Breaking Fast with Faith: Discover The Powerful Dua For Breaking Fast Ramadan

Dua For Breaking Fast Ramadan – Unlocking the Spiritual Connection: Learn the Traditional Prayer for Breaking Your Fast during Ramadan” In the times in Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise until sunset, or for the period of 29 or 30 days depending on the position of the moon. 

Between sunset and sunrise, it is not permitted to drink or eating food, nor to engage in sexual relations. In this month’s Ramadan, Ramadan is the ten days month of the lunar calendar. As a result each year, it goes ahead by about ten days.

When breaking the fast, a certain duaa must be observed prior to eating beverages or food:

Duaa for breaking the fast in Ramadan :

LaWhumaW laka Sumtu waka waka waala rizqika “afTartu”

Transliteration: Allahumma inni laka sumtu, wa bika aamantu, wa ‘alayka tawakkaltu, wa Ala rizqika aftartu

English meaning: Oh Allah! I have prayed to You, and I believe in You. I have believe in You. I break my fast with Your food.

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Duaa opening fast

Muhammad (pbuh) declared: “The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: “There are three whose duaas don’t get accepted: one who is a righteous ruler, and the one who is fasting and breaks his fast, and the prayers of the oppressed. It’s over the clouds, and the heavens are open for it. Likewise, the Almighty should be glorified. declares”By my Glory! I’ll be in touch with you regardless of some time.'”

Allah is very grateful for you when you perform duaa at this stressful moment and during times of fasting, it’s during the final few minutes of eating when you are at your highest and are preparing to eat. If you do duaa this point, you’ll be able to strengthen your connection with Allah (swt) and also as focus on the reason that you’re not eating, rather than being consumed by food.

It is vital that we do not waste this valuable hour of time, which is sure to ensure that prayers aren’t ruined because of a lack concentration when we see food. Instead, you should take some minutes to pray to Allah and pray to Allah to grant all your needs.

When the followers of The Prophet (pbuh) broke their fasts when they broke their fast, they would proclaim:

“O Allah, I beg for Your mercy that covers everything, for me, to be forgiven. 

Ibn Majah reported from Abdullah Ibn Amr Ibn al Aas that The Prophet Muhammad (peace and peace to his soul) declared:

“A fasting person, after breaking their fast, prays an offering that will not be disregarded. 

Fasting for the reason Allah (swt) Allah (swt)

“The Prophet (pbuh) declared:

“Allah the Most High and Majestic declared: Every act of Adam’s son Adam is his sole responsibility except for fasting. It is (exclusively) meant to be performed for Me and that is the reason me (alone) can be the person who rewards it. Fasting is a way to protect yourself. If you are during the day that you fast, you should not use the word “provocative” or in loud voice and also refrain from speaking out. when someone mocks him or tries to fight with them, they must be able to respond: “I am fasting”.

With Him (Allah) By Him His He holds the life of Muhammad A breath from someone that is in a fast is pleasing Allah in the event of his Day of judgment than the scent of musky. Fasting has two (occasions) of joy One is when the fast is broken He is delighted at end of (the fast) and (the second) happens when he has reached the Lord, and he is happy about the fast he’s completed.” (Sahih Muslim)

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