600 CE Chronicles: Unveiling Mecca’s Transformative Era at The Birth of Islam

600 CE Chronicles :Step Back in Time to Explore the Cultural and Historical Tapestry of Mecca in the 7th Century” This is the very first topographically accurate map of Mecca in the time of the Muhammad (PBUH) the Prophet. Muhammad (PBUH)!

Due to the huge projects that are being built to aid in the support of the massive number of Pilgrims who travel to Hajj the ancient geographical geography of the region is fading away and generally unnoticed. 

To accomplish this, they was to combine modern maps and several older maps. These comprise Ottoman Maps, Soviet Union Military maps and Map of Mecca from the Great Britain Naval Intelligence Division 1946 Map of Mecca The Dutch (Netherlands) C. Snouck Hurgronje 1885 Map of Mecca and a few other historical Mecca illustrations. There were also numerous on-site trips.

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More important with regards to the places of major houses, mountain names and city layouts, the most important sources were ancient Islamic scholars who resided in Mecca and provided detailed descriptions of the places they lived and precise descriptions of their areas. 

The sources are books like the History of Mekka by Al-Azraqi who died in around 250AH (864AD) in the year 864AD. It includes the text that was initially composed at the time of 126AH (743AD) that suggests that the work was his continuation and development of earlier works by the grandfather of his Abu Al-Waleed.

Another key source can be found in the text The News of Mekka by Al-Fakihi who died at the age of 279AH (892AD). Another source of note includes the work Shifa Al-Gharam that is an account of Mekka by Al-Fasi who died at the age of 832AH (1428AD).

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The credit also goes for the Dar Al-Medina Museum, and its generous and kind administrator the Mr. Hassan Tahir for providing an understanding of the general concept of the early Mekka. 

Their hospitality allowed me to gain access to their collection which was extremely accommodating and helpful. I also gained from the work of Dr. Nasser Al-Zahrani and more than 10 years of research and writing on his biography of the Prophet (PBUH).

Innovative research by groundbreaking research. Col. Abdulaziz (Binimad) Al-Ateeqi unveils Makkah at the time of. 600 AD more precisely as never before. Drawing on the oldest documents from authentic sources, as well as relevant maps to bring back the geography and layout of Makkah in the manner it was in the time of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) (570-632 AD) In this book, a variety of exclusive maps and pictures depict a vivid picture of the Holy City that remained seemingly impossible before this book. 

The book adds new insights to existing research and offering new discoveries that are their own, the writer presents obscure sources for Makkah within the Bible as well as the Qur`an and other ancient sources, before taking readers through a short journey through the beginning of times until the period of time illustrated in this compelling comprehensive look at Makkah,

The city where the Prophet’s birth. With sections devoted to the story of Makkah’s clans as well as important landmarks such as The Ka’bah, Maqam Ibrahim, and the Prophet’s houses

The book’s 26 illustrations include full-color, original map of the Makkah’s mountain ranges homes, valleys and wells, as wells, pathways and markets, with thorough descriptions of each place as well as numerous details about the political, historical and the personalities of Makkah in the midst of a pivotal time which makes this book an indispensable reference for anyone interested in the Prophet’s life as well as the history of Islam. ( Source: Binimad Al-Ateeqi )


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