Journey Through Time: The 1960s Hajj to Mecca Unveiled

Hajj to Mecca – The white-colored Muslim religious pilgrims descend on a plane in Arab livery. Arab men pull items from the baggage hold on the aircraft. A signboard reads Jedda Airport in English and Arabic. 

At the terminal, a lot of people sit and wander around. The port is also busy. huge liner is disgorging masses of pilgrims. Older people board as the bearers behind carry their baggage.

A crowded road with lorries and cars is the way to Mecca about 70 kilometers from Jedda. From the window of a car an urban area brimming that has modern towers flies by. 

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Mecca appears in view as a huge city crammed with modern structures that are five or six stories set among the traditional. The camera tracks the area to show how large the area (500,000 people) before dropping into that of the Great Mosque at the heart of Mecca.

The area is vast and central square, surrounded by a colonnaded building. Take a look at the huge black stone block, known as the Kaaba in the middle in the court. 

The town is awash with a large number of people move in and out. Outside, huge numbers of white tents shelter the people who have suddenly doubled during Haj, or the pilgrimage. It is a never-ending camping area of tents amidst the hills.

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Pilgrims stand in groups, some with umbrellas. They throw stones as a symbolic depictions of Abraham refusing to submit to Satan. Within the courtyards of the Great Mosque, crowds throng around the Ka’aba

They have to make seven circles around it. They will then worship the black stone that Islam claims that Abraham received from the Angel Gabriel handed to Abraham. When they come in contact with the stone, they are required to raise their arms in a rousing cry of “God is great!” A large crowd gathers around the Kaaba like a soft stream.

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