Prepare Your Household For Ramazan

Prepare Your Household For Ramazan – Families whose incomes stagnate or have seen their salaries drastically cut by employers over the past four years will find themselves in a challenging situation, as it would be difficult to meet kitchen expenses during the holy month due to the skyrocketing price.

Families whose bread earners are no longer employed due to a slowdown in the economy will find it challenging to arrange Iftari and Sehri. They may have to compromise on their dignity and ask for loans from family members or turn to welfare organizations.

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Prepare Your Household For Ramazan , Muslim Praying, Arabic Prayer, Pillar of Islam

The massive gas and electricity increase has only exacerbated consumers’ problems.

A price comparison using the Sensitive Prices Index (SPI), based on data from the first week in Ramazan April 2022, showed that consumers were still distressed about the cost of wheat flour of average quality.

The price of a 20kg bag of flour has risen to Rs1,295-3100 in different parts across the country, compared to Rs800-1500 last Ramazan. The cost of five- and 10-kg fine flour bags has increased by 80-90pc in the past year.

Flour No. The 2.5 and OK varieties were sold at Rs65-67 per kg and Rs70 to 75 per kg. They are now priced at Rs140 per kg and Rs150 to 160 per kg.

The price of onion has remained stable in the past week. It was Rs 40-80 per kilogram last Ramazan. Now, it is Rs 100-200. Consumers are now using Sindh crops as growers have made a lot of effort to re-cultivate it.

After the August floods in Sindh, Balochistan and Sindh destroyed crops, the government allowed imports to fill the gap in supply.

The price of Gram Pulse, also known as Daal Channa (gram pulse), has increased to Rs220-320 per kg from Rs148-200. Since the last Ramazan, Masoor, Moong, and Mash prices have risen to Rs240-330 per kg, Rs250-350 per kg, and Rs280-480 per kg, respectively, from Rs190-240, Rs116-220, and Rs200-310.

According to SPI data, the price of a ghee pouch containing Dalda has increased from Rs399-484 to Rs570-638. The cost of five-liter Dalda oil has risen from Rs2,060-2,485. Many retailers charge Rs 650-670 per liter for cooking oil or ghee branded with a brand.

Fresh meat, milk, and vegetables

Fresh milk is now between Rs120 and Rs210 per liter in various cities. This compares to Rs90 and Rs150 one year ago. The price of a live chicken bird per kilogram ranges from Rs360-550 versus Rs240-350.

Mutton and beef without bones can now be purchased for Rs1,100-1.800 and Rs500-910 per kg, compared to the previous Rs1,050-1.500 and Rs350-775. Mutton sellers in Karachi are now charging Rs1,800 per kg, up from Rs1,600 two weeks ago. Beef without bones can be purchased for Rs 1,000 per kg.

The price of potatoes has risen to Rs40-100 a kg, up from Rs25-60 a kg. Sugar prices increased from Rs83 to 95 to Rs100-110.

The price of high-quality basmati is now between Rs300 and Rs500 per kilogram, compared to Rs150 to 300 per kg the previous year.

The price of a kg of basmati (of average quality) is now Rs150-240, compared to the previous Rs80-144. Irri 6/9 from Sindh/Punjab costs Rs80-180.00 per kg, compared to the earlier Rs60-100.

Black gram is available in various sizes at Rs220-260/kg, compared to Rs120-150 per kg last year.

Vermicelli and Salt pack prices have almost doubled since last year. Lipton tea packs (less than 250 g) are now sold at Rs413-558, compared to the previous Rs250-260.

Despite high inflation and external challenges, Nestle Pakistan’s sales grew 22 percent in 2022, from Rs133bn to Rs162bn. The company’s profit after taxes increased by 18% to Rs15bn.

The consumer goods giant plans to invest Rs3bn by 2023 to improve operational reliability and meet consumer demand.

Friesland Campina Engro Pakistan Limited’s sales soared from Rs 52bn to Rs 73bn by 2022, and its profit after taxes grew to Rs 2,46bn.

Unilever Pakistan Foods Ltd reported impressive sales of Rs28bn compared to Rs19.8bn a year earlier. Profit after tax increased to Rs8bn compared to Rs5.16bn a year ago.

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