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The Article Al-Kitab Al-Asasi  is aimed at promoting the spread of Arabic language, Arabic Learning, Arabic Language, Arabic Grammar, Arabic Short Stories and assisting its institutions using every possible technological and scientific techniques. To accomplish this goal, we have designed and created a complete program for teaching Arabic to speakers of other languages. The program begins from a zero beginning and will end at the point that students are able to master the language to a degree that they are able to pursue their studies at institutions in which Arabic is the main for study.

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Arabic At the Fingers of Your Hands is the most up-to-date program for teaching non-natives of Arabic. It is a new approach that employs the most up-to-date methods derived from the science of linguistics to form the basis of the program. The program begins at the elementary stage (with students who are real beginner students) and concludes with students who are able to attain proficiency in the language to a level that they can pursue their studies at universities completely within Arabic. Main programs of the project are:

  • The creation of an integrative curriculum in Arabic .
  • The process of designing a website is done on the internet.
  • Compact discs are produced for production.
  • Production of instructional T-V programs (Dramma, News).
  • Radio broadcasting programming is the production of.
  • Training of highly skilled teachers in Courses that are highly specialized for teacher training.

Specifications of the collection

The structure is organized in a systematic manner of the units

  • Phonetic and sound features have been reinterpreted in many ways, some of which are completely brand new.
  • The design of the book is suited to the level of content intended.
  • Every textbook includes an audio CD.
  • The series was created in a unique manner.
  • The series is geared towards and addresses all kinds of gender (male as well as female)
  • The connection between skills and elements

The issue of concern of Arabic alphabet sounds system that includes distinct differentiation (recognition) in addition to production and recognition levels (Level1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5, Level 6, Level 7, Level 8, Level 9 and Level 10)

The information is expertly presented

  • A range of texts are chosen including dialogue, topics, Arabic stories…
  • The functional component was used to present grammar structures
  • Focus on oral abilities at the elementary level
  • It is a perfect balance of languages and the skills
  • A variety of exercises and drills can be utilized
  • The unit system is utilized in the presentation of materials.
  • The quantity of grammar and vocabulary structures in each unit are carefully controlled
  • New words are discussed in their full context
  • Expressions and glossaries of words are included on the index page of every book.
  • The attention has been paid to the words lists that are commonly used across the Arab world
  • The benefits have been derived from the common grammar structures list
  • Concepts of culture are presented in fascinating ways
  • Illustrations have been extensively used particularly in the very first book 1.

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