Hajj: Shaking The Soul – A Spiritual Awakening Beyond Measure

A Spiritual Awakening Beyond Measure – Explore the Transformative Impact of Hajj on the Inner Being, Unveiling Profound Spiritual Journeys” Makkah isn’t a place. It is the place of beginning and the end of the Present and the Forever Anyone who enters Makkah experiences this feeling then is crushed.

The majority of pilgrims visit here in gratitude to fulfill a duty to God. However, since the beginning people have flocked to the Ka’bah in search of refuge in the presence of God as well as to get bodily safety from danger from a foe’s hands or to seek refuge where the heart in turmoil can find a way to go and let heal the wounded soul. 

There are pilgrims who Makkah along with the other holy sites are refuges after the gruelling suffering and constant oppression – those who fled from Muslim countries under a secular, foreign rule. 

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Many faithful Muslims who are trapped in countries that are now Soviet and forbidden by the Communists in their religion to pray God or take part in the Pilgrimage, have lost their lives trying to cross the frontiers and make their way to this. 

A few thousand, or survivors have constructed Jeddah as well as Makkah their home of exile, seeking some comfort by their proximity to the holy sites.

In the past, and another day, God willing – pilgrims were coming to Albania as well as Bosnia and Hertzogovina as well as Hertzogovina and Albania, Poland along with from Poland and the Caucasus and Crimea as well as coming from Turkistan in Turkistan and Kazan and Siberia as well as from Siberia and Kazan, China and all other countries in which the practice of pilgrimage is still banned. Certain of these peoples, such as the Crimeans were wiped out and will never be seen in Makkah for ever, while the rest are slaves …

The eyes of the pilgrims will look at the Ka’bah. Learn to control your emotions. This is a time for mindfulness and reverence in the present moment. This is among the most profound experiences in living…

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The aching pilgrim who enters to the Sanctuary of Makkah and for the first time seeing the Ka’bah, is a humble and a glorification that is merely a prelude to Arafat. 

In this mountain the pilgrims will go through what could be, both spiritually and intellectually most opulent hours of their lives. The tents of the faithful will be spread across the valley as far as an eyes can reach. This massive congregation, with the holy mountain in its center is the apex of Islam. It is a day for genuine friendship…

We are assured that, in the coming hours, as Arafat promised, God will send down His mercy and forgiveness to those who merit it and will be able to be able to feel his presence.

Today is the day for heartbreak and brotherhood the heartbreak of which we haven’t yet mastered to cherish this unity in the places we live and work in the valleys and mountains that are far away from Arafat.

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It is the time of promise, the promise of what Islam will be when Muslims all over the world achieve the unity which is today only recognized at Arafat.

Ahmad Kamal was born on the Colorado Indian reservation during 1914 to Turco-Tartar parents who were exiled by the Tsar in order to participate in the 1905 Revolution. 

He spent the majority of his time fighting to secure the freedom of his homeland from the Russian as well as Chinese yokes. He died just a month shy of the demise of the USSR. 

This article comes taken from his book “The The Sacred Journey” 1964, which was published in which a variety of Muslim countries had been subject to Soviet rule.

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