Malcolm X’s Transformative Journey: The Pilgrimage to Makkah

Pilgrimage to Makkah – Mecca in 1964 The people of the Ancient Holy Land, the birthplace of Abraham, Muhammad, and all the prophets from the Holy Scriptures, have shown me such true kindness and an intense spirit of camaraderie that I have never witnessed. I’ve been in full awe and amazement at the generosity I’ve witnessed over the last week from individuals of all ethnicities.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel to Mecca, the Holy City of Mecca. Thanks to Muhammad, a very young Mutawaf, I have finished my seven rounds around the Ka’ba.

From the Zam Zam’s well, I obtained water. Zam Zam. In between slopes like Mt. Al-Safa and Al-Marwah, my run was seven times faster. In addition, I have worshiped on Mount Arafat and in the ancient city of Mina.

Thousands of pilgrims from all around the world were present. They were of every color, from black-skinned Africans to blondes with blue eyes. But since we all took part in the same ceremony and showed a sense of fraternity and unity that came from my time in America, I was persuaded that there could never be a relationship between White people and non-White people.

Given that Islam is the only religion to completely eradicate the question of race from its society, America ought to be able to understand it. Throughout my travels throughout the Muslim world, I have met, conversed with, and even dined with folks that would be considered white in America.

However, Islam erased any notions of being “white” from their brains. I have never witnessed true, unadulterated fraternity existing in all hues.

The things I have to say could astound you. During this journey, my observations, experiences, and learnings have caused me to reevaluate a lot of my previously held beliefs and conclusions. For me, it didn’t really matter.

Despite my beliefs, I have always been someone who is open to facing reality and accepting it as it emerges from my daily experiences and knowledge. I’ve always had an open mind, which is essential for flexibility and should go hand in hand with any kind of thoughtful search for the truth.

In the last 11 days, I have spent my time in the Muslim world eating from the same plate, drinking from the same cup, and sleeping on the same mattress (or rug) all while praying with other Muslims who have the most beautiful blue eyes, the blondest hair, and the palest skin. I also sensed the same sincerity among the ‘white’ Muslims that I had encountered among the black African Muslims of Nigeria, Sudan, and Ghana in their words and deeds.

Because their confidence in a single God was able to eradicate all whites from their thoughts—that is, the black from their behavior in addition to the black from their attitudes—we were all genuinely the same (brothers).

I can draw the conclusion that if white Americans were to acknowledge God’s unity and accept that God is One, they might also acknowledge that Man is One and cease judging, harming, and impeding others because of their perceived “differences” in color.

The alleged “Christian” white American heart should be more receptive to a tried-and-true remedy to this grave problem, as racism is a deadly disease wreaking havoc on America. It may be that America is being saved just in time from the impending catastrophe—the same kind of devastation that racism inflicted upon Germany, which ultimately led to its collapse. German nationals themselves.

Every hour I spend in this region of the Holy Land gives me more understanding of the dynamics between whites and blacks in America. The American Negro is simply responding to more than four centuries of deliberate racism committed by American Whites; he is not held responsible for his racism.

But based on my interactions with them, I know that as racism drives America toward ruin, the younger generation of white people, particularly those attending colleges and universities, will be able to read the writing on the wall and many of them will choose the spiritual path of truth, which is the only way that America will be able to avert the impending catastrophe that racism will bring about.

I’ve never felt more modest. I’ve never felt smaller and less important. Who would have guessed that the American Negro has been blessed? A man who would be regarded as white in America recently approached me and offered me his bed and a hotel suite.

He was also an ambassador for the UN and a friend of the kings.I had never considered the prospect that I might ever be the one to receive these accolades. Honors only the King, not an American Black, might receive in America.
All glory to Allah, the Creator of the Universe.

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