Back to The Basics: Rediscovering Fundamental Wisdom For A Fulfilling Life

Back to the Basics: Exploring Timeless Principles and Essential Values That Ground Us in a Fast-Paced World” Whenever a person lacks motivation or the preference to do any quantity of efficient paintings and laziness overcomes that individual, commonly it is a weak point of their exercise of the primary principles of Islam.

So essentially, it is upon us to discover what these concepts are and what they should imply to us and how they must define our lives.

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What is to follow are some fundamentals in Islam that we all have to be privy to and it is a great opportunity to check or accurate any practices which may be lacking in our lives, insha Allah.

Often we long for the religious energy and strength that the companions and the early era of Muslims have been regarded to have however without us having to do a whole lot work to achieve that stage.

We want to simply wake up one day and have this force instilled in us magically somehow. What we fail to understand is that their fulfillment did now not come from their numbers but from their intellectual comprehension of Allah.

The secret is Tauhid (Oneness of God), expertise Allah and being aware of Allah’s supreme presence. It can be a easy concept, but it’s miles a very effective and profound declaration. But Tauhid has increasingly been left out, even though there was a huge inflow of lectures, high-degree meetings and workshops.

Let us look lower back to the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and we understand that thirteen years out of the 23 years of his Prophetic undertaking were spent growing this very idea of Tauhid a number of the people of the Arabian subcontinent.

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This is an exasperating range, yet we completely ignore this maximum vital idea. After all, Tauhid is the first pillar of Islam and therefore one of the most critical components of Islam by far, first of all.

For it turned into acknowledged that, one that did no longer absolutely and efficaciously recognize Allah, couldn’t, genuinely and efficiently serve Allah.

There is a great deal to recognize however it is critical to know whether we understand this concept of Tauhid or we just say we do. To agree with in Allah and understand that Allah is our creator isn’t enough! Even the pagan Arabs in Pre-Islamic times knew this fact.

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What Tauhid involves is that we obey Allah, and renowned that He is the simplest one worthy of worship. That we obey Allah out of worry and love and as a result paintings difficult to avoid displeasing Allah. And we worry simplest Allah and searching for all assist from Him.

So we ought to first teach ourselves approximately Tauhid, that is the most crucial first step in converting our lives, and to start information the connected implications of the kalima.

By knowing whom we obey and serve, we can definitely growth the productiveness in our lives insha Allah.

Once we recognize and recognize whom we worship, then there is the real procedure of worshipping our Creator and the Creator of the heavens and the Earth and the whole thing that exists nowadays.

This is where Salah comes into play. If we are no longer motivated in our lives and we’re stagnating then we ought to question ourselves, what may be causing this? Are we praying the five daily Salah? Are we praying in the right and prescribed manner? Is our prayer even reaping rewards us?

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Without this connection to our lord our lives will stay dull and stagnant. By establishing Salah, this worship allows to open up our hearts and drives off Satan and all that accompanies including laziness.

Salah gets us on a agenda, as there are certain instances for particular prayers. Praying Salah requires dedication that we stand up out of our heat beds to make Wudhu and perform Salah within the early hours. This same willpower will then further skip into our lives and make any and all paintings for Allah efficient.

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