Healing Salve: The Absolute Beginners Guide by Karina Wilde

Healing Salve:  Plants and herbs are the basic and essential part of human existence and survival. These plants and herbs not only keep the environment balanced but also provide us oxygen and fuel to run the life. These plants and trees are the greatest and last defense line against the global warming. The basic knowledge about the plants and the herbs is very necessary to learn as the human being and the part of the ecosystem. It is interesting to note that different geographical tracts have different kinds of plants and herbs with unlimited properties. Books on botany will provide you a lot of basic information about the utility and advantageous of the similar kinds of the plants. We are the part of nature and nature is part of our life and both are necessary for each other and one cannot survive without the other. Existence of the humanity depends entirely on the oxygen provided by these plants and herbs.

Skin is the outer most layer of the body and is the biggest victim of seasons, warmth, cold and even injuries.  The skin healers are available in plenty in the markets with different names and claims. These salves are prepared from synthetic methods with artificial chemicals that often prove effective temporary but in the longer sense, they may become the cause of the skin damage. Many people are careless about their skin and skin problems. They just ignore it and then they have to repent afterwards.


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For many people, the decision regarding the care of their skin is very confusing and puzzling. They want the best care of their skin but in terms of affordable money and healthy salve or ointment but often they are deceived and cheated with showy names and slogans. As for as the skin is concerned, many things are to be reconsidered. The prescribed and collection of the vast skin care lotions, pills and ointments have the probability of catching side effects. But every problem and issue has some solution and thankfully, this problem of skin care has definitely solution.

These solutions are safer, affordable and more importantly, the natural one. The book of healing salve offers solution of everything you want to know and use to protect your skin. The book also offers great choices for organic and soothing salves. The book explains with detailed examples from practical life why organic skin healers and salves are needed for you soft and delicate skins. These solutions are the best available solutions that were waited for long time to be introduced.

The book also offers a large numbers of recipes which would go a long way in tracing the different ailments and their treatment. These recipes are worth sharing with your near and dear ones and family friends.  These are homemade ailments and slave and it is part of our life.

Place your order for a copy of the book and you will just feel that your money has not been wasted any way.   

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