Top Seller: Inside Iran by Medea Benjamin

Top Seller: Inside Iran by Medea BenjaminU.S. relationships to Iran have been tense for years, but now under Trump, Trump Administration the tensions between Iran and America are growing to shocking levels. Medea Benjamin is one of the most well-known activists of the 21st century, shares the fascinating story of how a possible alliance was turned into a fierce conflict in this enthralling and accessible account.

In 1979 in 1979 the Iranian Revolution brought a full-scale theocracy for the 80 million inhabitants of the Middle Easter n’s second-largest nation, with. Its rule by the Ayatollahs led to the rise of Islamic fundamentalism. 

Since then the ayatollahs’ rule, bitter relations have remained among both the U.S. and Iran. How is it that Iran is now the main victim of American opposition to nations like Saudi Arabia, whose appalling human rights violations do not make it one of America’s close partners within the Middle East?

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In the first book for general audiences on the issue, Medea Benjamin elucidates the mysteries of this complicated connection, by tracing the country’s past from its precolonial era until its rise as a single nation.

Democrats as well as Republicans alike can join in defending. Benjamin has been on numerous trips to Iran and utilizes her personal experience with activists, politicians as well as everyday people to offer a greater understanding of the complex nature that make up Iranian society. 

In addressing commonly held misconceptions regarding the Iranian system of government as well as its religious beliefs and the way its citizens live their living, Benjamin makes short work of the insufferable rhetoric that surrounds U.S.-Iranian relations. She then offers a realistic and optimistic scenario for the two nations in the future.

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Medea Benjamin

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