Difference Between Standard Arabic & Egyptian Arabic Pronunciation

Arabic Pronunciation – Arabic pronunciation is one of the more hard components when you are mastering Arabic. It’s unavoidable.

If you are a local speaker of any language that isn’t closely related to Arabic (maximum of them), you will have trouble at the beginning. There are literally sounds that you have in no way made earlier than.

And some of them are quite tough!

So it’s ordinary to sense pissed off when first beginning out with Egyptian Arabic pronunciation. Plus, permit’s face it: accurate pronunciation is crucial. And it may just be THE maximum critical element if you are attempting to talk Egyptian Arabic.

Because if your pronunciation is off, it doesn’t be counted how a whole lot of a new language you already know.

It doesn’t count how huge your vocabulary is. It doesn’t count what number of grammar guidelines you realize.

Bad pronunciation KILLS any hazard at effective speaking. Luckily, accurate pronunciation of Egyptian Arabic CAN be found out. Just as long as you learn the way to say the letters and in reality practice, accurate Arabic pronunciation is nicely inside your reach.

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So let’s talk about it!

The Difference Between Standard Arabic & Egyptian

First, it’s essential to recognize that Standard Arabic (fus7a) and Egyptian Arabic aren’t the exact identical on the subject of pronunciation. Yes, they use the same alphabet.

And sure, for the maximum component, a person speaking Standard Arabic and someone talking Egyptian Arabic will sound (more or much less) the same.

But there are differences! And those variations can absolutely be a chunk perplexing.

That become in reality my first experience in Cairo. Words which can be the equal in each Standard Arabic (which I studied) and Egyptian Arabic (the dialect in Cairo) will be quite hard for me to select up.

And why?

Well….Egyptians simply said them differently! Out of the 28 letters within the Arabic alphabet, six of them are stated otherwise by Egyptians. Not a ton, but nevertheless essential to recognize.

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Arabic Letters Aren’t Always Pronounced The Same

This must be apparent for everyone. And quite plenty all languages are like this.

But however obvious it can be, it bears repeating: Arabic letters are not constantly stated the identical. Especially the “vowel” letters. So take the manual beneath with a grain of salt.

One letter in a phrase might sound absolutely different some other place! Also, you must also hold in thoughts that those descriptions can be misinterpreted.

If you really need to master Arabic pronunciation, it enables to definitely hear these letters being stated. I actually have blanketed some suggestions at the cease for how you can practice Arabic pronunciation.

Also, because I am a local English speaker, I have defined the Egyptian pronunciation of these letters via evaluation to English.

Something to preserve in thoughts. With the ones factors out of the way, let’s get commenced with a manual to Arabic pronunciation.

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How To Pronounce All Arabic Letters


Your basic “a” sound. Like the “a” in apple. This is one of the letters which can vary quite loads, with a brief “a”, long “a”, or even “ee” sound. However, it’s pretty easy to pronounce.


Your basic “b” sound like in boy.

Here’s a amusing truth for you: Arabic doesn’t have the equal of “P”. Because of that, such things as “Pepsi” appear like “Bebsi.”


Sounds just like the English “t” in toy. One of the very best letters.


This is a letter that become clearly complicated for me at the start. That’s due to the fact Standard Arabic says this as a trendy “th” sound like inside the phrase 3. Egyptians, in the meantime, in reality say it as a “ss” like sand.

A good instance is the phrase for way of life. While said “THuakawfa” by way of maximum Arabic speakers, Egyptians say “SSuhkawfa”.


This is possibly the most well-known instance of Egyptian Arabic pronunciation being actually distinct than the majority of different Arab nations.

While most Arab speakers will pronounce this letter as “j”, Egyptians (generally) say it as a “g.”

I say typically due to the fact this genuinely depends on where you are in Egypt.

The in addition south you pass in Egypt (referred to as “top Egypt”) the more regularly occurring the “j” pronunciation becomes. For the most element, though, stick with “g.”


This letter is one of the extra difficult for non Arabic native audio system to get used to.

Because it’s not only a simple “h” sound…however a piece trickier.

It’s essentially what you get while you open your mouth and produce a totally deep “hhh” sound from the very lower back of your throat.

I even have heard it compared to the sound that ocean waves make in the distance. That’s truly pretty correct.


This one appears tough at first, however is particularly smooth to analyze.

Sorry for the description of the “kh” sound, however it in reality is quite accurate: with this letter, you are amassing spit inside the returned of your throat earlier than you honestly spit it out.

I’ve additionally heard it compared to gargling water. Either way, it’s at the back of your throat.


A regular “d” sound. A quality wreck from the preceding letter, right?


Here is any other hard letter. Luckily, Egyptians will typically pronounce it as a “zz” like zebra.


A fundamental “r” sound like in without a doubt.


Another “zz.” No troubles right here.


This is just a ordinary “s” sound. Doesn’t vary at all.


Same issue right here. A basic “sh” sound like you’ll locate in “shine”.


This is this kind of sounds that I as a local English speaker never without a doubt knew existed.

Sure, we’ve the “ss” and “sh”…however the deeper “SS?”


Definitely give this one a pay attention.


This is whilst we begin to get into the simply weird sounds. And via “bizarre,” I mean, of direction, exceptional. This is like pronouncing the sound “daw,” however clicking your tongue while you do it. At least in Standard Arabic. With Egyptian Arabic, genuinely pronounce it as a “zz” again.


