometimes a person unearths that he can’t do something to trade a positive scenario; in that case he could should reject it in his coronary heart. The Prophet informed us that whoever is aware of of evil ought to exert attempt to alternate it together with his hand, if now not in a position, than with his tongue, if no longer in a position than along with his coronary heart and this is the least one ought to do.

O Allah, supply us understanding in all our movements, ameeen.

Why is having whole sincerity for Allah to your properly actions vital?

Islam Questions – Without proper sincerity for the sake of Allah, the good moves one does might be of no gain at the Day of Judgment. One may additionally donate one million bucks to build a mosque to reveal off in front of the human beings and receive nothing for that in the hereafter.

Another individual may also donate only a greenback and receive endless blessings for Allah due to that proper deed. Doing a terrific deed to be praised by using people does no longer simply erase the praise of that deed, but additionally leaves one with an sizable sin. Be honest and you may win. Insincerity is one of the worst illnesses of the heart.

Why is loving Prophet Muhammad the drugs to the hearts?

When you love someone you comply with them. The one advent most deserving our love is the Prophet Muhammad. He is the only who guided us to the best blessing in this global, that is Islam. Allah ordered us to love Him and observe Him.

Islam Questions – When your love will increase for Him, you’ll desire extra correct motion, more information, and you will be content material with what you have. Learn, my Muslim friends, as much as you could approximately Islam; don’t waste your precious time. The more you study Prophet Muhammad and His message, the greater your heart softens and it’s far purified from the methods of misguidance. O Allah, fill our hearts with the love of Your Prophet and His pricey companions and kind family.

What does it suggest when we say Allah and Angels make salat at the Prophet?

It approach Allah has raised the rank of His Prophet (Muhammad) and honored Him. The Angels do also pray that Allah elevates the Prophet’s rank and honor.O believers ask Allah to raise the rank of the Prophet and to Protect his state.

What does it mean whilst we are saying “Allahumma Salli ^Ala Muhammad”?

We are asking Allah to increase the Prophets honor and rank and to to guard the Prophet’s country.



Ameen, Ameen & Ameen

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Islamic Quiz

Islam Questions – For folks that would like to use the questions and the solutions for educational and dawah cause, you could do so without any copyright issues in shā Allāh. It’s inquisitive about the sake of Allah. May Allāh take delivery of!

1) Which sahaba did Prophet Muhammad () assist to grow to be unfastened from being a slave by planting 300+ date palm timber?

1.     Bilal ibn Rabah (ra)

2.     Thawban ibn Bujdud (ra)

3.     Zayd ibn Harisa (ra)

4     Salman al Farisi (ra) ✔️

2) What is the virtue of reciting Ayatul Kursi before going to bed at night to sleep?

1.     Takes away starvation

2.     Gives you strength

three.     You are protected from damage till sunrise ✔️

4.     House in Jannah

Abu Hurairah (r) stated: The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) appointed me to shield the zakaah of Ramadaan, then a person got here and began rummaging inside the nutrients; and on the stop of the hadeeth he said:

“When you visit your mattress, recite Aayat al-Kursiy, for there’ll remain with you a guardian from Allah, and no satan will approach you, until morning comes.”

The Prophet (ﷺ) stated: “He instructed you the fact despite the fact that he’s a liar. That became a satan.” (Sahih al-Bukhaari 2311)

3) Which Prophet (as) had control of the Jinn and turned into able to speak to animals?

1.     Sulaiman (as) ✔️

2.     Dawud (as)

3.     Yunus (as)

four.     Musa (as)

Prophet Sulaiman (as) become acknowledged for his information and understanding, and became bestowed with many unique items and powers, along with the ability to command wind and the mystical jinn, and will apprehend and communicate the language of animals, birds and bugs.

4) What does Zam Zam suggest?

1.     Holy water

2.     Water nicely

3.     Stop ✔️

4.     Drink

Ibn ‘Abbaas stated: The Prophet (ﷺ) added, “May Allah bestow Mercy on Ismaa’eel’s mother! Had she left the Zamzam alone (flowing with out looking to control it) (or had she no longer scooped from that water) (to fill her water-skin), Zamzam could had been a move flowing on the surface of the earth.”

5) What 2 things does a person lose if he/she misses Asr salah deliberately?

1.     Friends

2.     Family ✔️

3.     Property ✔️

4.     Time

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ stated: “Whoever misses the `Asr prayer (intentionally) then it is as though he lost his own family and belongings.” (Sahih Bukhari 552)

6) What is Az-Zaqqum?

1.     Food for the human beings of hellfire ✔️

2.     Drink for the people of hellfire

3.     Home for the people of hellfire

4.     Clothes for the humans of hellfire

“Then indeed you, O those off track [who are] deniers, Will be eating from bushes of zaqqum” (Quran fifty six:51-fifty two)

7) What is Sidrat al-Muntaha?

1.     Food for the humans of Jannah

2.     An olive tree of the farthest boundary

three.     A lote tree of the farthest boundary ✔️

4.     Drink for the humans of Jannah

“And indeed he (Muhammad (ﷺ) noticed him (Jibreel) at a 2nd descent (i.E., yet again), close to Sidrat al-Muntaha (the lote tree of the utmost boundary, past which none can bypass), near it is the Paradise of Abode, while that included the lote-tree which did cowl it!” (Quran 53:13-16)

8) What turned into the relation among Prophet Musa (alayhi as-salaam) & Prophet Haroon (alayhi as-salaam)?

1.     Cousins

2.     Brothers ✔️

three.     Father & son

four.     Friends

“And Allah sent Haroon, the brother of Musa as a help to Musa while He desired to send him to Pharaoh, to name him to worship Allah. This became in response to the request of Musa:

“And We granted him his brother Haroon (Aaron), (additionally) a Prophet, out of Our Mercy” [Quran 19:53]

9) Which 2 surahs are for in search of protection in Allah from evil-eye & witchcraft?

1.     Surah Yaseen

2.     Surah Falaq ✔️

three.     Surah Ikhlas

4.     Surah Naas✔️

It changed into narrated that Abu Sa’identity al-Khudri (r) stated:

“The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) used to are looking for shelter with Allah from the jinn and from the evil eye until the Mu’awwidhatayn (the remaining two chapters of the Quran, al-Falaq and al-Nas) have been found out, and after they had been revealed he began to recite them and no longer whatever else.” (Tirmidhi, Nasaa’i, Ibn Maajah)

10) Which of the following isn’t an instance of Major Shirk?

1.     Asking assist from a Prophet

2.     Going to a pious individual’s grave for advantages

3.     Denying Allah & His faith

four.     Showing off ✔️

The Prophet ﷺ stated:

”What I fear for you the most is the minor shirk, that is ar-riya. Allah will say on the Day of Judgement while He is rewarding the people for his or her movements: Go to those for whom you probably did riya for inside the international then see if you locate the reward with them.” [Ahmad (5/428, 429)]

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11) What does Allah’s call Al-Mu’izz mean?

