Buy Horizons in the Arabic Language Textbook: Level 2 الآفاق في اللغة العربية كتاب الطالب

Buy Horizons in the Arabic Language Volume 2: Leaning of the language is the most technical skill and this technique of learning as well as conveying in the said language comes through practice of the rules of that language. The Arabic language is the language of Islam and the Holy Quran. The reciting and listening the Holy Quran is the sacred duty of the Muslims. It is ordained times and again in the teachings of the religion Islam that reciting the holy Quran smoothly, fluently and beautifully has great importance and it is promised that those who recite the holy Quran smoothly, beautifully and fluently would be included in the company of the noble and obedient. On the other hand, those who find difficulty in reciting the holy Quran and they recite it with difficulty, stammering or stumbling over the words and their pronunciation would be rewarded in double quantity.

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The second level of the Buy Horizons in the Arabic Language is the extension of the first level and many new things are introduced in this level. This level like the first one is the great attempt of the writer to teach the young learners as well as the adults the basics of the Arabic language and its grammar. New vocabulary and more grammar is introduced in this level. The book helps to build the strong foundation for the learning of the Arabic language with all the accessories.

Another interesting feature that is added in this new edition is the reinforcement of the knowledge of the alphabets and “Tanween” is introduced in this volume as well. All these features make the book worth reading and worth appreciating. Great stress is laid on the conversational style and different aspects of the conversation. This skill is the key element in the learning of the language and the author of the book has kept this in his mind and has tried his best to develop this skill in the learner of the Arabic language.

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In this level, writing is made the key focus of the attention. Furthermore, the Islamic history and poetry, hadith and surahs are also taught in this volume. These entire features make this book outstanding and most suitable asset for the people and learners who love to learn Arabic language. The Workbook enhances the Student’s Book and consists of sporting events and sports to decorate comprehension. There are coloring and phrase formation sports and writing exercise sporting events to boost the brand new grammatical concepts added with inside the Student’s Book. The workout books are published on excessive high-satisfactory paper writing talents are centered upon. Islamic poetry, haddith and Surahs are studied.

The workbook is also given in order to fulfill the thirst of the learners in terms of exercises and activities. These exercises and activities would definitely enhance the learning skill of the new learners of the Arabic language. Coloring activities, word formation and writing practice exercises to reinforce the new grammatical concepts introduced in the textbook. Workbooks are better quality papers.

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