Math Words That Start With P

Math Words That Start With P – Welcome to the world of mathematics, where precision, patterns, and possibilities converge! In this introduction, we will explore a fascinating array of mathematical terms that all share a common trait – they begin with the letter “P.”

From prime numbers to Pythagorean theorem, prepare to embark on a journey through the captivating realms of algebra, geometry, and beyond.

Ponder the concept of probability, where chance and likelihood intertwine, influencing outcomes in games of chance, weather forecasting, and various real-world scenarios. Peek into the world of polygons, intricate shapes formed by connecting straight lines, each with its unique properties and characteristics.

Prepare to unravel the secrets of prime numbers, those enigmatic integers divisible only by one and themselves, captivating mathematicians and number theorists for centuries. Proceed to the Pythagorean theorem, a fundamental geometric principle that reveals the relationship between the sides of a right-angled triangle.

Peruse the world of permutations and combinations, where you’ll discover the multitude of ways elements can be arranged or selected. Plunge into the domain of parabolas, curves that mirror a specific symmetry and arise in diverse mathematical contexts, from quadratic functions to projectile motion.

Puzzle over the concept of polynomials, versatile mathematical expressions comprising multiple terms, playing a pivotal role in algebraic equations and calculus. Peer into the fascinating world of primes, a subset of natural numbers with remarkable properties, captivating the minds of mathematicians and cryptographers alike.

This introduction merely scratches the surface of the vast mathematical landscape brimming with captivating terms that all start with “P.”

As you delve deeper into the intricacies of numbers, shapes, and equations, you’ll soon find that mathematics is a boundless realm, offering both challenges and wonders that never cease to amaze. So, let’s embark on this numerical adventure, where precision, passion, and perseverance will guide us through the realm of math!

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Math words that start with P – Words that Start With Parallelism, Perpendicularism, Polygon

Math Dictionary words beginning with P include words like perpendicular and parallel. After you make the connection that the double line in the middle is actually a line of parallel lines, it is easier for children to remember the word Parallel.

Math words that begin with P:
Polar CurvesProofPolynomial
Paired DataParametrizePerimeter
ParallelogramPower RulePrime Number
ParenthesesPentagonPie Graph
Periodic MotionPowerPlan
PercentagePercentageProper Fraction
Perfect SquarePolar AxisPyramid
List of Words that Start with P

PM is the time between noon and just after midnight.

Palindrome A word or phrase, including a number, that can be read the same way forwards as backwards. (racecar, 1221)

Palindromic — A positive integer can be considered palindromic if it is read from left to the right and from right to the left.

Pandigital A decimal number that includes all the numbers 0-9.

Paraboloids– A paraboloid which represents revolution is the type of surface created by rotating a cylinder around its axis.

Paradox appears to contradict itself.

Lines that are parallel on the same plane but do not intersect.

Straight Parallel Lines is a line that follows the same direction.

Parallelepiped Prism whose base is parallelogram.

Parallelogram A quadrilateral with two parallel sides.

Parallelopipedon Prism with parallelograms at its base.

Parentheses is the symbol (and) used to group expressions.

Partnership refers to a union of two or more people who are in business and combine their resources, capital and profits.

Pascal’s Triangle A triangular array with binomial coefficients.

Pattern A pattern is a characteristic that appears in an object and can be repeated in the same or similar way in another item.

Pedal Triangle Pedal triangle of angle P in relation to triangle ABC. ABC is that triangle whose vertices correspond to the foot of perpendiculars descending from P toward the edges of ABC.

There are many more Math Words That Start With P

Pentagon has five sides and is an equilateral, polygonal shape.

The Pentagonal Number has the form n(3n-1-1)/2.

Pentomino – a five-square polyomino.

Percent A 100th is the comparison between a number and one hundred. The symbol for percentage is %. Cent is 100ths of a cent.

Perfect Cube A perfect cube is an integer that has the form of m3, where m is a number, (mxmxthe number),(m)(m) (m).

Perfect Number is a positive integer that equals one of the divisors. 28 is an example of a perfect number, because it equals 1+2+4+7+14.