1.     The One who dishonours

2.     The One who will decide

three.     The One who honours ✔️

4.     The One who sees it all

Say (O Muhammad ﷺ): “O Allah! Possessor of the dominion, You give the dominion to whom You will, and You take the dominion from whom You will, and You endue with honour whom You will, and You humiliate whom You will. In Your Hand is the best. Verily, You are Able to do all matters.” (Quran 3:26)

12) Whose dua Allah will now not receive? 2 answers.

1.     A character who asks Allah frequently

2.     A character who asks Allah using a useless character as an middleman ✔️

3.     A character who asks Allah with tears

4.     A individual who asks Allah with no focus ✔️

Anas ibn Malik mentioned: If a drought became threatening, Umar ibn al-Khattab, may Allah be pleased with him, might ask Al-Abbas ibn Abdul Muttalib to supplicate for Allah to send rain.

Umar could say, “O Allah, we used to ask our Prophet, peace and benefits be upon him, to supplicate for rain and you’ll bless us with rain. Now we ask the uncle of our Prophet to supplicate for rain, so bless us with rain.” And so it would rain.

(Sahih al Bukhari 964)

The Prophet (ﷺ) stated: “Know that Allah does now not answer a du’aa from a distracted coronary heart.”

(Tirmidhi, 3479; classed as hasan by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Jaami’, 245)

13) Who changed into a primary cousin of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)?

1.     Abdullah ibn al-Abbas (ra) ✔️

2.     Abdullah ibn Umar (ra)

3.     Khalid ibn Waleed (ra)

4.     Abu Hurairah (ra)

Abdullah became the son of Abbas, an uncle of the Prophet ﷺ. He turned into born just three years earlier than the Hijrah.

14) Who will get their e-book of deeds in the proper hand on the Day of Judgment?

1.     The disbelievers

2.     The believers ✔️

three.     The hypocrites

four.     The leaders

“Then as for him who might be given his Record in his right hand will say: ‘Here! Examine my Record ‘Surely, I did believe that I shall meet my Account! So he shall be in a lifestyles, properly‑fascinating. In a lofty Paradise,” (Quran 69:19-22)

15) What difficulty became Imam al-Bukhari (rh) born with and how because it constant?

1.     Deaf & constant with remedy

2.     Blind & fixed with medicinal drug

three.     Deaf & fixed with mom’s dua

4.     Blind & fixed with mother’s dua ✔️

Read about his life

16) Who become Umar bin Abdul Aziz (r)? 2 solutions.

1.     A partner of the Prophet (ﷺ)

2.     A caliph of Islamic empire ✔️

3.     Grandson of Umar ibn al-Khattab

four.     Great grandson of Umar ibn al-Khattab ✔️

17) In Jannah, what’s Tuba?

1.     A fruit

2.     A tree ✔️

3.     A river

four.     A door

“Those who consider, and paintings righteousness, Tuba is for them and a lovely region of (final) return.” (Quran 13:29)

Imam Ahmad recorded that Abu Sa’identity Al-Khudri said that a man requested,

“O Allah’s Messenger! Tuba for people who noticed you and believed in you!”

The Prophet ﷺ stated, “Tuba is for he who saw me and believed in me. Tuba, and another Tuba, and every other Tuba for he who believed in me, however did no longer see me.” A guy requested, “What is Tuba?”

The Prophet ﷺ stated, “A tree in Paradise whose width is one hundred years, and the garments of the people of Paradise are taken from its bark.”

18) What does Allah’s name Al-Ghani mean?

1.     The Giver

2.     The Protector

three.     The Independant ✔️

4.     The Wise

“O mankind! You are the negative ones in need of Allah, in which as Allah is the Rich Beyond Need , the Praiseworthy.” (Quran 35:15)

19) Which Surah turned into favoured over the rest of the Quran with two prostrations?

1.     Surah Hajj ✔️

2.     Surah Tawbah

3.     Surah Muhammad

4.     Surah Yaseen

Amr bin Al-Ass (r) narrated that “The Prophet (ﷺ) taught him (to examine) 15 Sajda, 3 of which might be within the Mufassal and a couple of of that are in Surah Al-Hajj (22)”. [Abu Dawud, Al-Hakim, Ibn Majah, Daruqutni and Al-Mundiri said that ‘it is a sound Hadith’]

20) Which isn’t always one of the rights of a Muslim upon another Muslim?

1.     If one invitations, you receive it

2.     If one dies, you attend the funeral

three.     If one asks for recommendation, you deliver definitely

4.     If one asks for money, you deliver ✔️

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ stated: “The rights of 1 Muslim over every other are five: returning the greeting of salaam, journeying the unwell, attending funerals, accepting invites, and pronouncing yarhamuk Allah (might also Allah have mercy on you) to one that sneezes.” (Al-Bukhari (1240) and Muslim (2162))

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21) Which Surah is referred as the oft-repeating verses Surah?

1.     Surah Ikhlas

2.     Surah Fatihah ✔️

three.     Surah Naas

four.     Surah Rahman

Abu Sa‘eed al-Mu‘alla (r) that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) stated to him: “I will sincerely teach you a soorah this is the best soorah inside the Qur’an…” Then he said: “Al-hamdu Lillahi Rabb al-‘Aalameen… It is the seven oft-repeated verses and the Glorious Qur’an that I had been given (cf. Al-Hijr 15:87).” (Bukhari 4474)

22) Which Angel will blow the horn to sign the Day of Judgement?

1.     Jibraeel (as)

2.     Mikaeel (as)

three.     Malik Ul Moat (as)

four.     Israfeel (as) ✔️

Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) stated, “How can I experience at ease whilst the Angel of the Trumpet, (Israfil) has put his lips to the Trumpet and is anticipating the order to blow it”. (Tirmidhi, Hasan)

23) Which Prophet (as) addressed the ruler King Nimrod?

1.     Prophet Ibrahim (as) ✔️

2.     Prophet Isa (as)

three.     Prophet Yusuf (as)

4.     Prophet Lut (as)

The Tafseer of Muhammad al-Kittaani Al-Idreesi reads, “Nimrood, the dictator and tyrant who taken into consideration himself to be god, the disbeliever, attempted to inflict harm upon Ibrahim (Abraham), but Allah gave a sweeping victory to Ibrahim as Allah hit Nimrood and his people with the smallest and most despicable creation.

He despatched mosquitoes upon them; a mosquito would enter their ears, and then their nostrils, and it would preserve transferring till it reached their mind; as a result, they died.”

24) Which uncle of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) didn’t take delivery of Islam?

1.     Abdul Muttalib

2.     Hamza

3.     Abu Lahab ✔️

4.     Al-Abbas

“Perished be the arms of Abu Lahab and ruined he be, Neither his wealth nor what he has earned shall avail him. He shall quickly roast in a flaming fireplace. And his wife — laden with faggots, Shall have a rope of palm fiber spherical her neck.” (Qur’an 111:1-five)

25) What are you no longer allowed to do in Sujood?

