Overwhelmed Definition & Meaning in Islam

Overwhelmed – If you’re anything like maximum human beings, you possibly feel such as you don’t have sufficient time, despite the fact that you strive so difficult to control and organise it slow. The Quran emphasises the importance of time but doesn’t immediately cope with time management according to se, rather, it has a greater solution.

Since I myself struggled with time I determined to find out, how do I control time without feeling overwhelmed with such a lot of activities?

 Islam teaches us thru its device that there are a few most important things that we want to attention on that allows you to create the life we need and get the first-class out of the time we have. Time control isn’t the key, you can’t manage a while like a robot. Instead, Focus is the primary answer. The second element that will help you is habitual, the third aspect to help you is gaining knowledge of the way to priorities, the 4th thing in an effort to certainly solidify it slow is making selections, and the very last element on the way to get you the excellent of some time is to apprehend the cost of nowadays.

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The Story of Khadijah and Omar

Khadijah is feeling beaten nowadays as she is: 

  • feeling stressed with what looks as if a by no means finishing TO-DO listing 
  • not able to attention 
  • juggling between multiple roles, and 
  • no longer feeling like she is enough for everyone in her relationships.

Overwhelmed – She realizes she wishes to attend to herself however does now not have sufficient time. She feels guilty for finding her release via binge eating or binge-watching on weeknights this means that she’s dozing later than usual and waking up tired.

The complete cycle, night after night time, is inflicting her to lose self assurance in her capability to overcome this feel of overwhelm. This is beginning to negatively have an effect on the excellent of her Salah, and her capability to perform properly in her maximum critical roles: both at paintings and domestic.

Omar, however, these days acquired a promoting, which means he’s transferring up the career ladder. While responding to all of the messages congratulating him on LinkedIn, he’s feeling a deep feel of dread. He fears the subsequent outcomes no matter a better earnings and a larger role:

  • more obligation 
  • nonstop meetings 
  • late work hours, and 
  • less time to do things that make him come alive i.e. Attending an awesome Halaqa, reading an awesome e-book, gambling with friends, and spending a few undistracted first-rate time with the family.

Can you relate to both Khadijah or Omar or maybe each? How do you ground your self while you are feeling overwhelmed? 

What is overwhelm and why do we feel beaten often?

Overwhelm can be described as the imbalance for your ideal best of lifestyles: our religious, emotional, or physical well being. Why does Overwhelm occur? According to Cognitive Neuroscientist Daniel Levitin, we are exposed to more statistics, hobby, and attention regions than ever earlier than in human records.

This is obvious when we begin to compare the recent past with the present. For instance, in 1976, supermarkets stocked 9,000 objects in comparison to 40,000 nowadays. In 2011, Americans took in five instances as lots statistics each day as they did in 1986 –the equivalent of one hundred seventy five newspapers! 

We live in continuous publicity to technology, records, and distractions however are not able to construct our time table and behavior in a way that can restrict continuous exposure. Setting limitations is critical as it allows us sufficient time to focus and transition between sports which can be most essential to us: which includes prayer, significant paintings, family, or self-care.

Beyond that, we need silence, presence, mirrored image, contemplation, to engage in self-accountability, to path accurate and construct behavior and sports that help us function at our surest self. But, again, due to the continuous publicity of factors contributing to our crush, maximum folks do not even know wherein to start!

We, humans, are busier, greater distracted, and juggling extra than ever before in human records, and that also in a resurgent pandemic. As we technique the month of Rabi al-Awwal, what inspirations can we draw from the Prophet (peace be upon him)? How can we deal with our overwhelm thru cultivating a Prophetic Heart? 

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Overwhelm and its relationship to the nafs

One powerful way to begin addressing our crush is to detox from generation and create intentional time to cultivate our consciousness of God. During this time, we shift ourselves out of a lifestyles on autopilot or distractions towards better cognizance and presence with God. This shift teaches us to apprehend while we’re being led via our nafs, which is one of the root reasons of weigh down.

