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This Dua for Someone You Love can be used to make someone fall in love with your love. This will instill strong feelings of affection and love in your heart and they will soon feel the love.

This Dua for Someone Special You Love will make someone you love even more. This will strengthen their love for each other and build a strong relationship between you.

Recite the Dua for Love from Someone You Love if you are in a relationship with someone you love but they don’t respond to your feelings. This will help them to realize how much they love you and will encourage them to feel the same about you.

Quran Corner

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There are many types of duas that you can make for someone you love

are limitless. Be sincere about your intentions, and recite the Dua for Making Someone Fall In Love with You with faith in its power. You will soon achieve the results you want, insha’Allah.

Step by step, here is Dua for Someone You Love
  • Take a new ablution, and then sit in front of Qibla.
  • Salawat on the prophet’s saw is a good place to start.
  • Recite ( Al-‘aziz 1100) the beautiful name Allah and praise Allah.
  • Now, raise your hands and make a dua.
  • With complete faith in your dua, ask Almighty for your wishes.

This dua can be done once per day for 21 days. You will soon see the results you desire. If you wish to bring your ex-lover back to your life, read Dua to Get Someone Back to You.

The following steps will help you create a beautiful dua for someone special.

Take a bath and then sit down in a quiet room.

  • Recite Durood Sharif eleven times.
  • Recite Surah Maryam 7 more times.

At the end, raise your hands to Allah (SWT) and make your dua.

This Dua for Someone Special You Love is so powerful it will keep you safe and help to increase your love. To make someone fall in love, you can use The Powerful Wazifa To Make Someone Love You. Recite Durood Sharif again 11 times.

Dua for Love from Someone You Love

To get the love of someone you love, you should read “Ya Wadudu 1001 times every Salah. After that, make dua to Allah wa ta’ala for that person to fall in love with. This is an powerful dua to get your love back.

Fiqah Corner

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Duas for someone you love: Benefits

Reading dua for someone you care about has many benefits.

It will not only create a strong relationship between you but also protect your relationship against any negative forces.

  • This dua is a great way to help overcome problems in your relationship.
  • This dua can be recited to strengthen your relationship and to reaffirm your love.
  • This dua is a great way to strengthen your relationship!

These are some Dua SMS messages:

“Believers trust Allah when they feel troubled. They make dua, regardless of whether or not they are dunya.

O Allah, I beg you for your mercy, love, and blessings. Ya Allah, guide and protect me from evil doings.

“May Allah guide all believers and keep them all steadfast in Islam (the deen).

“May Allah have mercy upon us, and spare us from all forms of pride, hypocrisy and showoff, and make our hearts pure and lead us to the path that leads to truth.”

“May Allah protect us from sinful acts and haram.”

“May Allah have mercy upon us and spare us from all pain and suffering.”

“May Allah forgive us our sins, which we know, and the sins we don’t know.”

“May Allah protect us from the sinful habit of committing them and lead us to the right path.”

“If you truly want something, make dua for that with sincere heart and rely upon Allah.”

“May Allah preserve us believers, may we remain steadfast on the path to truth, and may he guide our steps with his guidance.”

“May Allah protect us from all distress, griefs, hardships, or harm and make our trials simple.”

“May Allah guide and assist us in all situations.”

“May Allah increase our Islamic knowledge, and guide us to truth.”

“May Allah grant us the grace to be grateful and forgiving us if we ever become ungrateful.”

“May Allah heal the sick and pained believers and guide the Muslim Ummah on the path to truth.”

“How can one expect to get an answer to his/her dua when blocks it’s way with sins, and yet doesn’t repent to be sincere?”

It is never too late for repentance and forgiveness from Allah. We ask Allah to forgive us and cleanse our hearts.

“May Allah grant us paradise and protection from fire.”

“May Allah always protect Muslim ummah and Islam.”

“We seek refuge with Allah to escape the punishment of graves. We ask Allah to forgive us and deliver us from the punishment of graves. He will also grant us a place in Jannah.

“May Allah make our hearts pure, and soft.”

“May Allah grant us a peaceful end and may He permit us to enter Jannah.”

“May Allah grant us the strength to face all the difficulties and sufferings of this dunya.”

“May Allah help us in our troubles and guide us to the true teachings of Islam. May Allah make us follow Quran and Sunnah.”

“May Allah grant us strength to deal with all situations.”

“May Allah be gracious and protect us from hypocrisy and pride.

“May Allah guide us and grant us sabr patience, piety and good manners. May he make us obey him (Allah).

“May Allah have mercy upon us and grant us a happy ending.”

“May Allah grant us ultimate success in this dunya as well as the hereafter. We ask Allah to grant us safety from the Hellfire and a place in Jannatul Firdous.

“May Allah lift us whenever we are down and guide our steps on the straight path.”

“May Allah make righteous people all around us and keep us from evil doers.”

“Life is too precious, so pray every day on time, make dua, and be righteous.”

“May Allah grant us a life of peace as Muslims, and a death as Muslims.”

“May Allah fill our hearts and ears with imaan. May Allah give us the strength to keep on the path of imaan.

“May Allah forgive all our sins, past or future, that we have committed in secret or in public. May Allah lead us to the way of truth.”

“May Allah bless us, make our lives easier, and guide us to truth.

“May Allah grant us to be among the grateful and follow the path that leads to righteousness and truth.”

“May Allah, may our every step bring us closer to him and strengthen the imaan.”

“No matter how many sins you have made, remember that your sins do not exceed the mercy of Allah. So never stop making dua or seeking forgiveness from Allah.”