  1. Make dua in Arabic
  2. Recite Quran ✔️
  3. Make dua in every other language
  4. Recite adhkar

The Prophet ﷺ stated: “I have been forbidden to recite the Quran inside the nation of bowing and prostration. So even as bowing, extol the Lord in it, and at the same time as you’re in prostration strive your toughest supplicating, as it’s miles maximum probably that you will be responded to.” [Muslim]

26) Which Surah doesn’t start with the basmallah?

  1. Surah Rahman
  2. Surah Yasin
  3. Surah Fatihah
  4. Surah Tawbah ✔️

Imam an-Nawawi (r) stated:

“He need to always recite Bismillah ir-Rahmaan ir-Raheem at the beginning of every Surah except Surah Baraa’ah (at-Tawbah), due to the fact the bulk of scholars stated that it’s miles a verse wherever it is written in the Mushaf, and it changed into written at the beginning of all the soorahs except Surah at-Tawbah.

If he recites it at the start of each soorah (aside from at-Tawbah), then there may be truth that he had recited the entire Qur’an or Surah, and if he fails to recite the Basmalah, he has unnoticed part of the Qur’an according to the majority.”

(at-Tibyaan fi Adaab Hamalat al-Qur’aan, one hundred)

27) How did Abu Hurairah (ra) prevent forgetting and had an extraordinary reminiscence?

  1. The Prophet ﷺ made dua for him (r)
  2. The Prophet ﷺ blessed his (r) clothing sheet ✔️
  3. He (r) ate plenty of nuts
  4. He (r) drank a variety of milk

Abu Hurairah (r) stated: I said, “O Messenger of Allah, I pay attention many traditions from you and I overlook them.”;

The Prophet (s) said: “Spread open your garment.”; I unfold it after which he placed something from his hand into it, pronouncing, “Wrap it.”.

I wrapped it round me and I by no means forgot a way of life ever once more.

(Sahih Bukhari 3448)

28) What is Abu Bakr (r)’s full call?

  1. Abdur Rahman ibn Uthman
  2. Uthman ibn Abdullah
  3. Abdullah ibn Uthman ✔️
  4. Abdullah ibn Abdur Rahman

His full call is Abdullah bin Abu Quhafah Uthman bin Aamer Al Qurashi Al Taymi. His lineage joins with that of the Prophet ﷺ six generations earlier than himself, in Murrah Ben Kaab.

29) For whom is that this dua for? – Rabbir Humhumma Kama Rabba Yaani Sahgeera

  1. Children
  2. Parents ✔️
  3. Whole Ummah
  4. The Deceased

“My Lord! Be merciful to them as they raised me after I was young.” (Quran 17:24)

30) Why does Allah allow suffering to happen? 2 answers.

  1. Because life is a take a look at ✔️
  2. Because we were born to go through
  3. Because Allah likes us to suffer
  4. Because we admire the good even extra

“We will honestly test you with a touch of fear and famine and loss of property, existence, and crops. Give exact information to folks who patiently bear.” (Quran 2:a hundred and fifty five)

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31) How many gates of Jannah are there?

  1. five
  2. 6
  3. 7
  4. 8 ✔️

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: ‘Whoever plays Wudu’ and does it properly, then says: “Ashhadu an los angeles ilaha ill-Allah was ashhadu anna Muhammadan ‘abduhu wa rasuluh (I endure witness that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is his slave and Messenger),” eight gates of Paradise will be opened for him, and he may additionally input thru whichever one he wishes.’”

(Sunan Nisaai, Sahih)

32) What isn’t always one of the situations of the Shahada?

  1. Knowledge (Ilm)
  2. Submission (Inqiyad)
  3. Memorisation (Hifz) ✔️
  4. Sincerity (Ikhlas)

33) Who became the handiest man or woman did the Prophet pray a complete rakat at the back of?

  1. Abu Bakr (r)
  2. Umar ibn al Khattab (r)
  3. Abdur Rahman ibn Awf (r) ✔️
  4. Bilal ibn Rabah (r)

In the wording of Ahmad: “Al-Mugheerah Ibn Shu’bah stated: “…I noticed the Prophet ﷺ praying at the back of Abdur-Rahmaan Ibn ‘Awf one Rak’ah of Fajr [as he had missed one Rak’ah] and I noticed the Prophet ﷺ, wiping over his socks.”

34) Which fruit is mentioned inside the Quran?

  1. Grapes ✔️
  2. Apples
  3. Mangoes
  4. Oranges

“By means of it We produce gardens of dates and grapes for you, in which there are numerous end result for you and from which you eat. (23:19)”

35) Where is it not allowed to pray Salah? (2 solutions)

  1. Inside the Kaaba
  2. On pinnacle of the Kaaba ✔️
  3. Graveyard ✔️
  4. Market

Ibn ‘Umar relates that the Prophet ﷺ in seven locations: “dunghills, slaughterhouses, graveyards, center of the street, bathhouses, watering locations in which the camels drink and relaxation, and onthe roof of the residence of Allah [the Ka’bah in Makkah].” [Ibn Majah, ‘Abd ibn Humaid, and Tirmidhi] 

36) What is some other name given to the Quran?

  1. Ar-Rahmaan
  2. Al-Baqarah
  3. Al-Furqan ✔️
  4. Al-Sahih

“The month of Ramadan in which turned into revealed the Quran, a guidance for mankind and clean proofs for the steerage and the criterion (among right and incorrect)…” (Quran 2:185)

37) Which Khalifah took control of Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem?

  1. Abu Bakr (Radhi’Allah Annhu)
  2. Umar ibn al-Khattab (Radhi’Allah Annhu) ✔️
  3. Uthman ibn Affan (Radhi’Allah Annhu)
  4. Ali ibn Abi Talib (Radhi’Allah Annhu)

The Bishop of Jerusalem passed over the keys of the city of Jerusalem to Umar ibn Al-Khattab. No killing or destruction become carried out via Muslims. It was a peaceful transition and all the holy web sites of Christians were left untouched.

Caliph Umar signed a treaty with Sophronius and as a end result, Christians have been allowed to live inside the town, but have to pay jizya, or tax. Read greater.

38) What is the consultation among the Muslim leader and the fans known as? 

  1. Ijma
  2. Shura ✔️
  3. Shariah
  4. Daleel

Shura is an Arabic phrase that actually means session and, in its simplest shape, as an Islamic principle. Chapter forty two of the Quran is known as Ash-Shurra (The Consultation).

39) How many Prophets did Prophet Muhammad meet on the extraordinary heavens for the duration of Isra wal Miraaj?

  1. 5
  2. 6
  3. 7
  4. 8 ✔️

Muhammad ﷺ met the Prophets Adam, Yahya (John), Isa (Jesus), Yusuf (Joseph), Idris, Harun (Aaron), Musa (Moses), and Ibrahim (Abraham) and go to hell and paradise.