While addressing the external elements of life is important to address and regulate crush, addressing our inner cognizance and attitude is even more important. By converting the mind-set, and gaining knowledge of the tools to be closer to God, we are able to triumph over the overwhelms in our existence.

Prophetic exercise confirms this notion that weigh down can be cured through disciplining our own nafs. Our cherished Prophet (peace be upon him) used to immediately are trying to find shelter in God while he felt distressed or beaten. He might say:

Let us apply this mind-set shift to the demanding situations Khadijah and Omar and many of us are experiencing: It is not I but God, who is simply on top of things and He is the Master of all my affairs. This shift can be profound and create a deep effect on lightening the “burden” and easing the crush. 

This is also where intentional living with higher cognizance and recognition of Allah’s (SWT) presence and help in our life starts to shine through and we take delivery of our position to serve Allah with religious excellence and go with the flow. We go away the consequences to Him and end up greater focused on showing up as our excellent self to delight Allah (SWT). 

Shifting out of our distracted, crushed lower self to our intentional, conscious, God-aware fine-self can be the antidote we need spiritually and emotionally to reply efficaciously to the crush of cutting-edge life. Let us explore this in the existence of our loved Prophet (peace be upon him).

These are the two things that Allah tells to you attention on so you will achieve life.

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1.Time control VS Focus.

Overwhelmed – There are lots of guides and books on time management, and I’ve executed some of the ones in my pursuit to organize life, paintings, own family and worship. Having researched the overall sciences and then the Islamic sciences, I determined that Allah factors us to the 2 matters here in this verses of Surah Al Asar. Instead of pointing us to many different things that we could do, Allah factors us to the most important of all.

Focusing in on the matters in an effort to have the finest benefit in our lives and our hereafter.

Time control is not the important thing, but FOCUS is. If you’ve got attempted to organise your time and try to suit in every undertaking and obligation you have into your days and weeks, I’m pretty sure you possibly felt overwhelmed, like a robotic simply trying to execute each to-do listing which you have.

What I’ve discovered changed into that if I consciousness in at the most vital element, then I could get a lot extra done. You see, anything you awareness on, you will progress in that, develop and develop. If you attention on your fitness, your fitness will improve. If you consciousness for your wealth, then you may boom to your wealth. And if you recognition in your relationships, then you could improve and create deeper, extra significant relationships.

But what if you awareness only on one of those leaving out the relaxation? In the fast term you gained’t feel it, but after a year or two of focusing most effective on one or 2 things, you’ll find that your life turns into very imbalanced and you’ve got a lot of troubles in those regions which you’ve put no time and effort into.

So, to remedy this, you might attempt to suit the entirety into that 10 hours of the day which you have however right away, you’ll begin to experience as although it’s too much and no longer achievable.

The technique to this is straightforward. You ought to determine on what regions of my existence you want to cognizance on and then recognition on handiest 1 or 2 areas at a time. Create a timeline, a plan which need to be written down and scheduled into your calendar. If you create a plan of what to focus on and while, then awareness in on only one or of the areas that are vital to you. By doing this you will subsequently get spherical to doing all of the things which you need to do.

Insha’Allah doing it this manner will elevate that feeling of war and weigh down, and that steady feeling which you’re falling quick. Plan what you’ll focus on and put it into your calendar and then simply comply with your plan.

But don’t neglect what you attention on will develop, and what you don’t focus on will no longer.

2. Routine in Islam

Allah teaches us thru the daily rituals of Islam, routine. Routine is what we are taught through the 5 each day prayers. Routine is what we are taught through fasting Mondays and Thursdays each week. Routine is what we are taught via making the morning and the night Athkar(remembrance of Allah).

A Muslim’s existence is complete of recurring that Islam has organised for us. So, Allah teaches us through the gadget of Islam that recurring, a planned and organised manner of dwelling ensures which you get the maximum things completed. So, once you have decided what you need to consciousness on, then create a recurring plan for doing the identical things every day, each week, every month insha’Allah.