Imagine saying the sound “taw,” however very forcibly along with your lips. That will get you close to an appropriate pronunciation.


Like the one before, however now you are pronouncing “daw.” This one is extremely tough to pronounce in Standard. Luckily with Egyptian, it’s every other “zz.”


It’s commonly stated that this letter is the most hard letter to efficiently pronounce in Arabic.

And it’s equally tough to explain.

When human beings say “Arabic pronunciation sounds like it’s behind your throat”…this letter is probably what they are speakme about.

And they’re proper. It’s regularly described as a “guttaral forestall” because you need to do a “choking sound.” Like some thing…practice. Seems not possible at the beginning, but is simply pretty attainable.


Another letter that might be not like some thing you’ve got ever stated.

This tends to be less complicated for non natives, though. Especially in case you talk a language that has a comparable sound (the German “r” is a good example).

It’s like saying the “g” in outstanding, but doing it from the very back of your throat.


A regular “f”.


While this letter is reported as a deeper “kk” in Standard Arabic, it’s passed over absolutely in maximum Egyptian Arabic phrases.

In practice, that finally ends up sounding like a very moderate “alif”, or “a” sound. However, not all phrases are like this.

The best manner to recognize whether or not you ought to pronounce it or now not? Besides rote memorization, there’s surely no gadget to whether or not Egyptians say the “cc” or now not.
 However, as it’s skipped in MOST words, play it secure and miss it.


A ordinary “okay” sound.


A everyday “l” sound.


A everyday “m” sound.


A normal “n” sound.


This letter changes quite plenty, however is usually a “slight h” sound.


Either the “wuh” or “oo” sound.


Either the “yy” sound like in you or the “ee” sound in me.

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Tips For Improving

So now you understand how Arabic is stated. You realize that Arabic letters aren’t the very best, however you also realize that it CAN be found out.

One issue is to look up films of humans pronouncing these letters. Videos like this are easy to come with the aid of on YouTube. And with sounds which you’ve actually probable by no means said earlier than, they may be notable useful.

Say those letters out loud, and repeat as oftentimes as you need earlier than you begin to sound similar to the video speaker. No comic story – that is what it takes. Repetition after repetition.

Your mouth has by no means had to mention these items earlier than, and with Arabic, it’s now not uncommon to head weeks earlier than you method right pronunciation.

Just maintain in mind that those pronunciation movies are normally overlaying how to say them in Standard. As we’ve discussed, there are a few key variations. You want to make sure you are pronouncing them like an Egyptian might.

One different component I also determined became helpful changed into to repeat what people stated in TV indicates. Literally.

Listen to a three-five 2nd clip of somebody speak me, and then rewind it repeatedly, mimicking them as you do it. While this isn’t always the maximum scientific way, it virtually facilitates. This assumes, of path, which you have Egyptian Arabic subtitles.

You Don’t Have To Be Perfect Arabic Pronunciation

So there you have got it.

A list of the complete Arabic alphabet, how Egyptians pronounce the letters, and extra facts if it differs from Standard Arabic. You also have some simple suggestions for enhancing your Arabic pronunciation.

While this isn’t always the “quit all be all” of Arabic pronunciation, it in reality enables. And one ultimate factor: while accurate pronunciation in ANY language is critical, it’s now not like you’ve got to get it proper 100 percent of the time.

Just strive your excellent. It would possibly sound cliche, but it’s genuine. My own pronunciation of Arabic is still not best, and I nonetheless once in a while make mistakes.  But just like some thing, the greater you do it, the better you get at it.

And it’s the equal aspect with Egyptian Arabic pronunciation. Arabic letters are pretty tough at the beginning (particularly those in which you need to create a completely new sound). But they get easier.

There are quite a few motives to learn Egyptian Arabic.

It’s a extremely good language, and tricky pronunciation shouldn’t stop you!

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Conclusion: Arabic Pronunciation

It is a complex and important aspect of learning the Arabic language. It is characterized by the presence of unique sounds, such as guttural and pharyngeal consonants, and distinct vowel sounds that are often not found in other languages.

Proper pronunciation is essential for effective communication and understanding in Arabic, as it can significantly affect the meaning of words and phrases. Therefore, it is crucial for learners to invest time and effort in mastering Arabic pronunciation to achieve fluency in the language.

Question and Answers:

Q: What are some of the unique features of Arabic pronunciation? A: Arabic pronunciation is characterized by the presence of guttural and pharyngeal consonants, such as the “qaf” and “ayn,” which are not found in other languages. Additionally, Arabic has distinct vowel sounds, such as the “short a” and “long a” sounds, that can significantly affect the meaning of words.

Q: Why is proper pronunciation important in Arabic? A: Proper pronunciation is important in Arabic because it can significantly affect the meaning of words and phrases. Arabic has a complex system of sounds, and mispronouncing a word can result in confusion or misinterpretation. Therefore, mastering Arabic pronunciation is essential for effective communication and understanding in the language.

Q: How can learners improve It ? A: Learners can improve their Arabic pronunciation by practicing the sounds of the language consistently and frequently. This can involve listening to and imitating native speakers, studying pronunciation rules and patterns, and receiving feedback from teachers or tutors. Consistent practice and exposure to the language are key to achieving mastery of Arabic pronunciation.

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