Arabic Script Hacking (Teach Yourself) by Judith Meyer

Teach yourself: Teach yourself is very helpful and useful book to consult for getting help without interacting with the outside help and regular institution to learn. Learning yourself is art and this art can be learnt from the helping guide and book called Teach yourself. This is very interesting booklet and contains all the required tools and instructions.  Library teach yourself will provide the basic concepts about learning and teaching the basic lessons and other things to be learnt with self help.   

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Alasad Online Quran Tutor,Free Islamic and Educational Platform

Alasad Online Quran Tutor,Free Islamic and Educational Platform


The Teach Yourself books had been posted from 1938 till 1966 below the imprint English Universities Press, owned via way of means of Hodder & Stoughton. Leonard Cutts (1904-1992) become ordinary editor from the start and he remained the editor till 1964. Most titles posted at some point of the Second World War had been geared toward supporting the British country live to tell the tale in addition to enhancing know-how with inside the topics that might improve the conflict effort. Teach Yourself to Fly via way of means of Nigel Tangye become posted in September 1939 at the eve of the Second World War.

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It become right away encouraged via way of means of the Air Ministry to potential RAF pilots. Teach Yourself Radio Communication and Teach Yourself Air Navigation had been brought to the listing in 1941. There becomes a large call for those books, specifically as substances had been restricted via way of means of wartime paper shortages. In June 1941 The Times mentioned that “sailors, squad dies and airmen have helped to convey the figures of Teach Yourself Mathematics (via way of means of John Davidson, 1938) and Teach Yourself Trigonometry to almost 50,000 apiece”. Barely months later the variety had risen to 80,000 each.

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By the fiftieth anniversary in 1988 a few forty million copies of the Teach Yourself collection were sold, with the books producing a turnover of over £1 million. The author, Nigel Cumberland, of a Teach Yourself ee-e book entitled Secrets of Success at Work Like much comparable collection; Teach Yourself has usually used a not unusual place layout for all of its books.

Most older titles are protected with a different yellow and blue, (previously black), dirt jacket, however through the years the writer has modified the quilt layout numerous times, the usage of an all-blue paperback layout at some point of the 1980s, a bigger photographic or painted the front cowl with a black stripe containing the identify within side the 1990s, and lately adopting a yellow rounded rectangle with a black border as their number one brand with inside the twenty first century.

Using a unique, attempted and examined algorithm, this ee-e book teaches you the way to speedy and correctly understand letters and not unusual place phrases in Arabic script. Whether you are touring the need to recognize the phrases round you, or making ready to study Arabic and need to grasp the basics, that are the ee-e book for you.

In this book you will find:

  • An introduction to Arabic script.
  • Practice activities to help you recognize each letter of the alphabet.
  • Helpful mnemonics to help you remember the shape of each letter.
  • Accompanying audio files, so you know how to pronounce letters and words.
  • Handy tips to help you decipher common and familiar words.

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