Of course, exchange your plan in step with what you’re that specialize in, however don’t alternate your habitual because the ordinary is like rocket fuel in attaining all the matters that we want in lifestyles. It will energy you to transport ahead and achieve all the high-quality matters that exist in lifestyles and inside the hereafter.

3. Prioritising is Number one

Allah teaches us in surah Al-Asar that he the Almighty has prioritised those 2 things over all different things in existence. Allah prioritised notion, because that’s what will get you eternal happiness, and He prioritised actions because that may be a manifestation of your beliefs. In this verse Allah teaches us that we need to prioritise, you can’t do the whole thing.

One of the problems I suffered from was that I desired to do every awesome idea that came to mind(and I’m nevertheless like this). However, I observed that, in looking to do the whole lot I couldn’t do some thing to the nice of my competencies.

So, whilst you learn to prioritise, what you’re genuinely doing is focusing in at the maximum essential things of that moment. And once you’ve got centered in on the maximum vital things, and also you prioritise them over the whole lot else, then your cognizance can visit give you the results you want and make the maximum of some time and power. Don’t overlook Prioritising is fundamental, you could’t do the whole thing.

4. The Importance of Great Decisions.

Let me tell you right from the offset, there are not any fantastic choices. Decisions are just that, simply choices and that they best turn out to be extraordinary whilst you achieve some thing extremely good and then appearance back and say to your self that became a wonderful decision.

The trouble that a lot of us face is procrastination, and one among the biggest reasons of procrastination is that we will’t appear to make choices, out of the worry in an effort to make the wrong selection. What I’ve learned over time is that there is no incorrect selection as long as you follow the steerage of the Quran and the Sunnah.

If you follow the guidance of the Quran and the Sunnah and you decide, you will discern out speedy whether or not that is a appropriate or bad decision, and that’s ok. What you need to do then is exchange directions through adjusting your decision to suit your modern-day fact.

Making choices speedy could be very critical. However, do some due diligence, the studies had to provide your self the confidence that this is a superb selection. But don’t get stuck in learning and why like to call evaluation paralysis, where you get stuck in the studies segment for all time. Do the studies as speedy as possible and then make that the Dua of Guidance (Salat Al-Istikhara) and then make a corporation decision and simply pass forward. If you locate that it’s now not running, then make vital changes till you locate what does work.

Making selections is taken steps forward. When you don’t make a decision you usually stay status in the same location while the world is going forward as you feel stuck. The most effective manner to change this is to come to a decision.

Making selections is like building muscle, the more you do it, the more potent the ones decisions come to be.

5. Understanding the value of these days in Islam

Allah made an oath by means of time. It’s vital to recognize that the time that you have, is today, not the day gone by and now not even day after today, it’s these days.

You do no longer have the day before today due to the fact the day gone by’s long gone, that’s now not time which you have any greater. You don’t even have tomorrow because it’s now not here, and none of us are guaranteed the next day. So, what you’ve got is today. And so that you want to consciousness on nowadays and doing the satisfactory that you could these days.

To make sure which you do the nice you can, you need to observe the steps that I’ve already outlined right here. Decide what you want to consciousness on in lifestyles this 12 months or this zone. Then create a plan, a routine that you will comply with each day, weekly and monthly. Make the decisions through prioritising the most essential matters, and then take action today.

Today’s cost is directly related to the latter part of the verse of Surah Al-Asar in which Allah says “and do righteous right deeds”. Doing the ones suitable deeds isn’t for the next day, you have to do them today. So, expertise the price of nowadays will push you in the direction of doing those deeds now.

You can’t guarantee day after today so take action these days, even if it’s the smallest steps. In truth, my recommendation to you is usually start with the aid of taking smaller steps because you may clearly get going. If you take small, tiny, incremental steps you’ll get there inshaAllah.

