The Philosopher: An Intellectual Correspondence From The Tenth Century

Answers and questions from two famous philosophers
What is the reason laughter is contagious? Why do mountains exist? What is the reason we yearn for the past, even though it’s a victim of suffering?

 It covers a broad range of topics that span from Theological to philosophical, and from scientific to the philological The Philosopher Responds is the recollection of a series of questions written by the poet Abu Hayyan al Tawhidi to historian and philosopher Abu Al-Miskawayh. Both were major participants in the extraordinary growth of intellectual and cultural activity that occurred in the Islamic world under the rule of the Buyid dynasty during the fourth or tenth century.

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The relationship between al-Tawhidi, and Miskawayh is a reflection of some of the arguments and concerns that were prevalent at the time, and also reflects the spirit of inquiry and rationality that characterized their time. The book also provides an insights into the mindsets of two thought leaders who were as divided by their distinct temperaments as they were by the extremely different career paths they followed in their career paths.

In between tragic and whimsical contemplating and pondering in a way that is both profound and trivial Al-Tawhidi’s question provokes an exchange that is as fascinating in its enthusiasm as the content. The new version of The Philosopher Respondsis is accompanied by the very first complete English version of the text, bringing the dialogue into the life of an English reader.

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A bilingual Arabic-English edition.

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