Perfect Power The result of equal elements.

Perfect Square is an integer of the form m2, where m is an integer such as (m x m x),(m)(m).

Perimeter measures the lengths on the four sides of a square s+s+s+s=p.

Permutation is a particular arrangement of objects within a group or order.

Perpendicular Two straight lines are perpendicular if they intersect at right angles.

Personal view A mathematical and philosophical method used to calculate probability.

Pi is a percentage of diameter divided by circumference. (3.14)

Pictograph is a graph that uses symbols to display information.

Pie chart A type a chart in which the circle is divided into sections, and the size each section represents the information.

Pie graph Diagram illustrating the connections between two or more objects using a circular form divided into triangular segments, similar to a pie with a round shape.

Place value Each number within an integer is given a specific value depending on where it falls in the number. This includes one, tens, hundreds, and thousands.

Plane refers to a two-dimensional geometries.

Plane Surface A surface with two points connected by a straight line will be perfectly in line.

The + sign used to indicate the addition of numbers.

The point does not have any dimensions, but is only a single position.

Point In geometry, a point represents an area but not a dimension. A point can also be called a vortex.

Polar Axis A ray that radiates from the pole in a fixed direction. This is similar to the x axis of the Cartesian System. The angle between a fixed ray, and one that goes through the pole along with the area of interest gives an estimation of the value of theta in the coordinate system (r,theta), which is used for the Polar Coordinate System.

Pole In the Polar Coordinate System, the pole is a fixed location like the origin in Cartesian Coordinate System. Distance between this point and a location of concern is what r value is for the coordinate set(r,theta), which is a part of the Polar Coordinate System.

Polygon An enclosed plane shape formed by three or four line segments which do not cross each other.

Polyhedric Any solid shape with an exterior layer of faces composed of polygons.

Polyhedron An object of three dimensions with polygonal faces.

Polyomino is a figure made up of squares joined together edge-to-edge.

Positive number Numbers that are to the left of zero in a line of numbers, or any number with the plus sign, expressed or understood.

The Power of HTML0 is the result of multiplying a number by a certain number.

Practical number An integer positive m such that each natural number not exceeding m’s value is the sum of divisors distinct from m.

Prime A number is composed of two factors, one of which it is.

Prime number A number that has exactly two elements: the number and one.

Primitive Pythonian Triangle is a right triangle with sides that are prime integers.

Primitive roots of Unity If Zn is greater that 1 but zk for any positive integer less than n, is not greater than 1, then the complex number z is considered a primitive root.

The principle is a fact that can be used to derive other truths.

Prism consists of two parallel polygons that are connected at the edges with rectangles.

Prism consists of a solid with parallelograms as its sides and polygons at the base.

Prisoners The value for C in the Julia Set, or Mandelbrot Set, with each iteration the resultant values gets smaller and smaller until they reach zero.

Probability is a measure of the probability that an event will occur.

Problem Question To be answered.

Product After multiplying 2 numbers (or more), you will get the answer. Factor x factor = product.

Preonic number is a number with the format n(n+1).

Proof a proof is a statement that proves if something is true (like proving a theorem).

Proper divisor– the number d can be a divisor for the number nu, if there is an equal value of 0.

Proper fraction is the proper fraction of a fraction that has a numerator less than 1 and a denominator lower than the numerator.

Property of zero when multiplying When you multiply zero the result is zero.

Proportion Two ratios which are equal, or two similar ratios linked with the equal symbol.

Protractor can be used to measure and draw angles on flat surfaces.

Pyramid A solid three-dimensional, with a base of a polygon and sides that are triangles, which meet at an upper point.

Pythagorean theorem The sum of the leg lengths squared in a right-angled triangle equals the width of its hypotenuse.

Pythagorean triangle is the right-hand triangular with sides which are integers.

Pythagorean triple is a set of three positive numbers (a2,b2,c2) that means a2+b2=c2.

Pythagorean triples Whole number that is a part Pythagorean Theorem.

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