“May Allah have mercy upon my parents and forgive them for their sins. They looked after me as a child and were there to help me when I was too young.”

“The most unlucky are those who refuse to make dua to seek forgiveness of Allah.”

“May Allah Grant me a blessed death. May Allah let me recite shahada before my death and grant me the intercessions of Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him).

Before you go to sleep, make dua and ask Allah for forgiveness.

“May Allah forgive me for my sins, grant me Jannatul Firdous, and grant me companionship of Prophet Mohammed, his family (May Allah bless them all), and the Sahabas (May Allah be with them all), in Jannatul Firdous

Don’t do misery in making dua, Remember Muslim ummah in your dua.”

“May Allah guide our non-Muslim friends towards Islam.”

“May Allah’s guidance rest upon Muslim Youth, and the entire Muslim Ummah. Save us from shirking and biddingah.

“Don’t curse those who hurt you, but have sabr for them and make dua to Allah that Allah may guide them on the right path.”

“May Allah reunite with me in Jannatul Firdous, those I love for Allah’s sake.”

“May Allah assist us and fulfill all of our daily Needs. May He respond to our all dua and remove all our hardships.

“Allah is merciful and forgiving.” Allah will accept our dua and forgive us all our past and future sins.

“May Allah guide us in Worshiping Him in the Perfect Way.”

“May Allah grant us strength to fight laziness, and help us wake up daily for Tahajjud & Fajr.”

“Remember your grand-parents and parents in every dua after salat, and ask Allah for forgiveness.”

“May Allah protect us from shirking and biddingah, and guide us on the path of truth.”

“May Allah accept our good works, Forgive us our sins, and help us to be sincere in following his commands both in private and public.

“Dua is the most powerful weapon for believers. For your success in this world and the afterlife, obey Allah and use Dua.

“Worry won’t change your situation, but dua can make it better so stop worrying.

“May Allah accept our good works and increase his reward and Mercy. We ask Allah to have mercy on us, forgive us our sins, and grant us forgiveness.”

“May Allah relieve the suffering of Muslims ummah, and guide us on the right path.”

“May Allah guide us, our parents, and our families.” We ask Allah to grant us stability and strength in our Imaan.

“May Allah have mercy upon us, and bring us out of the depths of darkness into the light.”

“May Allah make us of those whom he loves, whom He Pardons, and who offer shade on a day when there is no shade except the shade of Allah.”

“Improve your Imaan by making dua, seeking forgiveness from Allah and improving your imaan.”

“May Allah increase our trust and Tawakkul to Allah. Let there be no doubt that Allah is Oneness of Allah.

Make dua and give charity to get rid of your sins.

“May Allah increase our love for him (Allah), and for Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

“May Allah guide Muslim ummah and bless us halal income.”

“May Allah forgive US, and increase our faith in his blessings and provisions.”

“May Allah guide us with his guidance. May he give us sabr. And may he allow us to die as Muslims.”

“May Allah give us more opportunities to do good deeds, and to seek his blessings.”

“May Allah have mercy upon us, and may he allow our death to reach us only when we have forgiven him and he is pleased.”

“May Allah purify us, guide us on the right path, and let us not boast or take pride in our achievements. We ask Allah to save us from showing pride, shirking, biddah, reminding of favours, and showing off.

“May Allah, take all our arrogance out of our hearts, and lead us to humbleness and serve him.

“May Allah forgive us our sins, grant us sabr, and grant us success here and in the afterlife.”

“May Allah make us like those who are patient, obedient, and respectful to him (Allah), and our parents.”

“May we be among those who will be forgiven by Allah’s mercy and will be granted a place at jannah.”

“May Allah save us from the Fitnah, and guide us on the right path.”

“May Allah grant justice to all those who are in injustice, and may He (Allah), grant patience (sabr) to their families.”

“May Allah forgive the Muslims who have died and guide those Muslims who are still living.”

“May Allah have mercy upon us, and save us from the penalty of the graves as well as the Hell Fire.”

“May Allah grant us his guidance, peace, and protection in times of trouble and always.”

“May Allah increase us in Sadaqah Jariyah works.”

“May Allah protect us from saying the unjust, wrong or sinful words.”

“May Allah strengthen and increase our imaan, and make us solid believers.”

“May Allah grant us good health, so that we can pray without difficulty until our death.”

We ask Allah to accept our good works and to bless us with his forgiveness and guidance. We pray that Allah will give us the power to do good works and allow us to continue doing good deeds.

“May Allah protect us from all kinds of Evils. Protect us from plots and incitations by evil people.

“May Allah protect us, the entire Muslim Ummah, from all oppressors.” Save us from Fitnah, and make our trials easy.”

“May Allah guide us on the right path and increase our knowledge of Quran & Sunnah.”

“May Allah grant us the opportunity to perform hajj.”

“O Allah, You know my needs better than I do so please bless me with all the things that I need.”

“May Allah strengthen our imaan, and guide us on the right path.”

“May Allah increase our gratitude towards him (Allah), and make us obedient servants of him.”

“May Allah grant us the strength and ability to follow his orders and guide us, and make us obedient servants of him.”

“May Allah protect us from hypocrisy, and guide us on the right path.”

“May Allah answer our dua, forgive Muslim Ummah. May Allah make the trials of all believers easier on them. May Allah unify us in Jannah.”

“Allah is merciful and forgiving.” Even in spite of our sins, He answers our duas.”

“Allah is the most merciful and forging. We ask Allah to forgive us our sins and show mercy.

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