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Equational Sentences (الجمل الأسمية)

Equational sentences in Arabic Language have Two categories Predicate and Subject

The Subject and Predicate Noun are separated by no actual verb, but an inferred “to be” verb.  Look at the example. هذا كتاب , this (a) book meaning in English This is a book. Definite -هذا :. From a previous article the form of Noun we will learn  about definiteness, we know that

demonstrative pronouns, such as هذا, indicate definiteness. So, we can see that هذا is definite while Book  كتاب is indefinite Noun.

Use “Actual” - Sentence Examples

Noun/Equational Sentence Structure: .Predicate Book  كتاب and  Subject هذا Sentence Meaning:

Predicate = Subject          

  • .فتاة     هذه       
  • fataat   haadhihi         
  • a girl     This    

Sentence Meaning: My book is heavy.

Predicate        =          Subject          

  • .ثقيل                  كتابي     
  • thaqiil              kitaabii           
  • heavy               My book         

Sentence Meaning: The table is very big.

Predicate        =          Subject          

كبيرة جدّاً     الطاولة   

kabiira jiddan     aTTaawila       

very big   The table        

Sentence Meaning: Maha is beautiful.

Predicate         =          Subject           

  • جيملة       ماها      
  • jamiila      Mahaa
  • beautiful    Maha  

Sentence meaning: His name is Mahmood.

Predicate         =          Subject           

  • .محمود    إسمه     
  • Mahmood     ismuhu
  • Mahmood      His name


Types EnglishStandard Arabic
SingularI am notلستُ
Singularyou are notلستَ
Singularyou are notلستِ
Singularhe is notليس
Singularshe is notليست
Singularwe are notلسنا
Singularyou are notلستما
Dualthey are notليسا
Dualthey are notليستا
Dualwe are notلسنا
Dualyou are notلستم
Pluralyou are notلستن
Pluralthey are notليسوا
Pluralthey are notلسن
How do we negate these Arabic sentences?

Actual” - Sentence Examples

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