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Can Muslims Date Non-Muslims – Over the years I have met a lot of Muslim men who immigrated from Arab countries to Europe and married blue-eyed non Muslim women.

They were able to move in a new way, get residency and financial benefits, eventually getting a passport. But, they also faced many challenges over the long-term.

But, as their children arrived, there were disputes. Eventually, the children were raised by their mothers who practiced other religions. It became difficult for the men to alter their circumstances.

I was curious if the men who were willing to marry non-Muslim wives had done so correctly. I wanted to see if they did the right thing according to Islam.

Who can Muslim men marry? Muslim men can only marry chaste Muslim women or chaste women from the book (Ahl Al Kitaab). Christians and Jews. Both should be religious and worship Allah (SWT). They can’t be polytheists, i.e. Hindus. These women must not exhibit lewd behavior, be promiscuous, or have boyfriends. (Quran 5:5)

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The Basis Of The Rule Of Marriage

Can Muslims Date Non-Muslims – Two verses from the Holy Quran form the basis for who Muslim men can wed. These verses are: 1. Surah Al Maaidah verse 5, and Surah Al Baqara verse 221. Surah Al Baqara verse 221.

 The first verse explains that Allah (SWT), just like the food of Christians and Jews is legal (Halal), Muslims can eat the same foods as their wives in marriage.

These women must also be godly, principled, and well-behaved.

The second verse of the Bible explains that Allah ( SWT ) says it is better for Muslim women and men to marry a Muslim slave rather than to marry someone who is a polytheist, i.e. A person who worships many Gods.

Muslims can’t marry polytheists until they are shown the Holy Quran, scriptures and have sincerely believed in the truth. Convert to Islam It is not permissible for Muslim men or women of the Sikh religion to marry Hindu women.

However, this is not the case for Muslim women. If they believe and submit to the truth, it is completely forbidden for them to marry the men of the book or other non-Muslim men (polytheists).

Summary: According to Allah ( SWT), potential partners for Muslim women and men should both believe in Allah ( SWT) as well as have good moral standards and practice ethical behavior.

Muslim Arab men who emigrate to the West view women in these countries as people of the book ( Ahl Al Kitaab). They marry them easily. These women are eligible to marry because they have Christian ancestors and live in Christian countries.

Today, many of these Western countries aren’t Christian. These countries are largely secular, and most people have never attended a church service in their lives.

True, however, is that most of the west has a Christian heritage. These people are Christian by name only.

These so-called Christian people have secular beliefs that are contrary to Christian principles. They believe in denial of God’s existence, practicing promiscuity, and eating the pig.

There are a few Christians who truly believe in God. The problem is that only 85% of those who practice Christianity believe in Trinity, or that God, Allah (SWT), is three-in-one; God the Father and God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

Allah ( SWT), the Quran states that those who believe in Trinity will be punished.

They are certain to have disbelieved those who claim that Allah is the third among three. And that there is only one God. They will be punished if they don’t stop saying what they are saying. Quran 5:73

All modern evangelistic Christian churches also believe that prayer and salvation through Prophet Jesus ( AS) is the only way to God, Allah ( ).

Only Unitarians and remaining Christian (unity faiths) believe in the principle and can be called people of the book ( Ahl Al Kitab).

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These people are very rare indeed.

Can Muslims Date Non-Muslims – Surat Al Ma’idah, 5:72 (below), Allah ( SWT), says that people who believe Jesus is God’s son, Allah ( SWT), then call others to this belief, and wrongly associate others with Allah ( SWT), will not be allowed to enter heaven.

They are certainly not believing those who claim, ” Allah the Messiah, the Son of Mary”, while the Messiah said, “O Children Israel, worship Allah my Lord and Your Lord.” In fact, Allah forbids anyone who associates with Allah. His refuge is the Fire. There are no helpers for wrongdoers.

Quran 5:72

Believe in Trinity or that God, Allah ( SWT is three in one) is polytheism. Such people are forbidden from marrying Muslim women and men because of their beliefs.

Summary: All but a small number of Western Christian women who have been converted to false religions and secularism may be considered as potential marriage partners for Muslim men.

Despite this, thousands upon thousands of Muslim men migrate to the West to form matrimonial relationships and marry women they believe are not allowed to wed.