In Islam time is relative, meaning that time for you is unique than it’s far for anybody else. What you do with your time these days, directly pertains to what you have got determined to cognizance on, what workouts you’ve got, what selections you’ve made, what you prioritised, and whether or not or not you are really taking movement.

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Exploring the Prophet’s coronary heart at the lowest point in his existence

Overwhelmed – Once Ayesha (ra) asked the Prophet (peace be upon him) whether or not Uhud turned into the hardest day in his existence. Our Prophet (peace be upon him) spoke back inside the poor and cited that it was certainly the day of Taif – the day he changed into pushed out with a mob pelting him with stones from a mountain town, 55 miles faraway from Makkah. 

Why turned into Taif so tough? To solution this question, think of the maximum difficult trouble you had to your existence whilst you felt you have been at the bottom point of your existence. And at that moment – get rid of the maximum critical pillars of assist from your existence – no determine, no partner, no sibling to assist you emotionally! 

The year the Prophet (peace be upon him) went to Taif, he first lost his parent determine: his uncle Abu Talib. After a few weeks, he lost his loved spouse Khadijah (ra), the most crucial pillar of help – the primary person to confirm his Prophethood, come to be a Muslim, and spend all her wealth for his reason, the mother of the queen of Jannah i.E. Fatima, and the grandmother of the leaders of all teenagers in Jannah i.E. Hasan and Husain. He observed those two deep losses with a challenge to Taif to find a refuge for his network.

Instead of locating comfort, the Prophet (peace be upon him) was mocked by way of the chieftains of Taif and followed through a mob petting him with stones for miles till the blessed frame of the Prophet (peace be upon him) turned into bleeding. 

As the Prophet (peace be upon him) ultimately sat down after this utter humiliation, how did he method his overwhelm? How did he react to this maximum difficult day of his lifestyles? What were the features of his heart that we can emulate to choose ourselves returned up from whilst we’re feeling low?

Let us explore the features of the Prophet’s coronary heart under via the H.E.A.R.T. Mindfulness Model we delivered at the Productive Muslim weblog before (click on right here to study the article) and the way you may practice this model to deal with your non-public overwhelming situation: 

The Prophet (peace be upon him) thrived with compassion. He executed a lot all through that moment of electricity and that is reflective in what got here in a while — the complete tribe would later end up Muslim and from their progeny comes a man named Muhammad bin Qasim Thaqafi, who conquers Sindh and brings Islam to the South Asian diaspora establishing the migration of Islam and Muslims to South Asia. Even I, the writer of this text, owe my Islam to this linked thread of history!

Most of us do no longer need to revel in our lowest day, but just a simple sadness is enough for us to lose our capability for kindness.

Yet, as soon as the Prophet determined his recovery in the gift second and remedy thru mindfulness, motive, and gratitude, appearance how he rose with staying power, thriving with compassion.

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Addressing Khadijah’s crush with the H.E.A.R.T Model

Overwhelmed – Let’s take this a step similarly and follow the H.E.A.R.T. Model to Khadijah’s undertaking along with her weigh down:

Mindfulness Masterclass this Rabi Al Awwal

Mindfulness, reason, gratitude, persistence, and compassion – this Rabi Al Awwal, we will learn to exercise those Prophetic features through the Mindfulness Masterclass, in which we work through and research practical and immediately relevant gear via the intersection of neuroscience and Islamic Spiritual Psychology.

This is our fifth cohort of the Mindfulness Masterclass and we’ll be joined by alumni who’ve felt their lives converted because of this Masterclass.

When Overwhelmed with the aid of Satanic Whisperings in Prayer It isn’t good to permit doubts to be your dependency, for it can change into a continual mental ailment or even worse. Excessive doubting is sincerely one among Satan’s methods to make man discard his obligations and neglect acts of worship. Therefore, guy have to no longer provide Satan the opportunity to intervene in his relationship with Allah and destroy it.

