Navigating Life Path: Islam and Our Priorities for a Purposeful Existence

Life Path: Aligning Faith with Action – A Thoughtful Exploration of Islamic Values Shaping Our Life Choices” To have priorities in life is essential and natural. All folks have them. All folks should reflect on consideration on and reflect our priorities.

What is our foremost priority? Why is it our fundamental precedence? And what could we truly need to be our first priority in lifestyles? For many humans, their priority is their paintings or their research. For many others, it’s miles their own family, children, or friends. Ideally, we arrange our life according to our priorities.

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Choose Between Class and Allah

When I studied in Germany after my conversion to Islam, Allah taught me what He needs my priorities to be. The prayer times in Germany are an exciting challenge at some stage in the year as in lots of different places in the Northern hemisphere. In summer time, the day is extraordinarily lengthy and the night may be very brief.

In iciness it’s miles the alternative. The day is short and the dark hours of the day are very long. It became in my first German iciness after accepting Islam that I realized the splendid significance of Islam and Allah in my existence.

The midday prayer, duhr, started at 12.30 P.M. And the afternoon prayer, asr, started at 1.35 p.M. That turned into simply one hour to get my noon prayer completed.

However, I had magnificence from 12 to 2 P.M. Alhamdulilah, Allah confirmed me that He was the most vital precedence in my lifestyles. There changed into no excuse. I needed to cross and meet Him, no matter the thrilling and heated discussions in class or the test that turned into conducted all through elegance time.

I stepped out of the classroom and onto my transportable, mobile prayer room, my prayer carpet. I talked to my Lord, bowed down to Him and showed Him that He is my foremost and primary precedence in life.

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Navigating Life Path: Islam and Our Priorities for a Purposeful Existence, Dua, Prayer, Supplications, Ramadan, Beliefs, Pillar of Islam, Holy Month, Daily Dua

 Our Children or Prayer

The second example that illustrates the significance of getting our priorities directly is from considered one of my fine buddies. When she had her first toddler, she told me, she frequently struggled with watching the prayer times.

Her toddler became screaming a lot and he or she needed to deliver him a lot. Whenever she positioned him all the way down to try and pray, he could scream on the top of his lungs. She then did not pray and not on time her prayer.

However, when the time for one precise prayer become almost up, she said, she simply positioned her toddler down and prayed. After 30 seconds into the prayer, the infant was asleep.

Glory be to our maximum Merciful Creator. She later informed me that it turned into in the course of this time that she without a doubt understood that her prayer and her connection together with her Creator was the most essential element in her life. And that nothing can come among Him and her.

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Created to Worship

There are many different examples that can be cited to demonstrate the factor. Being Muslim approach to absolutely publish to Allah. It method to set our priorities immediately. It way that Allah, His Prophet (peace and benefits be upon him) and His faith must obviously be our first priority. Why?

Because we adore Allah. We love His messenger and we adore the faith He talented to us. It is due to Allah that we feel peace and tranquility in our coronary heart. It is because of Him that we are able to breath, devour, move, and live. Observing our 5 day by day prayers must never be a burden on us.

Rather, we must run toward it. It is a alleviation from the worldly lifestyles. It enables us to set our priorities instantly. It continuously reminds us of what’s definitely, actually critical in this existence. Allah created us for the motive of worshiping Him. That’s it. That is our mission.

That is our motive. Everything else comes after that. Every other duty, each different work, mission, pleasure or hobby comes after we have fulfilled our important cause in lifestyles. Realizing this could bring true calmness and submission in our lifestyles.

It does now not suggest that we will forsake all of our other obligations. But, it reminds us that the entirety will skip. Our prayer facilitates us to understand the true reason in existence. Making our prayer our first precedence, we publish ourselves and the whole thing else to Him.

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Navigating Life Path: Islam and Our Priorities for a Purposeful Existence, Dua, Prayer, Supplications, Ramadan, Beliefs, Pillar of Islam, Holy Month, Daily Dua

Allah Is In Control

Allah reminds us in Qur’an that our assets and our kids are a take a look at for us (eight: 28). He warns us against letting our wealth and youngsters divert us from the remembrance of Allah (sixty three: nine). 

When we don’t forget to make our most Merciful Creator our first priority, we hand ourselves and our issues and duties over to Him. When we positioned Allah and His faith first, the whole lot else will fall into place.

No matter what comes our way, we’ve got our prayer, we’ve Allah to fall again on. We do not have that allows you to manage, manage, and recognize the whole lot.

That isn’t our essential purpose on this life. Allah is capable of control the entirety. He is in control and He understands the whole thing. We simply have to worship Him. May He manual absolutely everyone to best our prayers. Ameen.

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