Fashion Jewellery 24pc Mixed Color Rhinestone Crystal Flower

Fashion Jewellery 24pc Mixed Color Rhinestone Crystal Flower: Crystallization is the new art to make and mould shapes and decoration pieces to adorn the homes and offices. These crystals made show pieces and decoration pieces have become the part and parcel of the modern homes and offices. People of aesthetic sense are in the habit of keeping these showpieces and decoration cards and pieces to boast of their aesthetic sense and cultured superiority.  Most of the houses in the urban areas are adorned with these crystals made decoration pieces and pots.

Fashion Jewellery 24pc Mixed Color Rhinestone Crystal Flower are among the most favorite with the women and men. The crystal flowers are in great demand these days. Different shapes of flowers are molded with crystal that enhance the beauty of the flowers and make them more attractive and fascinating to look at.  For crystal flowers, such variety of flowers is selected which have long stems. These strong stems are strong enough to provide support t the crystal. The flowers nestle away in the crustal to give it beautiful shape. The different food colors can be added to the crystal to give it stylish coloring and permanent soothing effects.

Many methods are available in the crystallization industry to make crystal flowers. These methods would help you to understand how crystal flower can be easily traced and given beautiful shape. In fact, crystallization is a method in which solid compounds are purified to give them different shapes and forms.

The crystal flowers are available in the variety (blue crystal flower, florist downtown chicago, flowers in chicago area, chicago flower delivery same day,) in the markets but the crystal flowers on our site are of unique quality and splendid grandeur. These crystal flowers are selected and chosen with care and master skill. The crystal flowers have all the qualities that you love to have in your collection within the reachable price and approach. We do our best to satisfy our customers with untiring efforts and vast choices. 

Size 12 pieces 1.18″-1.38″ + 12 pieces 0.78″-1″

Colour: Gold and multi-color, very pretty. Pink, Red, Purple,


Women Only

Following features of the product are the trademarks of the product.

  • The size of the crustal flowers varies from pack to pack each according to your choice and vastness of your homes and rooms.
  • 12 pieces 1.18″-1.38″ (3cm-3.5cm) + 12 pieces 0.78″-1″ (2cm-2.5cm).
  • A great variety of colours are available in our collection. Gold and multicolor are very attractive and pretty. Besides these two colors, pink, red, purple, green, blue and brown are in the stock.
  • Great offer for the purchaser of the first sale. Pak of 24 pieces with a beautiful gift is a special offer.
  • The crystal flowers are made of pure material of alloy and rhinestone. These materials are lasting and attractive to look at.
  • Wedding Bridal Bridesmaid Bouquet Decor brooches. Can be used for many craft decoration, DIY wedding bride bouquet, wedding bridal women girls dress, and
  • Hat and bag decor, even the wedding birthday party cake decor.

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