Desert God: A Novel of Ancient Egypt (6 book series) by Wilbur Smith

Ancient Egypt: The land of Egypt has always been the place of attraction for the visitors and the writes of the entire world. Associated with the strange myths and magic, the Egyptian kingdom is one of the oldest kingdoms. Even the prehistoric period has witnessed the different phases of the Egyptian land. Ancient Egypt attracted the tourists, writers, historians and even scientists to come and explore the mysteries and secrets that are hidden in the ancient Egypt. Egyptian society offers variety of culture and civilization. This land has seen the culmination and down fall of the different nations and religion. Many movies and novels have been written in the background of this ancient land of Egypt. Still the land of Egypt is the center of different activities and movements. Multidimensional culture has changed the land into beautiful legendary land and country and is looked upon as the land of magic and secrets.    

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Egypt is the land of the Cinderella and haman. History of Cinderella has been written in this land and is the cause of the enjoyment and pleasure for the entire world. Ancient Egyptian is the novel from the hands of the world fame author Wilbur Smith and is termed and named as the best historical novel by Stephen King. The plot of the novel is based on the ancient land when it was ruled by the kings called Pharaoh. They have strange customs and ways of spending life. He is among the best and the biggest world selling author and has produced marvelous masterpiece in the form of the novel Ancient Egypt. The novel is a kind of epic where multidimensional elements are presented with matchless skill and craft. The novel is packed with magic, mystery, romance and bloody plots in the charming and spell bound world. The world is lost now somewhere.   

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A Novel of Ancient Egypt (6 book series) Language English Only, Audio book, Paperback and Mass Market Paperback only

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The novel presents the game of throne in a very fascinating way. The river Nile is the center of the activities and all the action revolves round this great river. The power game starts when the slave and the advisor of the Egyptian king pharaoh is faced with opposite passions and thoughts. He is overpowered by the powerful feelings of intrigue and danger. One side, he is ready to become the rebel and on the other side, he is aware of the danger in case of revolt against the powerful king on the earth. Taita is the man and his target is to get the throne at each and every cost.

He is on the epic journey to achieve the highly elevated ambition of his life. He wants to sweep away and destroy the Hyksos army root and branch. For this purpose, he makes quick decision and in this attempt, he takes the momentous decision by making alliance with Crete. This quest of destroying the enemy army brings him on the gleaming bank of the river NILE. He does not stop here and continues his journey along the Arabia deserts Taita enters a world where the line between loyalty and betrayal shifts like the desert sands, evil enemies await in the shadows, and death lingers on the edges of darkness.

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