Free Printable Matching Worksheets PDF Download

Free Printable Matching Worksheets PDF Download. Matching exercises offer students an engaging and fun method to study. It not only gives students the opportunity to understand the definitions of words and objects, it also tests them logically.

Through the use of techniques such as diversion, inversion, and elimination students are able to dramatically increase the likelihood of answering correctly.

This is an essential ability to possess, since it is often found in the majority of tests that are standardized. Below is a full collection of printable worksheets for matching. Beginning level worksheets students are required to find the words in the images provided.

On advanced and intermediate level worksheets, students are required to compare terms with their definitions in writing. These worksheets assist students to improve their spelling and vocabulary.

Are you interested in interactive worksheets from our collection? Do you want to study with a tool that assesses your work and lets you to go over your mistakes? Enjoy yourself and help protect the natural environment in the process. Test our online tests on synonyms and antonyms on this page.

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Beginning Level
  • Animals 1
  • Animals 2
  • Animals 3
  • Clothing
  • Colors
  • Cooking
  • Food 1
  • Food 2
  • Furniture
  • Household Tools
  • School Tools
  • Construction Tools
  • The Human Body 1
  • The Human Body 2

Intermediate Level

  • Road Signs
  • Family Structure
  • Careers
  • Clothing
  • Appliances
  • Parts of a House
  • Places of Business
  • Office
  • Restaurant
  • Driving
  • Religious Buildings
  • Educational Buildings
  • Shapes
  • Types of Books

Advanced Level

  • Parts of a Car
  • Modes of Transportation
  • Weather
  • Finance
  • Organ Systems of the Human Body
  • Land Formations 1
  • Land Formations 2
  • Medical Fields 1
  • Medical Fields 2
  • US Government 1


We hope you can find all the information you need on our site. Be aware that this work is copyrighted and that can only be used by teachers at the classroom as well as at home. Binding, bookmaking, any collation with our worksheets as well as reproduction or reproduction of our worksheets in other sites, or using our worksheets to make money is strictly forbidden.

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Free Download here Matching Worksheets PDF

Advanced Level

Advanced Matching – car parts

Advanced Matching – Finance

Advanced Matching – Human Body Organ Systems

Advanced Matching – Land Formations 1

Advanced Matching – Land Formations 2

Advanced Matching – Medical Fields Part 1

Advanced Matching – Medical Fields Part 2

Advanced Matching – modes of transportation

Advanced Matching – US Government Part 1

Advanced Matching – US Government Part 2

Advanced Matching – Weather

Beginning Level

Beginning Matching – Animals Part 1

Beginning Matching – Animals Part 2

Beginning Matching – Animals Part 3

Beginning Matching – clothing

Beginning Matching – Colors

Beginning Matching – Cooking

Beginning Matching – Food Part 2

Beginning Matching – Food

Beginning Matching – Furniture

Beginning Matching – Household Tools

Beginning Matching – School Tools

Beginning Matching – The Human Body Part 2

Beginning Matching – The Human Body

Beginning Matching – Tools

Intermediate Level

Intermediate Matching – appliances

Intermediate Matching – Careers

Intermediate Matching – clothing

Intermediate Matching – Driving

Intermediate Matching – Educational Buildings

Intermediate Matching – Family Structure

Intermediate Matching – office

Intermediate Matching – Parts of House

Intermediate Matching – Places of Business

Intermediate Matching – Religious Buildings

Intermediate Matching – Restaurant

Intermediate Matching – Road Signs

Intermediate Matching – Shapes

Intermediate Matching – Types of Books

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