Marrying an Orthodox Christian, a Polythesist or a Jew Was Disliked By the Prophet Mohammed’s Companions

Marrying Christian Women

Can Muslims Date Non-Muslims – Abdullah Ibn Umar ( RA) 694 CE, son Umar Ibn Khattab, strongly discouraged the marriage of a Christian women. He stated,

“I don’t know of a worse example than that of a wife claiming that Jesus is her Lord.”

Marrying a Polytheist or Pagan Woman

Concerning the question of marrying polytheist women. Ibn Abbas ( AR), a cousin to Prophet Mohammed (SAW), and prolific narrator in Hadith, stated that after the following ayatwas disclosed, people stopped marrying polytheistic or pagan women.

Do not marry idolatresses until they believeQuran 2: 221

The Giving Bridal price Mahr With a Good Heart

Can Muslims Date Non-Muslims – The bride of the people of book should be paid a Bridal Price ( Mahr), with a good heart.

“When they have been given their due”

Al Maaidah Verse 5

Numerous companions said that if the wife has had sexual intercourse prior to the marriage, it should be annulled. The bride price must be returned.

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Unchaste Muslim Men

Can Muslims Date Non-Muslims – A woman who marries a Muslim man without a child should be considered. She should not marry a man who is promiscuous, sexy and has secret lovers. Heis not allowed ( ) in marriage.

This verse is equally applicable to Muslim women and Muslim men.

“…being chaste and not being lewd, and not ones who are (who are) secretly in love with one another.”

Al Maaidah Verse 5

The Problems Muslim Men Face When Marrying Non-Muslim Women

Two reasons are common for Muslim men to marry non-Muslim women today:

Passport and Residency

Blind Passion

Many Muslim men travel to non Muslim countries to seek economic opportunities. Marriage to a woman of the country is the fastest and most efficient way to establish yourself in a new country.

Most cases, after marriage, he will be granted residency rights within two years and a Western-type passport within three. Despite being more difficult to do this today due to changes in immigration rules, it is still the most efficient.

Sometimes, a Muslim man arrives in a foreign land and meets a national. He is blindly passionate about the girl and wants to marry her ( Ahl Al Kitab).

He also believes he can convert her Islam to get two birds with one stone. This is because he wants to marry with a new family, and obtain citizenship to start his new life.

There are many problems that could arise from the union of these two people. Although the wife might be a great person,

The girl believes in the Trinity and is a Christian.

  • She is a lapsed Christian.
  • She smokes, drinks alcohol and is promiscuous.
  • She loves her husband and takes care of her lovers.
  • She can be either a nonbeliever or a pagan.
  • She is divorcée with children.
  • Her family is against Muslims.
  • She won’t convert to Islam.
  • She disrespects Islam after marriage.
  • She is a shrewd woman who uses her family to her advantage.
  • She raised her children according to secular beliefs.
  • She forbids them from following Islam.
  • She teaches her children to be unethical.
  • She teaches her children Islam hatred.
  • She teaches her children how to hate their father.
  • She marries and divorces her husband.
  • She makes her ex-husband pay child support or alimony in court.
  • She keeps her children from her ex-husband.

Unfortunately, this is the reality for thousands of Muslim men who fled their home countries to start a new life in non-Muslim countries.

The same Muslim men started with a weak faith and a poor understanding of Islam. They made poor decisions to improve their fortunes and were unaware of the consequences. They sold their faith and religion to make way for material gains.

A Non-Muslim Wife is a Better Muslim than the So-Called Muslim Husband

Beautiful testimony from Maya Wallace, a committed Muslim woman who gave her life for the cause However, I also knew many Muslim men who were married to non-Muslim women from the UK who converted to Islam.

They began to understand and practice the religion over time. Later, the opposite happened with the Muslim husband. He didn’t pray and didn’t follow the religious tenets.

She had initially converted to Islam to fulfill her husband’s request. However, she became more sincere in her practice of Islam and exposed her husband’s ineptitude, weaknesses, hypocrisy, and lack of engagement in Islam.

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The Solutions

The Muslim man who has made a commitment to a non-Muslim wife and children in another country does not have any practical options.

He might have influenced the outcome of the marriage if he had married her in a Muslim country that was close to his family and was subject to Islamic marriage laws.

It is best to be patient and seek refuge in Allah ( SWT), ask forgiveness, and work together to make things better for his spouse and their families.

Unmarried Muslim men should first trust Allah ( SWT) and seek refuge in him. He should also practice Islam more closely, and if he’s living in another country, do his best to find only a Muslim wife for marriage or at least one of the people in the book who is willing to convert to Islam.


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