Transforming Into Angelic Beings: A Spiritual Quest in the Blessed Month of Ramadan

A Spiritual Quest in the Blessed Month of Ramadan – Elevate Your Essence: Discovering the Path to Angelic Virtues During the Sacred Month of Ramadan” If one tries to figure out the root causes of human calamities and failures,

In the end, it will be apparent that the human being is an amalgamation of many desires and many desires. There is no physical or spiritual act of his is unaffected by desires and needs.

Morality, which, to a certain extent, is connected to spirituality, is also believed to be a result of some desire. So, all human ill-haps and failures are caused by need or desire. If one can free himself from all desires, he is transformed into a spiritual (angel) being rather than an actual human being.

The needs and desires of humans are endless and vast; however, it is worth considering the extent of a person’s actual needs. In his heart, dreams are abundant, and he has many dreams and desires that he has created;

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However, he must consider whether he can survive without expensive clothes, luxurious homes, extravagant food, and automobiles. Would he be capable of living in a world without riches, pomp, and glory?

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Some people gave up all their luxury and endured. Abraham and Adam, the prophets of Abraham and Adam, peace be upon their souls, are revered as exemplars of God’s most loyal servants who gave up their kingship to live an exuberant spiritual life.

When one has resisted and denied the self-created needs, the plethora of needs will be reduced and limited to a handful of fundamental requirements, such as water and food and water, which are impossible to live. The body’s physical and spiritual survival depends on the breath, which is vital to life.

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It depends on just a tiny amount of food and a few sips of water. After that, every excess of food or drinks is simply a desire to have fun and pleasure.

In this regard, if there is a line to be drawn that separates humans from angels, the food and drink are identified as a way to differentiate the two and as the cause of all the differentiators and differences between them.

Suppose all human sins and crimes are outlined, and the primary causes behind greed and avarice, destruction, and murder are identified to be identified. In that case, the most critical connection will be discovered in the over-indulgence of pleasures and these two things, specifically drinks and food.

To fight materialism, all religions all over the world have adopted the primary requirement of abstinence from eating and drinking to some degree. The goal is that humans may gradually lessen the variety of their demands and also through constant efforts to rid themselves of the desire for power and a lack of food.

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Every crime and sin is the result of these wants. If these desires and needs disappear, then he will likely be able to catch glimpses of the Angelic world within this mortal world. As humans live, as long as they live, they can’t eat entirely.

Therefore, every religion has stipulated a set of periods for abstinence from eating. During this time, one should abstain from all desires that can be avoided and attempt to attain the position of an angel for a short time at a minimum.

Since the primary duty of an angel is submission and worship of Allah and Allah, humans must also consider this as being as close as possible to the goal and purpose of his life during that time.

The Holy Quran has revealed these secrets and truths with only one word, Taqwa (self-restraint), and since the reason for fasting was the same for all religions and traditions, it is also mentioned in the Holy Quran has mentioned them as well.

Fasting is recommended to you in the same way it was previously prescribed to people before you so that you can (learn) self-control,.. (Quran 2:183)

The goal and the purpose behind fasting is self-control (Taqwa), i.e., to ensure that one’s desires are in check and that one is safe from emotional stress. Fasting is mandatory to perform spiritual therapy. In addition, in this direction, it is clear that the Holy Quran has elucidated further the significance of eating fast in Islam:

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Ramadhan is the (month) wherein the Qur’an was revealed to serve as a compass for humanity and also to provide clear (Signs) to guide us and judge (Between right as well as wrong). Therefore, everyone who is (at home) during the month of Ramadhan should observe a fast, and if one is sick or is on a trip or on a journey, the time limit (Should be replaced) with days. Allah is willing to provide all the assistance for you, and He will not allow you to make you suffer. (He desires you) to fulfill the required time and praise Him for having guided you, and maybe you’ll be grateful. (Quran 2:185)

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