Lisan al-Arab The Arabic Language Dictionary

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Lisan ul Arab لسان العرب (Lisaan ul Arab) is the most famous Prominent, renewed, Popular and one of the most comprehensive Arabic dictionaries (Aranic Grammar) of the Arabic language. Ibn e Manzoor ابن منظور organize his Arabic book from the material found in 5 books mainly: Tahdhib al-Lughah (Arabic Book) by al-Azhari تهذيب اللغة, al-Muhkam by Ibn Sidah المحكم, as-Sihaah الصحاح, (Arabic Dictionary) Hashiyyat by Ibn Barri حاشيات الصحاح / حواشي, and an-Nahayyah by Ibn al-Athir النهاية في غريب الحديث

He also used Arabic material from some other Arabic books, Arabic Language. He cites The The Noble Qur’an, Hadith, Tafseer, and poetry in explaining the words. He has also rewritten information from some Arabic books, Arabic Language in a more sequenced manner.

Lane show that Taj ul Uroos Arabic Dictionary (Arabic Learning) which was his main source for his Arabic English Lexicon was mostly get from Lisan al Arab (Arabic Dictionary).

Lane said in preface page xxvii of An Arabic English Dictionary Lexicon by Edward William Lane that: “Frequently it happens that an explanation is essentially the same in the Lisan el ‘Arab and the Taj el-‘Aroos The Arabic Language Dictionary, but more, or clearer, better, in the former”. explanation is fuller, or clearer in Lisaan ul Arab.

The Arabic Language Dictionary as compared to Taj ul Uroos Arabic Dictionary. More information is in Taj ul Uroos as compared to Lisan ul Arab, but individual material if found in both usually has more detail and clarity in Lisan ul Arab as compared to Taj ul Uroos.

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Lisan al-‘Arab (لسان العرب) The Arabic Language Dictionary

المجلد الأول أ – ب
المجلد الثانيت – ح
المجلد الثالث: خ – ذ
المجلد الرابعرا – رع
المجلد الخامسرغ – ز
المجلد السادسس – ش
المجلد السابع: ص – ظ
المجلد الثامن: ع – غ
المجلد التاسعف
المجلد العاشرق – ك
المجلد الحادي عشرل Laam
المجلد الثاني عشرم Meem
المجلد الثالث عشرهـ Haa
المجلد الرابع عشر: و ي ء – و ي ض woo, Ya, Hamza
المجلد الخامس عشرو ي ط – الألف اللينة
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New edition PDF of Lisan ul Arab

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