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Living language Arabic:  Language is the basic tool to convey the message and to develop the relations with the other human beings and society. Language is the only mean to have discourse and conversation in the society. Meaningful language and the pragmatic aspects of the language help people to understand and convey their feelings in the form of short sentences or even using the idioms.

No language in the world can be possible which is only found in the written forms and spoken language is missing in it. Phrases and clauses are the life and soul of the language and are used in the day to day life. These clauses and phrase enhance the beauty of the language. The user must have the basic knowledge of the basic units and portion of the grammar. The phrases and clauses include the Arabic greetings and Arabic lessons. The Arabic pronunciation is also very important and can be learnt easily with the help of phrases and clauses.

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Alasad Online Quran Tutor,Free Islamic and Educational Platform

Alasad Online Quran Tutor,Free Islamic and Educational Platform

Alasad Online Quran Tutor,Free Islamic and Educational Platform


Arabic language is one of the mostly read languages in the world. Almost every Muslim in the world recites the Holy Quran once a day and it is perhaps the greatest read language in the language. It is a living Arabic language. It can be very helpful in learning the basic Arabic language to go through the different books written on the Islamic culture and civilization.

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The book in hand is unique edition in the sense that it includes the multimedia course in the modern standard Arabic accent that is acceptable in the Arabic countries. The course in the book is arranged in the way that it moves from the beginning to the advanced level using the easy and comprehensible method of learning the language.

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The living Arabic language provides the core edition about the courses of the learning of the language. It is based on the living language method and the writer has used the methods of the linguistic science, proved technologies and long experience of sixty five years. It is the method that teaches the learners the whole language. It will enable you to give vent to your feelings. It also helps you to recite the words, phrases or script that is to be memorized by heart. 

The book has helped the millions of the people and, they have got benefit from the method given in the book. You are also suggested to go through the book to get the first hand knowledge of the Arabic language to understand the holy book Quran as well as the other written works on religion.      

Following are the few features of the book.

4 Books: 46 lessons, additional review exercises, culture notes, and a grammar summary—plus a complete guide to Arabic Script 
 • 9 Audio CDs*: Vocabulary, dialogues, audio exercises, and more—listen while using the books or use for review on the go.

• Free Online Learning: Flashcards, games, and interactive quizzes for each lesson at
*Access to downloadable audio also available with purchase.

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