Baby Goes to Market by Atinuke

Baby Goes to Market by Atinuke. Come join Baby and his mama in a bustling marketplace in southwest Nigeria for a bright, cheerful read-aloud that introduces you to numbers.
The market is extremely crowded.
Mama is extremely busy.
Baby is extremely curious

Mama and Baby go to the market together. Mama is so impressed that the banana seller gives Baby six bananas. Mama isn’t even aware that Baby takes one banana and places five in the basket. Mama and Baby weave their way through the stalls collecting five oranges, four biscuits and three sweet corn ears, as well as two pieces of coconut. 

Until Mama notices that the basket is getting heavy! Poor Baby, she thinks. He must be hungry! This tale is full of rhythmic language, visual humor and delicious food. It’s sure to delight little readers.

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