Light in The Heavens By al-Qāḍī al-Quḍāʿī

The HeavensLessons for humankind and concrete advice in the words of the prophet Islam The statements of Muhammad who was the prophet from God as well as the prophet of Islam hold been cherished among his adherents. Wielding an authority second only to the Qur’an, they are cited by scholars in a vast array of disciplines–including law, theology, metaphysics, poetry, grammar, history, and medicine–and are quoted by Muslims to one another in their daily lives.

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“Light in Heaven” written by al-Qadi Al-Quda’i a Sunni judge from the Fatimid court in Egypt is an exceptional illustration of a compilation of these ancient sayings, also known as hadiths. They circulated informally before being collected and recorded. In the years from North Africa to India, generations of people have relied upon Light within the Heavens as a source of instruction for both children and adults.

Many of its 1,200 quotes are a common occurrence for people from a variety of ethnic and religious denominations. For Muslims, who consider Muhammad’s teachings to be the source of wisdom and the source of direction in all things ordinary and extraordinary, these sayings offer a clear glimpse into the visionary mind that was the vision of one of the more powerful human beings to have ever walked the Earth.

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