The Monster At The End of This Book (Big Little Golden Book) by Jon Stone

The Monster at The End of This Book: Starring Loveable, Furry Ol’ Grover (or simply The Monstrous at the End of This Book), is a picture book for children based on Sesame Street. It stars Grover. It was originally published in 1971 by Little Golden Books. It is now the Sesame Street best-selling title and has been cited by many as a classic in children’s literature.

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This book is a favorite Little Golden Book for many adults. Many generations of children have enjoyed interfacing with Grover, a furry old dog who begs readers not to turn the pages–for fear that he will unleash a monster at his end. On the last page, he confesses that he is so embarrassed. . . Grover is the true monster! This beloved classic is now available in a Big Little Golden Book, perfect for reading on the lap.

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About the Author

Jon Stone was the first head writer of Sesame Street. He was also one of the show’s principal directors and producers for more than 24 years.

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