Definition and Types of Geometric Shapes Download

Definition and Types of Geometric Shapes Download. Geometric Shapes are defined as a figure or area that is closed by a boundary. This boundary is formed by the combination of a specific number of points, curves, and lines. Different geometric shapes include Triangle Circle Square and Square . It is essential that you have a good understanding of geometric shapes before we move to more advanced and competitive mathematical concepts. We all know the basic shapes of geometry, such as a rectangle, square, circle, triangle, and circle. Let’s get more information on the basic Geometric Shapes.

A list of geometric shapes:


A square is a figure with four sides. It is made by connecting four line segments. The square’s line segments are equal in length and join together to create 4 right angles.


A circle, however, is a different type of geometry and has no straight lines. It is a mixture of curves that are connected. There are no angles in a circle.


A rectangle can also be created by connecting four lines segments, similar to a square. The only difference between a rectangular and a square is that a rectangle has two longer line segments than the other two.

A rectangle can also be described as an extended square in geometry. The four corners of a rectangle are joined to form four right angles.

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Triangle consists of three connected line segments. A triangle can have angles of different sizes, unlike a rectangle or square. They may not always be the right angles. The type of angles found in a triangle determines how it is named. A right-angled triangular is a example of such a name.

If all angles in a triangle are less that 90 degrees, it will be called an acutely-angled triangle. If any angle in the triangle is greater than 90 degrees, it will be called an obtuse-angled triangle. The equivalent triangle is a triangle that has all angles at 60 degrees. The type of sides that the triangle has can be used to identify or label it.

Scalene triangles have no congruent sides.  An isosceles triangle can be described as a congruent combination of two sides.  Three congruent sides make up an equilateral triangle.

It is important to note that the terms equilateral triangles and quadrangular triangular triangles refer to two different types of the same triangle.


A polygon is another of the geometric shapes you should be familiar with. A polygon is a straight line made up only of lines. It does not have curves. It might not contain any open areas. A polygon can be described as an extended term that encompasses many shapes, such as a square or triangle.


Parallelograms are geometric shapes where the sides of the shape that are opposite each other are parallel. You will need to carefully examine the shape to determine if the sides of the parallelogram are true or false. Parallelograms have one key characteristic: parallel lines do not cross or intersect, regardless of how long they are extended. If you continue to extend the lines for an indefinite amount of time and they do not intersect, they are considered a parallelogram.

How do you measure the Area of a Parallelogram?

If the lines meet or touch at any point, it is not a parallelogram. A triangle is not a parallelogram because the lines that are opposite to it meet at the point. It cannot be called parallelogram because the lines intersect.

Questions For You

Question 1: Is circle an equilateral triangle?Give a reason.

Answer A circle is not considered a polygon because it was created with curves. This is contrary to the definition of a Polygon.

Question 2 – What are the basic geometric shapes of ?

Answer: There are five basic shapes of geometric planes: rectangle, triangle, rectangle and square.

Question 3 – What is a Polygon?

Answer: Polygons are shapes made up of only lines. It does not contain any open areas. It can be used to refer to multiple shapes, such as the triangle, square and triangle.

Question 4 – Name the sides of triangles?

Answer The sides of triangles are the scalene triangle (or isosceles triangle), an equilateral triangular triangle (or a triangle).

The isosceles triangle has two congruent sides, while the scalene doesn’t have any. An equilateral triangle has three congruent sides. It is important that we distinguish between equilateral triangles and quadrangular triangles when referring to the same triangle.

Question 5 – What is the most important property of a Parallelogram?

Answer: A parallelogram’s main feature is that the parallel lines don’t cross or intersect with each other. It doesn’t matter how far one extends them. Parallelograms will be created if the lines are extended for an indefinite amount of time and don’t intersect.

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