How Fletcher Was Hatched? by Wende Devlin

How Fletcher was Hatched Hardcover – September 1, 1998. You can find all the books and learn more about the author. After feeling rejected by his mistress and preferring her chicks, the hound dog decides to hatch from an egg to gain favor. First Step

The old hound dog feels his mistress has abandoned him and prefers her chicks. To regain her favor, he decides to hatch from an egg to learn how to say “peep”.

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About the Author

Harry and Wende Devlin are a unique team with a knack for storytelling. They have raised seven children and entertained seventeen grandchildren. The Devlins started with the Old Black Witch, and continued through the Cranberry series (Cranberry Thanksgiving, and other), and have created a remarkable collection of children’s stories. 

The stories are a combination of captivating stories and charming illustrations. Millions of parents have finished their children’s days with one of the thirty Devlin books.

“How Fletcher was Hatched” is Wende Devlin’s skillful hand at creating a heartwarming story. Wende Devlin, a member of the New Jersey Literary Hall of Fame has been crafting the couple’s stories over the past three decades.

Wende often draws on the stories and experiences of her children in order to include details that are common to most adults and children, no matter how amazing the rest.

Harry Devlin’s illustrations show a wide range of talent. Harry Devlin was an editorial cartoonist at Collier’s Weekly for over ten years. He developed a reputation of excellence that led to his election as the president of National Cartoonists Society, and later as honorary chairman.

Six different stamps have been designed by Harry for the U.S. His lifelong passion for architecture and the Postal Service led to three books on architectural design. Harry is also a member of New Jersey’s Literary Hall of Fame and the state’s Advertising Hall of Fame.

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