So, in case your doubts regarding wudu’ and prayers have become something continual which you cannot overcome, you do now not have to make up your prayer except you’re certain which you did something incorrect even as praying. In doing so, you may regularly give up such form of doubts, Allah inclined. Allah Almighty says: “Allah burdens no soul beyond what it could bear.” (Al-Baqarah: 286).

As for the way to remove this, we need to keep reciting the Glorious Qur’an and pray to Allah that will help you to overcome this problem. Dhikr (remembrance of Allah) is rather needed and additionally beneficial in this rely. This is based at the Qur’anic verse: “Who have believed and whose hearts have rest within the remembrance of Allah.

what do overwhelmed mean,how to start decluttering when overwhelmed,why do i get overwhelmed so easilyoverhelmed, overwehlmed

Overwhelmed – Verily within the remembrance of Allah do hearts discover rest!” (Ar-Ra`d: 28) Sheikh Ahmad Kutty, a senior lecturer and Islamic student on the Islamic Institute of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, states: “This state of affairs is really due to the whisperings of Satan.

He is truly trying to cast doubts regarding the validity of your ablution and prayer so as to make you give up your non secular practices. So you need to exercising vigilance and not allow your self to provide in to such whisperings.

The Prophet (peace and benefits be upon him) cautioned us that after confronted with such situation, initially, we have to seek shelter in Allah by using pronouncing “‘a`dhu billahi mina ash-shaytani ar-rajeem (I are seeking refuge in Allah from the Satan, the accursed)”. And secondly you absolutely formulate the intention and perform the wudu’ or prayer as soon as, looking to concentrate by pondering the meanings of what you are studying and in no way pay any interest to this kind of whisperings.

Your wudu’ and prayer are perfectly legitimate. Finally, consistently pray to Allah that will help you to triumph over such Satanic whisperings. You may also examine such a Qur’anic supplications: “O Lord, I are seeking safe haven in You from whisperings of the devils, and I are searching for shelter in You from them being gift round me.” (Al-Mu’minun: 97-98)

You can also employ the subsequent supplication: “Allahumma inni ‘a`udhu bika mina shaki wannifaq walkufri wa fujoor (O Allah, I are seeking for safe haven in You from doubts, hypocrisy, disbelief and immoral conduct.)’” The well-known Muslim scholar, Sheikh Sa`d Al-Humayd, provides:

“Muslims continually ought to take the simpler choice always, and do not reflect on consideration on the sin or punishment. For instance, in a prayer, whilst you are not sure whether or not you’ve got prayed 3 or 4 rak`ahs, you need to count on that it is four, and the a part of the frame that you are uncertain whether you have washed it, you have to assume that you have washed it.

This applies to each situation you face: take the easier option. If you do this, you will defeat the Satan who has subjected you to this overwhelming awash.” Sheikh M. S. Al-Munajjid, a prominent Saudi Muslim lecturer and creator, points out: “If a person is aware of absolutely that wind has passed, then he have to leave the prayer.

However, if he is in doubt but is not certain, then he should not depart except he will become sure — with the aid of hearing the wind bypass or smelling it. If he unearths that he has surpassed wind, he have to go away; in any other case he must pay no interest to it.

Abu Hurayrah (may also Allah be thrilled with him) said: The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) stated: “If one is in prayer and feels movement in his in the back of, (and is in query whether) he has passed wind or no longer, and he is doubtful, then he must no longer depart unless he hears the sound or detects the smell.” (Reported by Abu Dawud)”

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what do overwhelmed mean,how to start decluttering when overwhelmed,why do i get overwhelmed so easilyoverhelmed, overwehlmed
what do overwhelmed mean,how to start decluttering when overwhelmed,why do i get overwhelmed so easilyoverhelmed, overwehlmed
what do overwhelmed mean,how to start decluttering when overwhelmed,why do i get overwhelmed so easilyoverhelmed, overwehlmed
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