Moroccan Arabic: Shnoo the Hell is Going on H’naa? Aaron Sakulich

Moroccan Arabic: The old Arabic language is not in the fashion in the present day but it is still considered very important in the written language. The Holy book of Quran is in the classic Arabic language. Learning classic Arabic language is not difficult but it is of many advantages. Classic Arabic or old Arabic is still in the use in the Arab countries not only for the spoken purposes but also for the reading and speaking purposes. Morocco has been very important center for trade and culture in the Middle East. In the Muslim rule under the Umayyad, this country was the center of the trades and was famous for the leather work as is indicated from its name which takes its origin from the leather.

Moroccan ascent of Arabic language is somewhat different from the other gulf countries. Moroccan Arabic phrases are still in the use in the different languages and especially in the nautical vocabulary. These phrases are also used in the English language and are the part of the English language now. Translation from Morocco to English is the theme that is being presented in this book of Morocco Arabic.

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Morocco Arabic addresses all the people irrespective of their age, profession or purposes like students, visitors, traders going to Morocco. The book describes easy and understandable pronunciation which can easily be grasped by everyone. These books are easily available in low price. All the books that would be sold out would go support the Morocco USA NGO. This is to do for supporting the more communities and learning based material. The material is prepared by the expert team from volunteers who belong to bi nations. It is not an ordinary book but it is more than a book and beyond the tourists guide books and the corporate textbooks. Each and everything in the book is given in Arabic language as well as English translation side by side the Arabic language.

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The book and the authors chose the easy and simple word translation method and this method does not need the use of exotic linguistic symbols.  In the end, the simple and easy method of using primer of learning the Moroccan Arabic is used to make the whole procedure simple and understandable for the reader of the book. The book is also involved the suggestions and features from the readers in detail on the transliteration system. The revise list of the additional words, word list and new texts have been added to this new addition for the comfort and comprehension of the readers. 

The book is prepared on the same pattern as VCR works and needs manual repair. The manual has been prepared for the readers to understand in more depth. The list has also been added to do the important things for learning the language in simple and easy manner. All the tenses have been used to make it more easy and interesting and know how is given in terms of all the tenses.

Initial research for the book was conducted during a Fulbright graduate student grant. The ongoing project (encourage more people to learn Darija, provide improved study materials, and provide a funding stream for more Morocco-themed books) is sustained by the generosity of numerous all-volunteer partners – kindly lend your assistance by sending an email to collaborative.

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