40) In which warfare did a few Muslim archers disobey the order of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ?

  1. Battle of Badr
  2. Battle of Uhud ✔️
  3. Battle of Khaybar
  4. Battle of Khandaq

This is the mountain that the Prophet ﷺ ordered the archers to remain on during the Battle of Uhud.

The variety of archers changed into fifty guys who have been in fee of protecting the backs of the Muslim opponents.

They disobeyed the orders of the Prophet ﷺ as they notion that the conflict changed into over.

41) At what age does someone become an grownup in Islam?

  1. 18 years old
  2. 10 years antique
  3. Puberty ✔️
  4. 15 years old

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ stated: “The pen is lifted from 3 humans: a snoozing man or woman until he awakens, a infant until he will become an grownup, and an insane person until he regains his sanity.”

In some other narration, the Prophet said, “A young boy till he reaches puberty.” (Sunan al-Tirmidhī 1423)

42) Who is one of the four fine girls of Jannah?

  1. Aasiya (spouse of Firawn) ✔️
  2. Hajar (spouse of Ibrahim (as))
  3. Aisha (spouse of Muhammad ﷺ)
  4. Ruqayyah (spouse of Uthman)

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: “The quality of girls most of the humans of Paradise are Khadija bint Khuwaylid, Fatimah bint Muhammad, Maryam bint ‘Imran, and ‘Asiyah bint Muzahim, the spouse of Pharaoh.” (Musnad Aḥmad 2896)

43) Which Prophet (as) is referred to the most in the Quran through call?

  1. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
  2. Prophet Isa (as)
  3. Prophet Musa (as) ✔️
  4. Prophet Adam (as)

He was noted 136 instances. He changed into mentioned the most in the Quran, as his story and the morals within them transcends time and has outstanding cost in Islamic history. Read approximately all the Prophets referred to and the range of times.

44) What is the linguistic which means of Taraweeh?

  1. To relaxation ✔️
  2. To pray
  3. To live up
  4. To sleep

The Word Taraweeh ( تراويح ) comes from an Arabic phrase. The root phrase of Tarabih (Taraweeh) is rauh or raha. In the Arabic language, Rauh or Raha method taking rest.

45) What is the linguistic which means of Ramadan?

  1. To fast
  2. To suffer
  3. To burn the sins ✔️
  4. To race

Imam Qurtubi said: “It (this month) became named Ramaḍān as it burns the sins of people with righteous deeds.”

46) The pupils have divided shirk into how many kinds?

  1. 2 ✔️
  2. three
  3. four
  4. five

47) Which pillar became commanded in the journey of al Isra wal Miraaj?

  1. Fasting Ramadan
  2. Performing Hajj
  3. Praying 5 Times Salah ✔️
  4. Paying Zakat

Al-Bukhaari (349) and Muslim (162) narrated from Anas ibn Maalik (r) the well-known hadeeth of the Isra’ (Prophet’s Night Journey) in which it’s far said that the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said:

“Then Allah found out what He revealed to me, and enjoined fifty prayers on me each day and night. I got here back off to Moosa (as) and he stated: What did your Lord enjoin upon your ummah? I stated: Fifty prayers. He said: Go lower back on your Lord and ask Him to lessen it…

I stored going backward and forward between my Lord, may additionally He be blessed and exalted, and Moosa (peace be upon him), until He stated: ‘O Muhammad, they’re 5 prayers every day and night time, for each prayer there might be a tenfold (praise), and that is fifty prayers.”

48) For whom horrific deeds aren’t written?

  1. Before puberty age ✔️
  2. After puberty age
  3. Sick people
  4. Non-Muslims

The Messenger of Allah, ﷺ stated, “The pen is lifted from 3 humans: a sound asleep man or woman till he awakens, a child until he will become an person, and an insane man or woman till he regains his sanity.”

In every other narration, the Prophet ﷺ stated, “A younger boy till Sahih]

49) Which Angel is Hellfire’s gatekeeper?

  1. Jibraeel (as)
  2. Mikaeel (as)
  3. Maalik (as) ✔️
  4. Israfeel (as)

“Surely, the disbelievers will be within the torment of Hell to abide therein all the time. (The torment) will no longer be lightened for them, and they’ll be plunged into destruction with deep regrets, sorrows and in despair therein. We wronged them no longer, however they have been the wrongdoers.

And they may cry: ‘O Malik! Let your Lord make an cease folks’ He will say: ‘Surely, you shall abide all the time.’ Indeed We have added the reality to you, but most of you’ve got a hatred for the fact” (Quran 43:seventy four-seventy eight)

50) What is the hidden Shirk?

  1. Drinking alcohol & playing
  2. Gossiping & lying
  3. Showing off your proper deeds ✔️
  4. Keeping your excellent deeds secret

Abu Sa’eed (r) narrated that the Prophet ﷺ said:

“Shall I not let you know about that which I fear more for you than the Dajjaal?” We said: “Yes.” He said: “Hidden Shirk; that is when a person stands to wish and makes it appearance appropriate due to the fact he sees a man searching at him.” [Ahmad and Ibn Maajah. Al-Haakim classified it as authentic]

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51) How usually changed into Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)’s heart physically washed by Angel Jibraeel?

  1. zero
  2. 1
  3. 2 ✔️
  4. 3

The first took place while he was small and living amongst Banu Sa’d. The 2nd passed off at the night of the Isra’. Read all approximately it.

52) Which is the suitable order of Prophet Muhammad marriages to these 4 wives?

  1. Aisha, Khadija, Zaynab & Hafsa
  2. Khadija, Aisha, Hafsa & Zaynab ✔️
  3. Khadija, Hafsa, Aisha & Zaynab
  4. Aisha, Hafsa, Khadija & Zaynab

53) Which of the subsequent is not a part of Tawheed Ar-Rububiyyah?

  1. Allah on my own created the entirety
  2. Allah on my own can we worship ✔️
  3. Allah by myself owns the whole lot
  4. Allah alone controls everything

The oneness of Allah’s Lordship (Tawheed Ar Rububiyyah) is the notion that Allah alone has created the universe, that He by myself is its Provider and Sustainer, and that He has entire ownership and strength over His creation.

In other phrases, Allah is one and specific in regard to His actions, such that no creature stocks His energy in developing and managing the universe. Read greater.

54) What must you do in case you forget to say Bismillah before eating?

  1. Say Astaghfirullah
  2. Say Bismillah
  3. Say Bismillah Awwalahu wa Aakhiruhu ✔️
  4. It’s ok, maintain consuming

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ stated: “When one among you eats, allow him point out the call of Allah. If he forgets to say the call of Allah at the beginning, let him say: In the name of Allah at the beginning and on the cease (Bismillahi awwalahu wa aakhirahu).” (Abu Dawud 3767, Tirmidhi 1858 & Ibn Majah 3264)

55) Why did the Muslims alternate their qibla (prayer path) from Jerusalem to Makkah?

