Mushaf al-Madinah (Small, Saudi Version) مصحف المدينة

Mushaf al-Madinah (Small, Saudi Version): Mushaf is the book that is written in Arabic and resembles the old Mushaf book with different title and cover page. The book covers the different aspects of the teachings of Islam and the holy Quran. The Muslims are bidden for some dos and some donts. These ttwo things play very vital role in the life of the Muslims. They are directed to act upon the teachings of the Holy Quran in letter and spirit. Quran mushaf is authentic and reliable version for the interpretation and explanantion of the verses of the holy Quran.  The holy Quran is the religious book for the Muslims that is revealed upon the holy Prophet for the guidance of the human beings.

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The Quran is the manifestation the orders and directions of Allah Almighty. All aspects of the human lives are addressed in the holy Quran and these aspects are thrown light in detail leaving no corner of the human life untouched and unsatisfied. The people who act upon the teachings of the holy Quran are successful not only in this world but also in the world hereafter. The ose who deny its teachings and are not ready to believe it as the divine book are warned time and again and are promised to meet their end and surely would find the ultimate truth in the end but that time, it would be too late and they would be left with regret and repepntation.

Quran Mushaf is for the guidance of the human beings irrespective of their colour, creed, race, region or religion. Each and every person in the world can get correction and guidance from the Holy Quran. This small in sizw and easy to carry anywhere is the translation in English as well as Arabic language. The people who are well versed in Arabic language can consult it with correction point of view of their lives.

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Mushaf al-Madinah مصحف المدينةi  Best Arabic font Style, Language Arabic , reading Age 18 year and Above and Top Seller

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The Mushaf is in small size and easy to carry with you anywhere easily. The holy book is in printed form and size. It is attractive and fascinating. The Quran Kareem is the last book revealed by Allah to the last prophet. The message of the holy Quran is clear and meaningful. The message of the Quran is to accept Allah Almighty, the one and the only which is called Toheed.

The holy prophet Muhammad ﷺ is the last prophet of Allah and the holy Quran is the last book of Allah Almighty. Along with the stress on the worship of the Creator, the rights have been explained in detail. Two kinds of the rights are stressed upon. One is the right of Allah and other is the right that belongs to the creation.  These two kinds of rights are explained in very clear way.  The rights that belong to Allah are the worship Him as the one and the only Creator of the universe and each and everything present in the universe.

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