7 Best Places to Visit in North Dakota – United States

7 Best Places to Visit in North Dakota – United States.Most people associate North Dakota with the Movie Fargo or the recent oil boom. But, it’s not a tourist spot. There are many great reasons to visit North Dakota. These 7 amazing attractions will make you want North Dakota to be on your summer travel list.

Explore Theodore Roosevelt National Park

TR National Park is one of the most underrated National Parks, even though it was an inspiration for Theodore Roosevelt’s creation of the National Parks System. You can drive through massive canyons with colorful rock formations to see wild horses and buffalo running through the park’s valleys. The park even has a small city of adorable prairie dogs. Even in peak seasons, you won’t be surrounded by other park visitors.

Stay in a tipi

North Dakota is one of the few places where you can still stay in a tipi. This unique overnight experience can be rented from the Cross Ranch State Park rangers along the Missouri River banks. You will spend the night in a replica structure that was once inhabited by native North Americans.

Enjoy a steak on a pitchfork

Since more than 50 years, the Medora, North Dakota tradition of pitchfork fondue is a Medora, North Dakota institution. In summer, giant pots with pitchforks hanging from the top will be seen. The smell of sizzling steak is in the air. Enjoy live music and a huge country cookout in this lively setting. Head down to the Burning Hills Amphitheater steps to see the Medora Musical. This is another popular summer event in this area.

View Custer’s Last House

Before his famous last stand, General Custer lived in Bismarck’s frontier home. You can explore the historic home’s halls and see what life was like during Custer’s time. Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park also contains reconstructed Native American Earth Lodges that depict the life of the Mandan Indians.

Follow the trails

There are many trails in North Dakota that you can ride a mountainbike and explore. The Maah Daah Hey Trail, which winds around Medora just outside Theodore Roosevelt National Park, is one of the most popular trails in the state.

Take a picture of Salem Sue

A fiberglass cow statue standing 50 feet tall is the coolest thing. Salem Sue, the largest Holstein in the world, sits on New Salem’s school hill. She’s been there since 1974. This massive, black-and-white beauty is hard to miss. She can be seen for miles before you reach exit 127 S on Highway 94. You don’t have to be a fan of cows. Just a few kilometers down the road is the largest tin family in the world.

Find Fargo

Fargo may be the largest city in North Dakota, but it retains its small-town feel with its red brick buildings and classic neon signs. On the Fargo Theater, the most well-known sign, which is lit in yellow, green, or red, can be seen. There are screenings of independent and Hollywood films every day at the Fargo Theater. If you are a craft beer enthusiast, be sure to check out the city’s budding craft brewery scene that offers some delicious brews.

Spot sunflowers

North Dakota is a top producer of sunflowers in America. In late summer, there are countless yellow lines along the roads. A bright yellow sunflower is the best flower to scream summer.

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