  1. They hated the Jews
  2. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ wanted to do so
  3. Allah commanded it ✔️
  4. The sahaba desired to achieve this

“So turn your face [i.E., yourself] closer to al-Masjid al-Haram. And anywhere you [believers] are, flip your faces [i.E., yourselves] towards it [in prayer]…” (Quran 2:a hundred and forty four)

56) Reciting Surah Fatiha in every rakat of the salah is…

  1. Optional
  2. Encouraged
  3. Not vital
  4. A must ✔️

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ stated: “There isn’t any prayer for the only who does not recite the Opening of the Book [i.E., al-Fatiha].” (Bukhari 714)

57) What became the first masjid Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) built?

  1. Masjid Quba ✔️
  2. Masjid an Nabawi
  3. Masjid al Haram
  4. Masjid al Aqsa

Ibn al-Qayyim (r) said in Zaad al-Ma’aad (three/58), whilst describing the arrival of the Messenger ﷺ in Madeenah:

The Muslims stated takbeer, rejoicing at his arrival, and they went out to satisfy him… He endured till he stopped in Quba’, among Banu ‘Amr ibn ‘Awf, and he stayed among them for fourteen days, and based the mosque of Quba’, that is the primary mosque to be mounted after the start of his Prophethood.

58) What become the call of the flying animal on which Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) travelled to the heavens?

  1. Mikaeel
  2. Buraaq ✔️
  3. Miraaj
  4. Suraaq

59) What is the praise for reciting Surah Ikhlas 10 instances?

  1. A palace in Paradise ✔️
  2. A huge tree in Paradise
  3. A special fountain in Paradise
  4. A scrumptious meal in Paradise

The Prophet ﷺ stated, “Whoever recites the bankruptcy ten times completely, ‘He is Allah, the One’ (112:1), Allah will construct Sahih (actual) Al-Albani)

60) Who is the best Sahaba whose name is noted in the Quran?

  1. Abu Bakr as Siddiq (r)
  2. Zayd ibn Haarith (r) ✔️
  3. Umar ibn al Khattab (r)
  4. Khalid ibn Waleed (r)

“…So whilst Zayd had not any want for her, We married her to you…” (Quran 33:37)

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61) Which act will not wreck Wudu?

  1. Saying terrible words ✔️
  2. Fainting
  3. Touching non-public part with out barrier
  4. Eating camel meat

62) Which pillar was commanded in the adventure of al Isra wal Miraaj?

  1. Fasting Ramadan
  2. Performing Hajj
  3. Praying 5 instances an afternoon ✔️
  4. Paying Zakat

Al-Bukhari (349) and Muslim (162) narrated from Anas ibn Maalik (r) the famous hadeeth of the Isra’ (Prophet’s Night Journey) wherein it’s miles pronounced that the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said:

“Then Allah discovered what He discovered to me, and enjoined fifty prayers on me each day and night. I came backpedal to Musa (as) and he said: What did your Lord enjoin upon your ummah? I said: Fifty prayers.

He said: Go back on your Lord and ask Him to lessen it… I stored going back and forth among my Lord, can also He be blessed and exalted, and Musa (peace be upon him), until He stated: ‘O Muhammad, they are 5 prayers every day and night time, for each prayer there will be a tenfold (reward), and this is fifty prayers.”

63) How old changed into Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) whilst he got the primary revelation?

  1. 25 years antique
  2. 35 years old
  3. 40 years antique ✔️
  4. sixty three years old

64) What does Tawheed mean?

  1. Belief in Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
  2. Belief within the Angels (as)
  3. Belief the Oneness of Allah ✔️
  4. Belief inside the Day of Judgement

65) Who narrated the maximum range of ahadeeth?

  1. Abu Hurayrah (r) ✔️
  2. Abdullah ibn Umar (r)
  3. Anas ibn Maalik (r)
  4. Aisha bint Abu Bakr (r)

Abu Hurayrah (Abdur-Rahman) d.59 AH at the age of 78; he narrated 5,374 Ahadith. The range of his students reaches 800.

sixty six) What does Shirk suggest?

  1. Putting companions to Allah ✔️
  2. Lying to others
  3. Killing others
  4. Disobeying mother and father

67) Which isn’t always one of the 5 pillars of Islam?

  1. Ramadan
  2. Praying the 5 Salah
  3. Zakat
  4. Paradise ✔️

Islam is based totally on 5 pillars which the Messenger ﷺ has defined for us, while he said: “Islam is built upon five [pillars]: the testimony that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah; setting up regular prayer (salah); paying the zakaah; Hajj (pilgrimage) and fasting Ramadan.” (Bukhari, 8) 

68) How many Prophets (as) are mentioned by name within the Quran?

  1. 25 ✔️
  2. 313
  3. one hundred ten,000
  4. 124,000

sixty nine) When will the Prophet intercede for us?

  1. In his ﷺ grave
  2. On the Day of Resurrection ✔️
  3. In our graves
  4. On the Sirat

Allah says: “It may be that your Lord will raise you to Maqaam Mahmood (a station of reward and glory, i.E., the respect of intercession at the Day of Resurrection)” [Quran 17:79]. Read all the of the unique forms of intercessions he ﷺ will do.

70) Which 3 forms of humans Jibraeel (as) & the Prophet () cursed? (Select three)?

  1. The one who doesn’t serve his elderly parents ✔️
  2. The one who doesn’t benefit forgiveness in Ramadan ✔️
  3. The one who doesn’t ship salawat upon the Prophet (ﷺ) whilst hearing his (ﷺ) name ✔️
  4. The one who doesn’t respond to salaam

Kaab Ibn Ujrah (radiallahu anhu) relates that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: “Come near to the minbar”, and we came close to the minbar.

When he climbed the first step of the minbar, he said “Amin”, When he ascended the second step, he said “Amin”, When he climbed the third step, he said “Amin”. When he got here down, We said: “O Messenger of Allah (ﷺ), we have heard from you today something which we in no way heard earlier than.”

He said: “When I climbed the first step, the angel Jibreel (alayhi salam) regarded earlier than me and stated: “Destruction to him who observed the blessed month of Ramadhan and let it bypass by using without gaining forgiveness”, upon that I stated ‘Amin’.

When I climbed the second one step, he said: “Destruction to him before whom your call is taken and then he does not make Du’a for Allah’s blessing on me (with the aid of pronouncing, for example sallallahu alayhi wasalam).”, I spoke back ‘Amin’.

When I climbed the third step, he said: “Destruction unto him in whose lifetime his dad and mom or either one among them reaches old age, and (thru failure to serve them) he isn’t always allowed to enter Jannah”., I said ‘Amin’.”

[Ibn Hibbaan, 3/188; also narrated by Al-Baihaqi and Al-Haakim; classed as saheeh by Shaykh Al-Albani in Saheeh al-Targheeb, 1679]

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71) The angels on the Battle of Badr copied which sahabi’s yellow turban?

