Who is Allah? (Islamic books for kids) by Bachar Karroum

Who is Allah: Who is Allah is the best ever book written by any author for the young children and parents living in the non-Muslim society?  It is written in comprehensive way with the help of the short stories. As children learn more than anything else through the tale telling and storytelling, the writer has used the same method of teaching the young children of the Muslims who live in the non-Muslim countries like Europe and other western countries.  A story of Adam is told in the very fun-loving manner for the aspiration of the children. Who is Allah really is explained in a very simple but impressive manner and in the language the children are used to learn and love to listen?  Concept of Allah in Arabic is also explained in detail.

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Who is Allah is the story of young Adam? He is very much interesting in knowing the different but simple aspects of the religion. He is curious to learn who Allah is and how He deals with His creation and especially the young children. The story of Adam is narrated in very funny manner for the attraction of the children as well as their parents. It is done so that the parents should have the basic knowledge about Allah and they would be able to explain the different concepts about Allah to their children. Allah is the symbol of oneness for the Muslims.

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Different expressions are used by the Muslims in their day-to-day life. These expressions have special background and are attached with different occasions. It allows the parents to handle their kids in a better way in the matter of their religion. The daily concepts and expressions are used and explained in detail and in quite understandable manner. The fun techniques have been used to elaborate these daily used expressions.

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The Muslims have the obligatory duty to impart the learning and teaching of their religion to their new generation in a way that they should adopt it with their own willingness and could pass on to their own in their turn. If it does not happen, it means the new generation would not be able to understand their Creator and the purpose of the creation. Ultimately, this would lead them to away from the true teachings of Islam. Unfortunately, it would result in the ignorance and ultimately, they would become the followers of those who have the contrary views and opinions.  To preserve the religion and its true teaching in letter and spirit, one should have the basic concepts and knowledge about Islam and the principals of Islam.

The parents are implored in the book who is Allah to travel with their kids into the arena where they along with their children will be introduced to the religion. This will give and offer you and your children the positive and comforting perceptions about the Islamic beliefs and norms, culture and civilization, history and historical background.

A book that must be present in the parents’ collection box for the better nurturing and bringing up of their children. Select the book without any hesitation and trust that you have not wasted your precious money.

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