Taraweeh Dua in English/Arabic for Ramadan Prayers

Taraweeh Dua: There are 20 rakats total in the Taraweeh prayer, each consisting of two rakats. The Taraweeh Prayer is not fardh, compulsory, or wajib. However, according to hadiths, it is Sunnah.

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Tahajud, for example, is a Nafal or optional prayer. It is a Sunnah because the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH performed this prayer.

Only during Ramadan is Taraweeh performed. Taraweeh starts the night of the Ramadan Moon sighting and continues until the Shawwal Moon is sighted. Taraweeh is usually performed before Isha but not before the waters.

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Taraweeh Dua in English/Arabic for Ramadan Prayers, Dua, Prayer
Ruling On Taraweeh Prayer
  • Taraweeh, a prayer Muslims pray during Ramadan’s Holy Month, is considered one of Ramadan’s gifts.
  • According to many scholars, and the teachings of sahaba, it is Sunnah, as Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH would offer it.
  • The night prayer is called Qiyaam al-lay.
  • Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH is to offer the Taraweeh in the congregation.
  • The Taraweeh is normally prayed in the congregation after the isha prayer, but it is also possible to pray Taraweeh after the isha until the fajr.
  • The prayer is divided into 20 rakats, each of which has 2 rakats. There is a small break every 4 rakat.
  • In order to pray the Taraweeh, one should follow the imam in the congregation. The prayer is usually 2 rakats long.
  • After 20 rakats of taraweeh, 3 units are prayed together.

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Salah is regarded as the highest form of worship. The Taraweeh is an excellent exercise that can help relieve stress.Duas to our readers, their families, and friends for a wonderful Ramadan

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