  1. Sa’advert ibn Abi Waqqas (r)
  2. Bilal ibn Rabbah (r)
  3. Zubayr ibn Awwam (r) ✔️
  4. Ali ibn Abi Taalib (r)

Ibn Hajar (rahimahullah) has written that Imam Ibn Sa’d (rahimahullah) has recorded a narration with an true chain stating that Zubayr (radiyallahu’anhu) wore a yellow turban on the day of Badr.

Rasulullah (sallallahu’alayhi wasallam) then stated:’Indeed the Angels descended [to assist the Muslim army] in the identical signal [clothing] as Zubayr.’

(Tabaqat Ibn Sa’d, vol.3 pg.103 & Al-Isabah, range: 2796)

72) Why we ought to now not curse time?

  1. Because it’s going to bring bad good fortune
  2. Because Allah says He is Time ✔️
  3. Because Allah says He will cut our time
  4. Because it’ll deliver excellent luck

Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) stated: “Allah says, ‘The sons of Adam offend Me and say, Woe to time, but they have to not say Woe to time. I am time, I exchange the night time and the day, and if I willed, I could seize them both.’” (Muslim 5827). Click right here to analyze more about this hadith.

73) In Islam, the only who doesn’t renowned the rights of the elders is..

  1. Acceptable at instances
  2. Not from the Muslims ✔️
  3. Punished in Hellfire all the time
  4. Same as being a assassin

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ stated: “Whoever does now not show mercy to our young ones, or renowned the rights of our elders, isn’t always one folks Sahih (true) in keeping with Ahmad Shakir)

74) What is the call of Madinah within the Quran?

  1. Bakkah
  2. Quds
  3. Marwah
  4. Yathrib ✔️

“And whilst a faction of them stated, “O people of Yathrib, there’s no balance for you [here], so return [home].”

And a party of them asked permission of the Prophet, announcing, “Indeed, our houses are unprotected,” at the same time as they had been not exposed. They did no longer intend besides to flee.” (Quran 33:13)

75) According to the Prophet , honesty leads to what? (2 solutions)?

  1. Life span boom
  2. Righteousness ✔️
  3. Paradise ✔️
  4. Children growth

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ stated: “You should be sincere. Verily, truthfulness ends in righteousness and righteousness results in Paradise. A guy continues to be trustworthy and encourages honesty until he’s recorded with Allah as trustworthy.

And beware of falsehood. Verily, falsehood leads to wickedness and wickedness ends in the Hellfire. A man maintains tell lies and encourages falsehood till he’s recorded with Allah as a liar.” (Sahih Bukhari 6094 & Sahih Muslim 2607)

76) In sujood, which frame element shouldn’t be touching the floor?

  1. Forearms ✔️
  2. Nose
  3. Feet
  4. Hands

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ stated: “Be straight in prostration and permit none of you placed his forearms at the ground like a canine.” (Sahih al-Bukhari 788, Sahih Muslim 493)

77) Which spouse of the Prophet ﷺ had kids and became a widow whilst he ﷺ married her?

  1. Hafsa (r)
  2. Khadija (r)
  3. Zaynab bint Jahsh (r)
  4. Umm Salamah (r) ✔️

78) Which of the subsequent is the call of Allah with the meaning – The Most Loving One?

  1. Al-Majeed
  2. Al-Wadud ✔️
  3. Al-Muqtadir
  4. Al-Waarith

“Wahuwa l-Ghafūru l-Wadūd”

“And He is the Most-Forgiving, the Most-Loving,” (Qur’an 85:14)

79) Which conflict occurred in Ramadan?

  1. Battle of Badr ✔️
  2. Battle of Khandaq
  3. Battle of Uhud
  4. Battle of Hunayn

80) How commonly greater reward does one gets for praying salah interior Masjid al Aqsa?

  1. 250 times more
  2. 500 instances extra ✔️
  3. 1,000 instances extra
  4. 50,000 instances greater

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: “A prayer in Makkah (Ka’bah) is worth a thousand,000 times (reward), a prayer in my Masjid (Madinah) is well worth 1,000 times and a prayer in Al-Aqsa Sanctuary is worth 500 instances extra praise than everywhere else.” [Tabarani, Bayhaqi, Suyuti]

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81) Allah says, with His information, He is greater toward us than our ________?

  1. Thoughts
  2. Heart
  3. Jugular Vein ✔️
  4. Blood

“And indeed We have created guy, and We recognise whatever thoughts his internal self develops, and We are nearer to him than (his) jugular vein.” (Quran 50:16)

eighty two) Which Prophet (as) changed into examined with a severe contamination by using Allah?

  1. Prophet Yusuf (as)
  2. Prophet Ayub (as) ✔️
  3. Prophet Idris (as)
  4. Prophet Musa (as)

83) What is the distinctive feature for praying the 4 voluntary salah before and after Dhuhr fardh salah?

  1. Protection from Hellfire ✔️
  2. Palace in Jannah
  3. 1000 sins forgiven
  4. a thousand top deeds written

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: “Whoever prays 4 (rak’ahs) earlier than Dhuhr and four after it, the Fire will not contact him.” (Al-Nasaa’i 1817 and al-Tirmidhi 428)

84) When does Allah say we ought to say Innā lillāhi wa innā ilayhi rāji‘ūn?

  1. Only at someone’s death
  2. When any calamity takes place ✔️
  3. Wishing someone dies
  4. When you study it inside the Quran

Allah says: “We will really check you with a hint of fear and famine and lack of assets, life, and plants. Give excellent information to folks who patiently undergo—

who, whilst confronted with a disaster, say, “Surely to Allah we belong and to Him we can ˹all˺ return.” (Quran 2:one hundred fifty five-156)

85) What is the encouraged Sunnah way to expose appreciation to a fellow Muslim for his/her type act?

  1. Saying Jazak’Allahu Khayr ✔️
  2. Saying Jazak’Allahu
  3. Saying Thank You
  4. Saying Well Done

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: “Whoever has a favour carried out for him and says to the only who did it, ‘Jazak Allaahu khayran,’ has done sufficient to thank him.” (Tirmidhi 1958 & Nasaa’i in al-Sunan al-Kubra (6/fifty three) with the aid of Al-Albani)

86) What is the Arabic phrase for Allah’s inspiration or revelation to a Prophet (as) known as?

  1. Seerah
  2. Wahyi ✔️
  3. Iqra
  4. Daleel

87) Which facet did Prophet Muhammad encourage us now not to sleep on?

  1. Back aspect
  2. Left side
  3. Right side
  4. Stomach side ✔️

Ya’eesh ibn Tihfah al-Ghifaari stated that his father said:

“I stayed as a guest with the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) with those of the negative whom he hosted. The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) got here out inside the night time to check up on his visitors, and saw me lying on my stomach.

He prodded me together with his foot and said, ‘Do not lie in this way, for it is a way of lying that Allah hates.’”

According to any other record, the Prophet (ﷺ) prodded him with his foot and woke him up, and stated, “Do no longer lie like this, for this is how the people of Hell lie.”

