Write a detail note about God,help and istighathah?

Lexical research into the word istighāthah

The etymological composition of the word istighāthah is based on the three letters: ghayn, waw and thā (ghawth), which means help. Istighāthah means “to seek help”. Imām Rāghib Asfahānī explains its meaning in these words: Ghawth means help and ghayth means rain, and istighāthah means to call someone for help or to request (Allāh) for rain.

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 The word istighāthah has been used in the holy Qur’ān in various context s. During the battle of Badr the Companions beseeched Allāh’s help which is explicitly referred to in sūrah al-Anfāl: When you were beseeching your Lord (for help).

 A follower of Mūsā asked him for help and the help he extended to him is also explained in the holy Qur’ān in conjunction with the word istighāthah. Allāh says in sūrah al-Qasas: So the person who was of his very community sought his help against another person who was from among his foes. 

The lexicologist s believe that the words istighāthah and isti‘ānat both mean “to seek help”. Imām Rāghib Asfahānī says: The meaning of ist i‘ānat is to seek help. 

The word isti‘ānat is also used in the holy Qur’ān in a similar sense, that is, to seek help. In sūrah al-Fātihah, the Qur’ān declares while grooming the followers in the etiquette of supplication: We seek help only from You.

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