In The Prostration of Submission: Exploring Prophet Muhammad’s Actions in Sajdah

In the Prostration of Submission: A Profound Insight into the Spiritual Expressions and Devotions of the Prophet during the Sacred Prostration” “I came about to wish one night time with the Prophet .

The Prophet commenced reciting al-Baqarah bankruptcy of the Quran and I concept he could prevent after a hundred verses.

But whilst he went beyond it I idea that he may need to recite the entire bankruptcy in a single Rakah.

When he completed al-Baqarah I notion he could do Ruku however then he right away commenced reciting al-Imran and whilst he completed he began reciting an-Nisa.

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The Prophet became reciting very slowly with enough pauses and could do Tasbih (praising God) and Dua (supplication) consistent with the concern being discussed inside the relevant Ayah.

After that the Prophet did Ruku (bowomg). In Ruku he stayed as long as he did when he was in Qiyam (status in prayer). After Ruku he stood up for nearly identical time and then he accomplished Sajdah (prostration) and stayed there as long as he recited Quran even as doing Qiyam”. 

(Hudaifa  narrated this hadith as in Sahih al Muslim, Nasai)

Of direction, now not all of the Prayers of the Prophet  had been this long. In public he could pray for a shorter period of time and ask other imams to do the identical. The Prophet use to make dua in Sajdah now not just tasbeeh as we do in compulsory prayers. He used to cry in Sajdah.

He could spend an extended quantity of his time in Sajdah whenever he turned into praying on his very own. Many times, but, Muslims would be a part of him after they observed him praying on my own.

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Aisha  mentions that: 

“The Prophet one night stood up for Salah and he stayed in it for so long that I thought the Prophet had handed away or died. When I felt that way I stood up shook his toe and I felt the movement then I laid down again and I heard the Prophet announcing in Sajdah “I searching for shelter in Your satisfaction from Your wrath, and in Your pardon from Your punishment, and in You from You. I cannot enumerate Your praises as You reward Yourself.” 

(Transliteration: Audhu bi ridaka min sakhatika, wa bi muafatika min uqubatika wa bika minka, los angeles uhsiy thana’an alayka, anta kama athnayta ala nafsika).

When he stood up from the Sajdah he requested Aisha, “do you suspect God’s Prophet has betrayed you?” Aisha spoke back “No Prophet of God, due to the long Sajdah I thought you had died.” 

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(hadith from Baihaqi but Dua wording from Muwatta Imam Malik)

One of the Prophet’s accomplice, Abdullah ibn Zubayr, might pray with such awareness that once he became in Sajdah the sparrows could come flying and sit down on his returned. In a separate narration, Abdullah ibn Abbas, every other companion, stated in case you want to look how the Prophet of God used to hope, you should copy how Abdullah ibn Zubayr used to wish.

And remember those two Hadiths from the Sahih Muslim:

Ma’dan b. Talha suggested: 

I met Thauban, the freed slave of God’s Messenger, and asked him to inform me approximately an act for which, if I do it, God will admit me to Paradise, or I requested approximately the act which was loved maximum by using God. He gave no respond. I again asked and he gave no reply. I requested him for the 1/3 time, and he stated: I asked God’s Messenger about that and he said: Make common prostrations before God, for you will not make one prostration with out elevating you a diploma because of it, and removing a sin from you, because of it. Ma’dan said that then he met Abu al-Darda’ and while he requested him, he obtained a respond just like that given by Thauban.

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In the second Hadith, Rabi’a b. Ka’b said: 

I changed into with God’s Messenger one night and I added him water and what he required. He said to me: Ask (something you want). I stated: I ask your company in Paradise. 

He (the Prophet) stated: Or some thing else besides it. I said: That is all (what I require). He said: Then assist me to obtain this for you with the aid of devoting yourself often to prostration.

Sajdah is without a doubt a humbling experience. We can beg for God’s forgiveness and cry with the aid of thinking about our misdeeds, as well as are looking for shelter in God from the Hellfire.

We are in one of the most submissive bodily positions while in Sajdah. It is one of the first-class events to invite God for forgiveness, guidance, and all that we want.

It is one of the first-class positions wherein to speak to God. Seeking God’s delight and forgiveness need to receive pinnacle priority in these final days and nights of Ramadan.

Source: SoundVision – Abdul Malik Mujahid

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