(Reported via Ahmad, al-Fath al-Rabbaani, 14/244-245; by means of al-Tirmidhi, no. 2798, Shaakir edn.; and by way of Abu Dawood, al-Sunan, Kitaab al-Adab, no. 5040, al-Da’aas edn. Also pronounced in Saheeh al-Jaami’, 2270-2271)

88) One form of minor shirk is the hidden shirk, what’s it?

  1. Showing off ✔️
  2. Saying bad phrases
  3. Being selfish
  4. Not praying salah

Abu Sa’identity al-Khudri reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and benefits be upon him, came to us whilst we had been discussing the False Messiah.

The Prophet ﷺ stated, “Shall I no longer inform you about my greater worry for you than the False Messiah?” We said, “Of course!”

The Prophet ﷺ stated, “It is hidden idolatry, that a person stands for prayer and beautifies his prayer whilst he sees some other guy looking at him.”

(Sunan Ibn Mājah 4204)

89) What are the 2 advantages of maintaining circle of relatives ties?

  1. Increase in provision ✔️
  2. Status of a martyr
  3. Status of a Quran hafidh
  4. Increase in lifestyles ✔️

The Prophet ﷺ said:

“Whoever would like his rizq (provision) to be improved and his life to be extended, must uphold the ties of kinship.” (Bukhari 5986 and Muslim 2557)

90) Which body component(s) shouldn’t be touching the floor in the course of sujood?

  1. Toes
  2. Nose
  3. Fingers
  4. Elbows ✔️

The Prophet ﷺ said:

“Be straight within the prostrations and none of you ought to positioned his forearms at the floor (within the prostration) like a dog.” (Al-Bukhari)

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91) Prophet Muhammad stated he and Prophet Isa (as) are like what?

  1. Father and son
  2. Brothers ✔️
  3. Cousins
  4. Friends

The Prophet ﷺ stated:

“I am the closest of the human beings to Jesus the son of Mary on this lifestyles and in the Hereafter.” It become stated, “How is that, O Messenger of Allah?”

The Prophet ﷺ stated,“The prophets are brothers from one father with extraordinary mothers. They have one religion and there was no different prophet between us.” (Sahih Muslim 2365)

ninety two) Who turned into the best human to whom Allah blew the soul into him by using Himself?

  1. Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)
  2. Prophet Isa (as)
  3. Prophet Musa (as)
  4. Prophet Adam (as) ✔️

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said:

”When Allah created Adam, He breathed the soul into him, then he sneezed and stated: ‘All praise is due to Allah.’ So he praised Allah through His permission. Then His Lord said to him: ‘May Allah have mercy upon you O Adam…” (Tirmidhi 3367, Hasan)

93) What does Allah’s name Al-Musawwir mean?

  1. The Fashioner ✔️
  2. The Provider
  3. The Judge
  4. The Most High

Allah says: 

“He is Allah: the Creator, the Inventor, the Shaper…” (Quran fifty nine:24)

94) For which 2 reasons can a Muslim preserve a dog?

  1. Protection ✔️
  2. As a puppy
  3. For racing
  4. For searching ✔️

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said:

“Whoever maintains a canine, his right deeds will lower every day by means of one qeeraat (a unit of dimension), until it’s far a canine for farming or herding.” According to any other document: “. . . Except it’s far a dog for herding sheep, farming or searching.” (Sahih Bukhari 2322)

95) During which conflict did Prophet Muhammad (s) strIke a big rock as soon as and it were given smashed into pieces?

  1. Battle of Badr
  2. Battle of Uhud
  3. Battle of Khandaq ✔️
  4. Battle of Tabuk

96) When is our Dua greater with ease familiar? 2 solutions

  1. During sunshine
  2. During rain ✔️
  3. If being oppressed ✔️
  4. If going via ease

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ stated:

“Two (du‘as) are not rejected: du‘a on the time of the decision to prayer and du‘a on the time of rain.”

(al-Hakim in al-Mustadrak (2534); at-Tabarani in al-Mu‘jam al-Kabir (5756); classed as sahih by way of al-Albani in Sahih al-Jami‘ (3078).)

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said:

“The supplications of 3 are in no way turned back: a fasting character until he breaks his speedy, a simply leader, and the supplication of the oppressed is raised above the clouds by Allah, the gates of heaven open for it and the Lord says: By My may, I will without a doubt help you in due time.”

(Suman al-Tirmidhī 3598, Hasan)

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What are the pains of the grave that we ask Allah the Almighty to shop us from?

Summary of answer

The three questions within the grave are: 1- Who is your Lord? 2- What is your religion? 3- Who is this guy who changed into sent amongst you?

The Grave is the primary of the levels of the Hereafter 

When the son of Adam dies and his soul departs and he is placed in his grave , then he’s within the first level of the Hereafter, because the grave is the first of the stages of the Hereafter . 

Haani, the freed slave of ‘Uthman ibn ‘Affan, stated: while ‘Uthman ibn ‘Affan stood by way of a grave he would weep until his beard have become wet. It turned into said to him, “You do not forget Paradise and Hell and you do now not weep, however you weep because of this?” He stated, “The Messenger of Allah (peace and advantages of Allah be upon him) stated:

‘The grave is the primary of the levels of the Hereafter; whoever is stored from it, some thing comes afterwards will be less complicated for him, but if he isn’t always saved from it, what comes afterwards might be worse for him.’” And the Messenger of Allah (peace and benefits of Allah be upon him) stated: “I have never visible any scene but the grave is more frightening than it.” (Narrated by using al-Tirmidhi, 2308; Ibn Majah, 4567; classed as hasan through al-Albani in Sahih al-Jami’, 1684). 

How the deceased is puzzled in the grave

The angels who’re charged with wondering come to him and ask him what he used to agree with in in this global, who turned into his Lord, what become his religion and who turned into his Prophet. If he gives an awesome answer, that is good, but if he does not answer them they inflict a excessive and painful beating on him. 

If he turned into one of the righteous, angels with white faces come to him, but if he changed into one of the evildoers, angels with dark faces come to him. This is the fitnah or tribulation that he suffers. 

‘Aishah narrated that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) used to mention, ‘Allahumma inni a’udhu bika min al-kasali wa’l-haram wa’l-maghram wa’l-matham. Allahumma inni a’udhu bika min ‘adhab al-nar wa fitnat il-nar, wa fitnat il-qabri, wa ‘adhab il-qabri, wa sharri fitnat il-ghina wa sharri fitnat il-faqr wa min sharri fitnat il-masih il-Dajjal.

Allahumma ighsil khatayaya bi ma al-thalji wa’l-baradi wa naqqi qalbi min al-khataya kama yunaqqa al-thawb al-abyad min al-danas, wa ba’identification bayni wa bayna khatayaya kama ba’adta bayna al-mashriqi wa’l-maghrib (O Allah! I are looking for safe haven with You from laziness and vintage age, and from debts and sins; from the torment of the Fire and from the tribulation of the Fire, and from the tribulation of the grave and the torment of the grave , and from the evil of the tribulation of wealth, and from the evil of the tribulation of poverty, and from the evil of the tribulation of the Dajjal (Antichrist).

