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Buy Horizons in the Arabic Language Volume 1: Leaning of the language is the most technical skill and this technique of learning as well as conveying in the said language comes through practice of the rules of that language. The Arabic language is the language of Islam and the Holy Quran. The reciting and listening the Holy Quran is the sacred duty of the Muslims. It is ordained times and again in the teachings of the religion Islam that reciting the holy Quran smoothly, fluently and beautifully has great importance and it is promised that those who recite the holy Quran smoothly, beautifully and fluently would be included in the company of the noble and obedient. On the other hand, those who find difficulty in reciting the holy Quran and they recite it with difficulty, stammering or stumbling over the words and their pronunciation would be rewarded in double quantity.

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The book provides the basic semantic and syntactic features of the language. The volume 1 lays great stress in acquiring the basic proficiency in the language of Arabic. The main thing is the learning of the alphabets of the language. If these are learnt and understood comprehensively, the language learning process becomes quite easy and smooth. In this book, the alphabets are illustrated and described with the help of interesting and funny method to attract the young learners of the language. The book also helps the learners to learn the correct method pronunciation. This is done by using the psychological method of grading. It means to move from easy to difficult and from known to unknown.

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Comprehensive introduction of the vowels and basic vocabulary is given in the book for the understanding of the learners of early age as well as the later age. After consulting the book in hand, the learners of the language would be able to do, “Tajreed” of the letters and the alphabets. They would also be able to learn the method of using these letters and alphabets in different words. The section that contains Nasheed is very interestingly explained and it would fun to combine the enjoyment with education and leaning. The short sentences are given for oral drill and this drill permits the learners to move to the spoken language skill. 

Al-Aafaq fil lughati al-Arabiyaah (Horizons) Arabic Textbooks makes use of a brand new Arabic language model. The goal is to make getting to know Arabic easy, achievable, and fun for students. A workbook accompanies the textbook a good way to beautify comprehension and writing skills. It consists of a laugh coloring and matching sports with plenty of sporting events to exercise forming letters and to boost concepts. Workbooks are actually published on higher nice paper.

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