O Allah! Wash away my sins with the water of snow and hail, and cleanse my heart from sin as a white garment is cleansed from dirt, and positioned a wonderful distance between me and my sins, as outstanding as the distance You have made among the East and the West).” (Narrated by means of al-Bukhari, 6014). 

Ibn Hajar said: 

“The word “from the tribulation of the grave” method the wondering of the 2 angels.” (Fath al-Bari, 11/177) 

And al-Mubarakfuri stated: 

“The tribulation of the grave” manner confusion while answering the two angels. (Tuhfat al-Ahwadhi, nine/328)

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3 questions within the grave: What are they?

With regard to the questions that the angels will ask in the grave, that is explained sincerely in the following hadith: 

Al-Bara (might also Allah be pleased with him) stated: We went out with the Messenger of Allah (peace and advantages of Allah be upon him) for the funeral of a person from some of the Ansar. We got here to the grave and whilst (the deceased) changed into placed in the lahd , the Messenger of Allah (peace and advantages of Allah be upon him) sat down and we sat around him, as if there have been birds on our heads (i.E., quiet and nevertheless). In his hand he had a stick with which he changed into scratching the ground. Then he raised his head and said, “Seek shelter with Allah from the torment of the grave ”, or three times.

Then he stated, “When the believing slave is set to depart this international and input the Hereafter, there come all the way down to him from heaven angels with white faces just like the sun, and they sit round him as some distance as the eye can see. They convey with them shrouds from Paradise and perfumes from Paradise. Then the Angel of Death comes and sits with the aid of his head, and he says, ‘O true soul, come forth to forgiveness from Allah and His pleasure.’

Then it comes out effortlessly like a drop of water from the mouth of a waterskin. When he seizes it, they do not leave it in his hand for an on the spot earlier than they take it and put it in that shroud with that perfume, and there comes from it a perfume just like the finest musk at the face of the earth. Then they ascend and that they do not pass by means of any group of angels but they say, ‘Who is that this good soul?’ and that they say, ‘It is So and So the son of So and So, calling him via the fine names through which he was regarded on this world, until they attain the lowest heaven.

They ask for it to be opened to them and it is opened, and (the soul) is welcomed and followed to the subsequent heaven by using individuals who are closest to Allah, till they reach the 7th heaven. Then Allah says: ‘Record the ebook of My slave in ‘Illiyyun within the 7th heaven, and go back him to the earth, for from it I created them, to it I will go back them and from it I will deliver them forth over again.’ So his soul is lower back to his body and there come to him angels who make him sit up and they say to him, ‘Who is your Lord?’ He says, ‘Allah.’ They say, ‘What is your faith?’ He says, ‘My religion is Islam.’ They say, ‘Who is that this man who become sent among you?’

He says, ‘He is the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).’ They say, ‘What did you do?’ He says, ‘I examine the Book of Allah and I believed in it.’ Then a voice calls out from heaven, ‘My slave has spoken the truth, so prepare for him a bed from Paradise and dress him from Paradise, and open for him a gate to Paradise.’ Then there comes to him some of its fragrance, and his grave is made wide, as a long way as he can see. Then there involves him a person with a good-looking face and good-looking clothes, and a very good fragrance, who says, ‘Receive the glad tidings on the way to bring you pleasure at the moment.’

He says, ‘Who are you? Your face is a face which brings satisfied tidings.’ He says, ‘I am your righteous deeds.’ He says, ‘O Lord, hasten the Hour so that I may additionally return to my family and my wealth.’ But while the disbelieving slave is set to depart this global and enter the Hereafter, there come all the way down to him from heaven angels with black faces, bringing sackcloth, and they sit round him as a ways as the eye can see. Then the Angel of Death comes and sits through his head, and he says, ‘O evil soul, come forth to the wrath of Allah and His anger.’

Then his soul disperses inner his frame, then comes out reducing the veins and nerves, like a skewer passing thru moist wool. When he seizes it, they do no longer depart it in his hand for an instantaneous before they take it and placed it in that sackcloth, and there comes from it a stench like the foulest stench of a dead frame on the face of the earth. Then they ascend and that they do no longer pass by using any organization of angels however they are saying,

‘Who is that this evil soul?’ and they say, ‘It is So and So the son of So and So, calling him by means of the worst names by way of which he became regarded on this world, till they attain the lowest heaven. They ask for it to be opened to them and it is not opened.” Then the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) recited (interpretation of the which means): 

“for them the gates of heaven will no longer be opened, and they’ll no longer input Paradise until the camel goes through the attention of the needle” [al-A’raf 7:40]

He said: “Then Allah says, ‘Record the ebook of My slave in Sijjin within the lowest earth, and go back him to the earth, for from it I created them, to it I will go back them and from it I will carry them forth yet again.’ So his soul is forged down.” Then the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) recited the verse (interpretation of the which means): 

“and whoever assigns companions to Allah, it’s far as though he had fallen from the sky, and the birds had snatched him, or the wind had thrown him to a much off area” [al-Hajj 22:31]

He said: “Then his soul is again to his body, and there come to him angels who make him sit up straight and that they say to him, ‘Who is your Lord?’ He says, ‘Oh, oh, I don’t understand.’ They say, ‘What is your faith?’ He says, ‘Oh, oh, I don’t know.’ Then a voice calls out from heaven, ‘Prepare for him a bed from Hell and dress him from Hell, and open for him a gate to Hell.’

Then there involves him some of its warmness and hot winds, and his grave is constricted and compresses him till his ribs interlock. Then there comes to him a man with an unpleasant face and ugly garments, and a foul stench, who says, ‘Receive the terrible news, this is the day that you were promised.’ He says, ‘Who are you? Your face is a face which forebodes evil.’ He says, ‘I am your evil deeds.’

He says, ‘O Lord, do no longer permit the Hour come, do no longer permit the Hour come.’” (Narrated with the aid of Abu Dawud, 4753; Ahmad, 18063 – this model become narrated by using him. Classed as sahih by al-Albani in Sahih al-Jami’, 1676) 

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question islam,questions about islam,questions to ask about islam,islamic questions,challenging islamic questions , deep questions about islam ,questions to ask muslims,islam question and answer,islam questions and answers
question islam,questions about islam,questions to ask about islam,islamic questions,challenging islamic questions , deep questions about islam ,questions to ask muslims,islam question and answer,islam questions and answers
question islam,questions about islam,questions to ask about islam,islamic questions,challenging islamic questions , deep questions about islam ,questions to ask muslims,islam question and answer,islam questions and answers
question islam,questions about islam,questions to ask about islam,islamic questions,challenging islamic questions , deep questions about islam ,questions to ask muslims,islam question and answer,islam questions and answers
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